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Zelda's Sapphic Adventures Ch. 03


Author's Note: To any fans of my very terrible writing(I doubt there are any but you never know; no one leaves comments), I apologize for the huge delay in this series as well as my other stories. Normally I'm not very busy with anything but I started getting into things to take me away from these terribly written works. Part of that was the debut release of my band, the same band(more or less) featured in my Chloe and the Rocker stories. But since I have more free time, here's the third chapter out of five. I own none of these characters, Nintendo does.


It was another morning in Hyrule. As per usual, Princess Zelda was alone in her castle. Well, alone in terms of companionship. Of course there were the servants and guards but no one of interest. People tended to think the life of a princess was so glamourous. But this was just boring! Zelda wanted a girlfriend. So far she had visited Daisy and invited Samus over for some relaxation. Both were very fun to be with and great sex partners. Unfortunately neither were suitable for long term companionship. At the moment, no one new came to her mind.

There weren't many people that suited Zelda's tastes. It wasn't a spoiled bitch thing, just something particular about being a princess. Daisy was nice but too rebellious. Samus was tough and could most likely whip Ganondorf's next attempt at seizing Hyrule for his hideous self. But Zelda realized someone like the bounty hunter could never settle down in one place for long. Why did everything have to be so difficult? And why did she only know pretty girls that were unsuitable? At least Zelda wasn't out of options yet. On previous visits to the Mushroom Kingdom, the princess had met Rosalina. She was pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Apparently she lived in an observatory taking care of stars or something. Admittedly Zelda hadn't paid attention to that part. But that would mean Rosalina was wise. Definitely a good thing in a princess' potential girlfriend. So, the Hylian was off to Rosalina's observatory. Heading to her closet and looking in, the princess frowned. What did you wear to an observatory. Rosalina always seemed to be wearing a dress. Zelda couldn't imagine why. Surely an observatory wasn't that formal. Then again, no one went up there really and when she came down it was to see Princess Peach. Deciding to go casual, Zelda put on a short skirt and a top that covered her fair sized breasts but exposed her stomach. She got it from one of her visits to Sarasaland at Daisy's insistence.

Slipping on some flats, Zelda cast Farore's Wind. The next second she was in the observatory. Or so she guessed. A yellow star zoomed by, smiling as it passed. No one else seemed to be around.

"Rosalina?" Zelda called out.

"Coming," a voice announced.

Within a few seconds Rosalina stepped into the room. She was barefoot and wearing a blue T-shirt and shorts. It looked like it she was dressed for tennis. But she looked hot. She smiled sweetly when she saw her guest.

"Princess Zelda, this is a pleasant surprise. Welcome to my home," Rosalina said warmly.

"Thank you Rosalina. It looks lovely."

"Thank you, Your Highness. But what brings you all the way up here, if I may ask?" the star caretaker inquired.

"Well I got bored down in Hyrule and I figured since it's so hard for others to get up here you probably don't get many visitors," Zelda answered.

"True. But I have my stars. Although human companionship is a nice change," Rosalina admitted.

Zelda smiled. Several of the stars were crowded around the Hylian princess. They were tugging on her skirt. It was cute but also kind of annoying. Of course they'd be curious though. Rosalina is the only person they really see. Still...

"Um, Rosalina...is there someplace we can go that's sort of private?" the Hylian asked.

"Oh! Of course. My room is over this way. I apologize for the curious stars," Rosalina replied, leading Zelda away.

Rosalina's room was rather large. There was a wide space in the middle with a couch and chairs. Her bed was on a raised sort of platform with a few steps leading up to it. The platform was circular so the stairs surrounded two sides. On the side of the bed tucked into a corner there was a window. Outside it was dark but then again this high up it was probably always dark. On the other side of the room was a closet door. Zelda never would've guessed Rosalina had such a large room. Or that the observatory was this big. She was honestly impressed.

Kicking off her shoes, the Hylian joined the other blonde on her bed. "Your room is pretty nice," she commented.

"Thanks Princess Zelda. It does get lonely though, like I said before. Probably gets lonely in Hyrule Castle too," Rosalina observed, twirling a strand of hair.

"Yeah it does. I went to see Daisy in Sarasaland recently. That was...fun," Zelda replied with a mischievious smile.

"Oh really? What did you two do?" Rosalina asked innocently.

"Well I came in at her private pool; turns out she has one of those. I sort of didn't have a bathing suit so I hopped in naked and so did Daisy. One thing led to another and we had sex," the princess said casually.

Rosalina's face registered shock. "R-really?" she stammered. Zelda was a lesbian? And so was...well Daisy wasn't that surprising really. That pretty much made sense.

"Yeah, definitely. She's pretty good. Apparently so am I." Zelda shrugged. Her casual attitude toward admitting she was a lesbian made Rosalina feel more at ease. The star caretaker had always wondered what it might be like to have sex with another girl. Or just with anyone. Being up in the observatory nearly all day every day didn't allow much personal time. Sure, Rosalina loved her cute little stars dearly. But it wasn't the same as having a relationship. She was very intrigued by what Zelda said. Of course, how do you just ask someone to have sex?

"Something wrong?" Zelda asked, noticing the other girl's hesitation.

"Oh...I, um...well what you said is quite interesting and..." Rosalina stammered, blushing.

The Hylian smiled sweetly. She leaned forward and kissed Rosalina's pink lips. Rosalina was shocked but soon found herself eagerly giving in. Moving closer to the princess, she kissed back. Soon they had their arms around each other, making out hotly. Zelda slowly squeezed Rosalina's breast, causing the other blonde to moan into their kiss. The princess broke the kiss after a few more minutes, moving instead to kiss along Rosalina's neck. After that she started sucking on her new girlfriend's neck. Rosalina moaned softly as Zelda's mouth pulled the skin of her neck. Eventually the princess let go, leaving a distinctive lovebite on Rosalina's fair complexion..

"Wow..." Rosalina breathed. "What's next?"

"I think you'll like this part," Zelda whispered. With that, the princess stripped completely. Her fair-sized, perfectly spherical breasts and totally shaved pussy were on display. But not for long. She pulled off Rosalina's clothes next, throwing them to the floor. Her breasts were smaller than the Hylian's but were firm and perky. She too possessed a bare pussy. Zelda pushed Rosalina onto her back then started licking her breasts. The blonde princess took her time. Her tongue danced slowly over every inch her current lover's breasts. Then it circled around a nipple, making it nice and hard. Taking it into her mouth, Zelda sucked on the star caretaker's nipple. She went slowly but also applied a fair amount of pressure. Rosalina moaned as she felt her pussy get wet. After awhile Zelda switched nipples and when she finished, both were swollen and wet.

"It's your turn to try it on me," the princess said

"I don't know how well I'll do," Rosalina protested.

"Just take your time. Get acquainted with my breasts first and don't rush. Feel free to explore with your tongue and hands," Zelda instructed.

They switched places and Rosalina kissed the Hylian princess. She went slow like she was told, in large part due to her inexperience. The caretaker of the stars had never been with anyone this way, male or female. It truly was her first time at any of this and she worried about doing a good enough job to satisfy her royal partner. After several more kisses, the fair-skinned blonde let her lips travel along Zelda's neck. She placed kisses everywhere, moving down to the princess' fair sized breasts gradually. The nipples were already erect and waiting.

Rosalina leaned her head in closer and started sucking on Zelda's breast. Her pink lips held the nipple tightly in place and she thought she was sucking on it rather hard. Moans from the princess were encouraging, however. This prompted Rosalina to continue and, feeling bolder, she began to squeeze and fondle Zelda's other breast. The princess gasped and sighed happily in approval. Releasing the nipple sometime later, Rosalina let her tongue travel over the Hylian's breasts.

"Okay that's enough," Zelda said after awhile. "Time for the best part."

"Best part? Are you going to....t-take my virginity?" Rosalina asked, blushing red.

"Only of you want me to. I'm not inconsiderate y'know," the princess replied.

"No, of course not. I'm sorry, I didn't mean...." Rosalina trailed off.

"Don't worry about it. We don't have to do anything else," Zelda told her.

"Please do it. I want to go all the way," the star girl requested.

"You sure?"

Rosalina nodded and Zelda pushed her onto her back. The sexy princess made her tongue dance around the fairer blonde's thighs. She then proceeded to lick Rosalina's slit; a long, slow lick. Zelda could feel her lover tremble slightly. Slipping her tongue into Rosalina's pussy, the princess lapped away. Rosalina moaned and moaned as she shivered in pleasure. Zelda's tongue moved up and down inside her lover's pussy. The star caretaker arched her back as the pleasure coursed through her.

Soon Zelda was swirling her tongue in circles. It started small then gradually progessed to bigger circles. Rosalina was gasping loudly in between moans. She had never expected it to feel anything like this. The Hylian ruler's tongue licked harder and faster. In no time Rosalina experienced her first orgasm as she screamed in pleasure. Zelda licked up her cum then sat up.

Lowering her pussy onto Rosalina's, the princess began grinding against her lover. More moans came from the blonde star girl as she immediately experienced more pleasure. Her orgasm had just stopped and then this happened. Still, she wasn't going to complain because this felt too good. Zelda's clit rubbed persistently against her own and Rosalina loved it. The princess moved her lover's leg out of the way and quickly began grinding harder. Rosalina, still quite stimulated from being eaten out, was on the brink of cumming again.

After about five more minutes, Rosalina screamed out again and came. This brought no respite from the pleasure. Zelda had yet to reach a point where she could cum too and kept grinding away. Her breast bounced lightly from her increasingly frantic motions. She could feel that her pussy was wet but knew most of it was from Rosalina's cum being rubbed onto her. Zelda sighed inwardly, for she knew what this meant. Still, she continued for quite some time. It was half an hour since Rosalina came last, if Zelda guessed correctly.

Finally the princess felt what she had been waiting for. She tossed her head back and came, which triggered Rosalina to cum for a third time. Zelda climbed off the star caretaker and sighed again. It was a soft one and would have been audible had Rosalina been paying attention. But the young girl, unaccustomed to such stimulation, was exhausted. She snuggled down among her pillows and was fast asleep.

Zelda got dressed and stood alone in Rosalina's room. She was disappointed to say the least. Her search would have to continue and she was running out of options. Rosalina was nice and very sweet. It was just that Zelda also needed someone who could give her enough pleasure as she gave them. She was still young after all and sex would be quite frequent. Smiling at the sleeping Rosalina, Zelda cast Farore's Wind and was gone.

I know, I know. I rushed, I admit it. But this was supposed to be uploaded two months ago and I just really wanted it done. Plus I did lose the original idea I had and half this story was deleted somehow. So I had to reconstruct it with no real idea how it would go. I sort of hate myself for writing what is surely my most disappointing story. Still, feel free to leave your comments. I plan to get to work on Chapter 2 of Nightshade but I may be compelled to write something else before then. Nightshade should take priority but I don't want to lose an idea while I have it.

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