tagCelebrities & Fan FictionZelda's Sapphic Adventures Ch. 05

Zelda's Sapphic Adventures Ch. 05


I always enjoy working on the stories of this series. They are some of my favourites among all my submitted work. I can only hope they get more views and comments if I ever become a popular author. This story continues exactly where the last one left off. Nintendo owns all characters, kingdoms etc.


As Zelda slept she was visited by a familiar person. The princess immediately recognized the long blue hair, eyes and dress as well as the harp in the beautiful girl's hands. Of course this was no mere Hylian girl but Nayru, the Goddess of Love. She and the other Goddesses had visited Zelda's dreams on other occasions and after what Malon had said, the princess had been expecting this.

"Hello Nayru," Zelda said.

"Greetings, Princess. I trust you know why I am here," Nayru replied.

"From what Malon said, my guess is that you were the guiding voice telling her what to do," Zelda reasoned.

"Of course. I could sense her love for you and I knew I had to make sure you two expressed it properly. I have also been aware of your personal quest for love since you started with Princess Daisy," Nayru explained.

"I could use your help on the matter as long as you're here," Zelda stated.

"You wonder why I did not come to you the first night. Or any of the others. There was no need. I knew that neither Daisy, Samus or Rosalina loved you and you don't love them."

"I wouldn't quite put it that way. I love my friendship between Daisy and Rosalina just as I love the friendship between Sarasaland, Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom. But I feel something much different with Malon. Should I cancel my visit with Princess Peach and just stay and marry Malon?" Zelda wondered.

"I cannot answer that. I know your feelings for Malon and hers for you but I have yet to see Princess Peach's feelings for you and if you have any for her. And in the end, it is not my decision to make. You must choose for yourself, Princess Zelda," Nayru replied.

"Could you help me make that decision at least?" Zelda asked.

"I can visit you again after your time with Princess Peach and give you an understanding of everyone's feelings, including yours," the Goddess offered.

"Please," Zelda requested.

"As you wish. Until next time."

Zelda woke up after Nayru left. Looking outside, she saw that it was morning. Had she and Nayru really talked all night? Or was that the only dream she could recall? As always when one of the Goddesses visited her dreams, the princess had no idea where the night had gone. She supposed it didn't really matter since she was always left with their wisdom.

Malon wasn't in bed but Zelda figured she would be a habitual early riser. She rose from the bed and went to look for her lover. Stark naked, the princess walked out of the house and out into the warm sunshine. It felt good on her skin, just like it had yesterday. Malon came out of the stable and smiled, blushing slightly as well.

"Good morning, Princes-, I mean Zelda. Um, I'm sorry I wasn't there when you woke up but...I still have to tend things here," the redhead said.

"I understand," was all Zelda said in return.

She stepped closer to Malon and wrapped her arms around the farm girl, pulling her close. Their lips met in a very passionate kiss. The two young women got so into it that soon they were on the grass, rolling around as they kissed each other repeatedly.

"Oh my," Malon gasped when they finally broke the kiss. "I didn't expect this again so soon."

"Who could resist?" Zelda teased, kissing Malon's neck. This illicited giggles from the redhead.

Caught up in the moment, Zelda continued her attention, slowly kissing down to Malon's large breasts. There the princess instantly took a nipple into her mouth and sucked hard. Her lover moaned in pleasure, playing with her other breast as Zelda continued to administer her attention. Not long afterward, Zelda swung around and lowered her head to Malon's pussy. Taking the hint, the redhead pulled the blonde's legs down and began eating out her princess.

The two lovers took to their new position eagerly. Zelda's tongue moved its way rapidly up and down the inside of Malon's pussy. Malon's tongue danced repeatedly across Zelda's clit. Their moans filled the air, no doubt startling the nearby animals. Anyone walking by Lon Lon Ranch at that time needed only to walk up the path and they would see their princess locked in a 69 with the pretty farm girl.

Because she was used to being in control of people and things, Zelda took charge. She made sure her tongue was more relentless, licking as hard as she could. But Malon wanted to always be able to please her princess and she too made sure to give the best she could. Her tongue thrust in and out repeatedly, literally tongue-fucking the princess. Their orgasms were simultaneous and both girls tasted the other's cum at the same time.

Zelda rolled off of Malon, both girls laying on their backs, their breasts rising to the sun as they caught their breath. For some time, it felt far too good to move. They laid there for several minutes, unintentionally working on their tan. The blonde princess was the first one up, trying to straighten out her disheveled appearance.

Malon was up in an instant, doing her best to help out her princess. They managed to fix Zelda's hair but there wasn't much they could do about the grass stains on her body. She returned the favor, straightening out Malon's hair.

"I'll get some water. You can take a bath here and get cleaned up," the redhead offered.

"That sounds like a good idea. Explaining this to the servants wouldn't be easy."

In a few minutes they were upstairs together. Malon poured in the water after Zelda sat in the bath and began using a cloth to remove the stains on her princess' body. Zelda had to smile at the sight of the naked girl on her knees by the bath, her own body dirty but focusing on someone else. It was better than being alone if she had decided to go to the castle.

"Will you be leaving after?" Malon asked abruptly.

Zelda blinked in surprise. She was wondering how exactly to tell Malon she would be going but hadn't expected to be asked outright.

"I should go soon, yes. Your father and Ingo may come back early and I don't want them to find us together like this. Not yet, anyway."

"Not yet? So that means...?" Malon trailed off.

"I don't know what it means yet. I have strong feelings for you but I don't think we should rush into anything, " Zelda confided.

"That makes sense...I think. It means, um...if we're going to be together, we have to make sure it's the right choice?" Her eyes searched Zelda's, looking for confirmation.

"That's it exactly." Zelda smiled at Malon, who happily smiled back.


The next day, Zelda got ready to visit Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom. She decided to wear her tennis outfit today. Not only was it sexy but she didn't know if she'd end up playing a game or not. Best to be prepared, she thought. Convinced that she was ready, Zelda used Farore's Wind to send her on her way.

She ended up in a random corridor somewhere in Peach's castle. Usually the spell didn't mess up like this. Before the Hylian princess had time to wonder how she got here instead of the entrance to the castle, she saw Peach walking her way in her sexy, skintight pink racing jumpsuit. To make it even more appealing, the zipper was down and half of Peach's breasts were exposed on either side.

"Damn," Zelda muttered, feeling herself get wet.

"Zelda? What are you doing here? And how did you get to this particular spot exactly?" Peach asked.

"I um, miscalculated with my travel spell and literally popped in right here where I'm standing now," she replied.

"Oh. Did you want to play tennis?" the other princess asked, noting Zelda's attire.

"Well it is a kind of sexy outfit. Not as sexy as that though," Zelda admitted, taking in the jumpsuit.

"I was going to ride my motorcycle but now that you're here we can go talk or something," Peach said.


The princesses walked back to Peach's room, where Peach closed the door as Zelda sat on her bed. Not bothering to change or undress, Peach sat down beside her friend. Zelda related her search for love so far, with great details of what she had done with every girl.

"Daisy told me about that, actually. She really enjoyed it," Peach admitted.

"Not surprising. Hey wait, have you two ever been together? You and Daisy?" Zelda asked.

"We're cousins!" Peach replied indignantly.

"So that means..."

"It means mind your own business," Peach retorted, blushing.

"Aha! I was right!" Zelda exclaimed.

"Okay okay, fine. We usually have sex with each other whenever she visits. Or when I visit her," Peach confirmed.

"I wouldn't mind seeing that," the Hylian commented.

"I wouldn't mind you explaining how exactly you gave Samus a totally real cock."

"Oh, that. It's part of Nayru's magic. She's the Hylian Goddess of love. For Link her magic creates a barrier of protection. When I use it I get different results. Like the power to manipulate bodies. Making breasts larger or smaller, giving a girl a real cock, stuff like that," Zelda explained.

"Do you...use it often?" Peach asked, her voice soft.

"Actually no. I have my own talents you know."

"Would you use it on me?" Peach's breathing had picked up a bit and there was lust in her eyes.

"Probably not," Zelda answered. Damn it, she thought. This wasn't exactly what she wanted. But then, what had she wanted? Not lust, that was for sure. Malon actually loved Zelda. That's what Nayru told her. But she just wasn't sure if that was what she wanted. Maybe it could work with Peach if only...

"I have an idea," Zelda declared suddenly.

"Huh?" Peach asked, snapping back to reality.

"Do you have any spare motorcycles?"

"Y-yes. I have some other models of my favourite one and there's Rosalina's too," Peach replied.

"Will you teach me how to ride one?" Zelda inquired.

"Sure!" Peach exclaimed, smiling.


Zelda stood in front of the mirror. She had managed to fit into a racing jumpsuit but couldn't get the zipper up at all. Sighing, she decided that it would have to do. She walked out of the dressing room in the motorcycle garage and joined Peach.

"Oh, I like to ride with the air on my skin too," she said when she saw Zelda.

"I can't get the zipper up past my breasts," the other princess replied dryly.

"Oh! Well anyway, normally the races here can be pretty dangerous. But when I ride alone I leave the safety precautions on. Since this is just for fun and not a race, I put them on."

Peach finished explaining how to drive the motorcycle and after a quick review to make sure Zelda understood, they were ready to go. Zelda kept pace with Peach easily and had to admit the wind did feel good on her breasts. And in her hair. They went around the track once before stopping. Zelda hadn't expected so many twists and turns but it was interesting.

"Think you're confident enough to race me for fun now?" Peach teased.

"No way! That track is too hard to memorize just by going through it once!" Zelda protested.

"Yeah you're right. Let's just go again then!"

Peach took off on her bike and Zelda followed. She wasn't quite able to catch up this time. Then things started to go wrong. What looked like a shell came spinning out of nowhere. It had spikes all over it. Zelda tried to turn out of the way but the shell hit her, cutting her legs and tearing part of her jumpsuit.

"Peach?!" Zelda called frantically.

There was no answer. She knew Peach wouldn't have done this but she still needed help. Her motorcycle approached something else. It looked like a bomb but it had...a face? Before she could think, the front wheel made impact and it exploded. Zelda went flying and hit her head, blacking out.


The Hylian princess opened her eyes slowly. She could feel a cut on her forehead in addition to the ones on her legs. It was an unusual feeling for her. She had been in battles before but was never wounded or even scratched. Looking down at herself, she could see that more of her jumpsuit had been torn. Some of it was even blackened. Peach hadn't been kidding about this being dangerous.

"What...happened?" Zelda asked slowly.

"I don't know! I heard the bob-omb go off behind me and when I turned back I found you knocked out! I'm so sorry!" Peach exclaimed frantically.

There was an odd laugh, more of a cackle really. A Boo ghost came into view, smiling happily. It seemed to be quite pleased with its prank. Princess Peach was furious, however.

"Boo!! How could you do this?! Look at her!" Peach shouted, gesturing to Zelda.

The Boo shook its head and hid its face, miserable now that it knew it didn't do a good thing. It floated away, disappearing as it went. Peach hugged Zelda gently, stroking her hair. Zelda managed a weak smile before passing out again. Peach pulled a wand similar to Rosalina's from inside her pink jumpsuit. It was given to her so she could instantly contact Rosalina in case of emergency. She waved the wand and waited.


Inside Princess Peach's room, the unconscious Zelda laid naked on the bed. Rosalina and Peach were both nearby. Rosalina was about to clean the cuts but was stopped by the princess. Silently, Peach wiped Zelda's wounds clean and began dressing them as her cosmic friend looked on.

"Thank you for helping me. I didn't think she would want a man to see her naked, least of all like this. She'd be mortified if she found that out," Peach said softly.

"You're welcome. I still think Zelda should be in an infirmary or something though," Rosalina whispered back.

Peach shook her head. "I'll take care of her personally. It's my fault this happened in the first place."

Rosalina gave her a reassuring smile. She checked to make sure all the bandages were done properly and left only after she was sure everything was all right. Once Peach was alone, she finally slipped out of her pink jumpsuit and put it away. The princess spent some time looking for something more practical to wear but eventually decided that staying by Zelda's side was more important.

When Peach opened her eyes she was unsure of the time. She had crawled into bed to cuddle with Zelda, careful not to touch her legs or her forehead. Peach kisses Zelda softly on the cheek and slid out of bed. Standing, she lifted her arms and stretched, which tightened the muscles in her stomach, briefly making her abs visible. Although she hadn't spent as much time on working out as Daisy had, Peach still thought she looked pretty good.

Padding softly to her bedroom window, the blonde princess pulled back the curtain to look outside. It was night and as always, the sky was alight with the beauty of countless stars. The sight always served to brighten up Peach's mood and tonight was no exception. There was nowhere else that had a night sky as beautiful as the one in the Mushroom Kingdom. Zelda had told stories of the night sky in Hyrule, however, and Peach hoped to see it one day.

Hearing a soft moan, Peach turned around and walked back to her bed. Zelda stirred and opened her eyes, taking time to study her surroundings.

"My head..." she murmured softly.

Peach sat down beside Zelda and held her close, stroking her hair once again. The Hylian princess made soft sounds of approval and settled into her friend's arms.

"I'm so sorry," Peach whispered.

"Not your fault..."

"Whether it is or not, I'm going to take care of you myself until you're all better."

"Thanks," Zelda replied.

She managed to move so that she could look into Peach's beautiful blue eyes. They stayed like that for several minutes, possibly longer, just gazing deeply into each other's eyes. Eventually the two princesses kissed, their lips meeting in something soft, tender, passionate and more. The rest of it was beyond words and it was up to them to figure it all out. Later. For now though, the beautiful kiss continued until they drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

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