Zenobia is 41 years old; recently she has been talking for months, online with a doctor. When they manage to speak, it would be a good 2-6 hours chat. She considered it a date in her book. It was fun talking with him; his maturity, multilingual, and his intelligence kept her attention. They rarely spoke due to his hectic schedule, but when they did, it was a cerebral experience. Zenobia always enjoyed older men, someone of her age or a bit younger she found dull and trivial.

When she was 21, she dated a man in his mid 30's. He treated her kindly, respecting her as a human being, not a plaything that men her age saw. From there, her admiration for older men grew, now at 40's, she craved much older men. Zenobia was after all a "Sapio-Sexual" meaning a man or woman who admires intelligence in people. Doctors, Lawyers, Writers, even Military Officers, it did not matter the type of jobs they were in. Intelligentsia is what she craves, and if they had a daring sexual appetite that matched hers, even better.

Their sexual chemistry was always a plus, in their online relationship. The doctor was very patient with her; he liked her audacity and unapologetic nature. After all, she was a woman beyond her years. Their union grew to respect and trust. Something rarely found in most chat sites. She cared about him, and he about her, that was another base for them to want to see one another. The trust was there.

They decided to set a date; he was in her state since he travels around the country as a surgeon. He is, after all, a talented doctor, and his skills are needed throughout the nation. Before they met, during their last conversation, she asked him his age. It seems she has forgotten or never ask at all. He stated he is 29. Zenobia was silent on the phone; his answer stunned her. She honestly thought he was in his late 40's or older.

She thought for a split second to cancel the date, come up with an excuse why she could not make it. Zenobia knew that he took a whole day off for her, out of his hectic schedule. Besides she owed it to herself to meet the man that made her feel secure of herself, this young man. The doctor had already become an excellent confidant, a true friend and a match in her insatiable sexual cravings.

Zenobia wore a long floral dress, her hair short with hints of purple strands. Arriving 20 minutes earlier she finds him, already sitting at the table, she says hello as he turns around smiles and gives her a huge hug. Looking at his curly black hair, brown eyes, hearing that same accent she has heard over the phone during their times of intense phone sex, she knew it was her Doctor. He pulls the chair for her to sit down as he stares at his face. A young face, a matured man with an old soul.

They sat silently waiting for a waitress. Zenobia orders a House salad, with water. He smiled, then stated to the waitress. '

"Make sure you bring two more bottles of water, for her please."

He knew Zenobia to be a massive squirter and dehydrates easily. He also looked forward to drinking her, instead of hearing her wetting the phone. She smiled at him, as he looked at her intensively.

He kindly asked her if she would like to continue this conversation upstairs. She nodded as he held her hand, the waitress leaves the bill on the table. He takes it, but she offers to pay the tip. Zenobia follows him to room 234. Upon entering he closed the door behind her. She walks around dropping her bag, showing off her womanly figure, small waist, thick hips, that hug her dress. He hands her water, as she stares at him. Leaning against the plastered wall, he ambles towards her slowly, wanting to pounce her.

Her insecurities get the best of her; she wonders why he is interested in her, an older woman. Why her, a fouled mouth, a non-apologetic person like her. Direct and to honest for his good.

"Do you mind that I am older than you?" she looks in his eyes.

"No" he states leaning over smelling her skin.

"Do you mind touching this, not so well toned body? Years are showing on it?" she asks, looking away, a bit embarrassed.

"No" he kisses her gently, stopping the insecurity from a well-secured woman, the one he has grown to admire.

He holds her tightly, pressing his body towards her.

Moaning, feeling his growth in his pants, her hands are touching his face as he kisses her. Scooping her up, he nibbles her neck, tongue follows after kisses, words of a foreign language invade her senses. She is slowly submitting, and letting him take control of her.

"You want me, this older woman"? she asks again insecurely.

"You want to eat my pussy? that aged like a fine wine with time?" she whispers as he fondles her breast slowly.

Raising her dress up, he kneels down in front of her, putting one leg over his shoulders. His tongue playfully nudges at her panties, making it wet with every lick. Licking her inner thighs, tasting the remains that her soppy panties left behind. He slides her panties out of her, his tongue licks her semi-opened slit, mumbling as he finds her silky and delicious.

Making her sit on his broad shoulders, he gets up, putting her against the wall. He eats hungrily, wanting to feel that squirt that he only heard and stroked off to during their torrid phone calls. Screaming, complimenting his tongue and the dedication to its movement she squirts slowly. Inserting his fingers, Zenobia gushes hard, wetting his face, his clothes, dripping down to the carpet.

Feeling Zenobia legs relaxing, he brings her down slowly, pressing her wet pussy against his pants. He holds her, tightly, just there where she can feel the thick and curves of his eager cock. His hands move her hips up and down feeling the uncontrollable friction. She looked into his eyes, seeing that smile, his chin wet, still dripping from her wet honey. His face looks like sweat, after a long jog. Zenobia fervently licks his chin, his face, nibbling on his neck. Purring, cringing like a cat, fueling her insatiable desire.

"Nothing makes me harder than to see and feel how your tongue cleans me like a cat." His words echoed in her hear from the last time they spoke on the phone.

Zenobia undoes his wet shirt, as her tongue follows with licks and kisses. He loosens his grip on her slowly as she goes down, unzipping his pants, licking the thick bulge that impatiently wants to come out. She looks into his eyes as her tongue swallows the thin film that leaks from his head, stroking his shaft she sucks most anxiously, wanting that sweet pre-cum from him. He grabs her head, fucking her throat, violating her neck. Gagging, spitting, she gives him a good two more rounds before demanding more of him.

Not wanting to cum in her mouth, he picked her up, wrapping her arms around him, playfully kissing, ignoring the leftover taste of his dick in her mouth. Her small frame pushes him to the large bed. Sitting on his cock, she rides him slow, controlling her inner pussy walls as she is kissing him passionately. Sucking his fingers, she dances on his cock, moving her hips side to side. Belly Dancing, he likes seeing how her belly rolls slowly as her hips move slightly.

"I love that you're my lady, wise and well experienced, I look forward to learning new things from you!" he states fully satisfied.

Squirming, he brings my lips to his, kissing me sweetly.

Turning me around putting me on all fours, he nails me slowly.

Then picking up speed, fucking me hard, pounding me, the sound of flesh touching is echoed around the room. Squirting, feeling squishy he continues. Spanking me, pulling my hair. Talking to me in his native tongue, as I bite my lower lips. Cuming hard, deep inside me, he rests on my back while kissing it.

Laying back on the bed, resting, catching his breath. Zenobia rests her head on his shoulders. He kisses her forehead, holds her tightly. He smiles at her; he wants her, wants something with her.

"Maybe I should give myself a chance with him; he is young but with an old soul. Besides, he can hold his own, and I enjoyed him."

Zenobia tells herself as she falls asleep in his arms, while his soft fingers glide up and down her spine.

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