tagExhibitionist & VoyeurZero Day Exploited Priyanka Ch. 01

Zero Day Exploited Priyanka Ch. 01


My husband is going to be a very lucky man Priyanka thought as modeled her nude body in front of her mirror. I'm going to have be careful not to give him a heart attack! She struck another pose, admiring her flawless tan skin, full breasts and long black hair. Her small nose fit perfectly on her face, her skin the color of milky coffee. She turned and looked at her rear end. I'm the greatest combination of brains and booty! she thought with a smack on her butt.

She appraised herself again. This needs to be documented. She took out her cell phone and took a selfie. It was one of her riskiest habits, even though she always took care to make sure her face wasn't in the picture. If, God forbid, anyone ever found one of the pictures, they wouldn't be able tell it was her. She had even downloaded an app to hide the photos in a special password protected folder on her phone. She blew a kiss to the stunning woman in the mirror and then put her phone down and got dressed for class.

Despite being an American girl through and through, she still was bound by her Indian family's culture. Her parents would strongly disapprove of dressing like a regular American coed, so she dressed conservatively but fashionable, with high necked tops and sleeves, long pants or skirts. She couldn't wait until she could find a boy to marry and love with her body, but that would have to wait until at least medical school in two more years. For now, she had to focus on maintaining her grades, even if that meant suppressing her rampant desires while surrounded by temptation. If it weren't for her second risky habit, her morning and nightly ritual of self pleasure, she didn't know how she would be able to concentrate.

Priyanka, in fact, had little experience in the opposite sex. Her parents had all but forbidden dating. The closest thing she had to a relationship was a boy in high school whom she 'secretly' was seeing and who unceremoniously dumped her after getting only a hand job on their second 'date'. She had wanted to do more, she just wasn't willing to rush into things. Here at college, the boys had plenty of hot party girls to pursue, leaving Pri to focus on her studies. Her biggest source of how to interact with boys were Bollywood romance movies and the salacious tales from her American girlfriends.

She cast a longing gaze and some blonde, wearing a tank top so open you could see her brassier, as the girl cuddled with some guy. One day, that will be me. So much skin on campus, she wondered sometimes how any studying got done. By the afternoon she was already looking forward to her nighttime play session. That night, after finishing her paper, she went to check to Facebook. Suddenly the browser minimized. A moment later a blank screen opened, and words appeared on her computer.


"Um, hello?" She tried to move her cursor but it wasn't responding. "Why can't I..."

I control your computer now. Pay attention.

"I...who are you?"

I am someone you should pay attention to

"What? Why? Leave me alone!"

No. Now pay attention. I want you to take off your blouse.

"What? No, never, go away!" She noticed the camera light on her laptop come on and reached out to cover it with her hand

Tell you what, silly girl. Let's look at some pictures, shall we?

With that the photo browser popped up on the screen. Pri gasped and covered her mouth in shock. It was the selfie she had taken this morning, only her face was clearly in the picture.

"How did you..."

Don't worry about that, little girl. Would you like me to send this to your parents?

"No! Please!"

Or maybe to Mr. Batachari? Better yet, how about Mr. Batachari's son?

Pri's head was spinning in horror. Mr. Batachari was her family's patron back home. This could not be happening.

How about I send this one?

A second selfie appeared, one from weeks ago, and again her face was in the picture.

It's your choice, girl. Take your hand off the camera and take your top off or we start sending out your hot selfies to your friends and family.

"No, please...," she said as she dropped her hand.

Her email program opened and Mr. Batachari's email filled in. Her eyes widened in horror.

Time is a-wasting!

Pri whipped off her blouse and clutched it to her chest, staring at the screen in despair. Finally words appeared.

Wise choice. Now, silly girl, put the shirt down.



Pri haltingly lowered her blouse, exposing her simple white bra to her tormenter.

So, silly girl, in case you haven't figured it out, I've already seen your tits. A third selfie scrolled across this screen, this one of her bottom, followed by a fourth. Her face was in all of them. Take off your bra

Pri paused in indecision as yet another one of her selfies came up. How many did he have? She took one every few days, and these seemed to date back weeks. And why was her face in all of them? She had always been so careful! These could absolutely ruin her!

Hello dingbat, I'm waiting.

Pri swallowed, trapped. She would simply die if those photos got out. It wasn't just one picture, it was many. She numbly reached behind herself and open her bra. A sob escaped from her throat as she lowered her head and exposed herself to this stranger. Finally she looked back to the screen. Another message came up.

Are you embarrassed? Pri nodded with a sniffle. Ashamed? She nodded again. Humiliated? There is no reason to be, you have a lovely body. But, like I said, you will be humiliated if you don't follow my directions. Imagine the shame you would bring on yourself and your family if these got out. It will be very easy to send these out to your family, to the school, to your professors, to the medical schools you will be applying to.

"Oh God," she whispered as the full force of her predicament hit her. It felt like there was an icy grip on her throat and she felt sick to her stomach.

Now, I don't want to do that. Believe it or not, I don't want to embarrass you. I promise that if you are a good little pet, this will stay between us. No one needs to know about your naughty little pictures. Would you like that?


Yes what? Manners, girl.

"Yes, please keep this between us."

Good. I'm glad we got that clear. Now dry your face. Good. Okay, play with your nipples.

Pri closed her eyes in humiliation as she brought her hands to her chest and started fondling her nipples. A few minutes later the computer beeped and she opened her eyes.

Keep your eyes open, dingbat. How else are you going to follow my directions? Now, what is your name? No, keep playing with your nipples. Get them nice and hard for me.

A series of questions followed, as she rattled off her name, her school, her class schedule, her high school, all the while fondling herself. Despite her predicament, it was getting difficult to concentrate as her body responded to her touches. He asked about her friends, forced her to describe what her girlfriends looked like. He asked about previous lovers. He made her name all of her professors. He forced her to give a smile as she answered.

Well, pet, this has been fun. It is getting late, so lets get this show moving. Stand up and remove your pants.

"I...no. I won't." She had to fight, she simply had to.

Your choice.

She watched in horror as her email program came up again and her Biology study group email alias was entered. The subject filled in as 'Rate me'. The air left her sails as he attached a picture.

"Oh God."

You said you wanted to keep this between us. Is that still the case?


Yes what?

"Yes, I would like to keep it between us."

Then stand up and take off your pants.

Pri's head fell in resignation and she stood, unbuttoned her slacks and pushed them down.

Very nice. Now ask me if I want to see your butt.

"I...do you want to see my butt?"

Smile and then turn around slowly.

Pri did as she was told, knowing what was coming next.

Nice. Now the panties.

"Please, I..."


Pri felt sick to her stomach as she pushed her panties to the ground and stepped out of them.

Show me the crotch.

She almost retched as she picked up her panties, a wet spot evident on them from her body's traitorous reaction to her being forced to play with her nipples.

Naughty girl! Looks like someone is enjoying this more than they want to admit!


Looks like you aren't clean shaven. Why not?

She shrugged. "I...just trim."

Bring it closer.

Pri shuffled up to her laptop so that her pussy was just in front.

Shave it smooth tomorrow. I want you bare down there. Understand?


Yes what?

"Yes, I'll shave it bare."

Shave what bare? Be specific.

"I'll shave my p...p...pussy bare."

Good. Okay, pet, back up now. What do you typically do when you get ready to go to sleep?

"I...put on my pajamas."

Tonight you will sleep nude. What else?

"I brush my hair."

Get started. While you are brushing your hair, you will say 'suck' with each stroke of the brush.

Over the next 5 minutes, Pri felt she must have said 'suck' several hundred times. She couldn't even think straight, her mind full of turmoil. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen, terrified as to what the next order might be.

What is next?

"I brush my teeth and go to the bathroom."

Do you wear your sleeping shirt?


Put it on, here's the deal. Set the timer on your phone to 4 minutes. You have 4 minutes from the time you leave the room to the time you return to the room or the email gets sent. Agreed? Put on your night shirt.

Pri nodded and gulped. She put on her night shirt, grabbed her toothbrush, put toothpaste on it, started the timer and dashed out of the room to the bathroom. She made it back with a minute to spare. He instructed her to do the same drill for using the toilet, and this time she made in back with only seconds to spare.

Good job. Take off the shirt. Okay, what else do you do before going to sleep?

"I...get into bed?"

Cute. As you lie in bed in the dark, what do you do before you fall asleep?

A pit formed in Pri's stomach. He knew.

No? Playing coy? Here's a reminder, you also do it after your alarm goes off in the morning. What could that be?

She shook her head in horror. He knew.

What's the matter, cat got your tongue? Here's a little memory jog for you.

Pri clamped a hand over her mouth as a video came on of her in bed, movement under the sheets as she moaned. Sounds her impending orgasm.

Care to tell me what was going on then?

She shook her head.

Tell me. I want to hear you say it. Don't test me, after all the progress we've made tonight.

Her shoulders slumped, knowing she had no option but to answer.

"I touch myself."

Every night?


Say it.

"I touch myself every night."

What about in the morning?

"I touch myself every morning."

And why can't you keep your hands away?

Pri shrugged.

You need to do better than that.

"Because I'm horny," she whispered, her voice cracking.

Say the whole thing.

"I touch myself every night and every morning because I'm horny." Pri almost vomited as the confession escaped her lips.

Of course you are. You're a growing young woman! Now, what is your name?

"Priyanka Dorjee."

Now say the whole thing.

Pri swallowed and closed her eyes, unable to comprehend how she got herself into this mess. Shame washed over her as she admitted her perversions to her unseen tormentor.

"I'm Priyanka Dorjee and I touch myself every night and every morning because I'm horny."

Excellent. Now repeat that while playing with your nipples. Again.

Pri stood nude and recited her line, her body occasionally twitching as her hands brushed a particularly sensitive nerve. Over and over she repeated it, her legs starting to tremble from the suppressed lust building in her body.

Okay, that's enough for tonight. Now I know you're a horny girl, but tonight you will not touch yourself. Turn the laptop so it faces your bed. I'll be watching, and you will not be touching yourself tonight.

She nodded. She was grateful that he wasn't going to force her to masturbate for him. With the horrible turn of events she didn't feel like touching herself anyway. She turned the laptop and then crawled under her sheets, naked. The feeling of her bare skin against the sheets was a new and unwelcome pleasure. She turned off the light and glanced over to the laptop, noting the light was still green on the webcam. She looked up into the darkness and tried to figure out how to get out of this nightmare. How had he gotten her selfies with her face? She started to weep as she thought about how her parents would react to seeing those awful pictures. Why had she been so stupid and taken pictures? She should have just admired herself in the mirror.

Sleep came slowly and fitfully, full of dreams of being exposed, and several times she caught herself with her hand between her legs, inadvertently caressing her moist folds. When she swatted her alarm off she didn't feel rested at all. Her body, seeming not to care about her predicament, was screaming for release from the sexual tension that she had not been able to relieve the previous night. She looked over to her computer and her heart fell as she saw the green light was on. It beeped.

Pri slipped out of bed with her sheet clutched to her body and went to the computer.

Good morning, beautiful!


How did you sleep?

She shrugged.

I know we are interrupting your usual...how shall I put it delicately...morning routine.

She shrugged again, knowing he meant her morning masturbation ritual.

Good! I was worried you would be too horny, but no matter! Instead of wasting time in bed, go for a run.

And so she did, changing into leggings, shorts, a sports bra and a tee shirt. As she ran with her earbuds playing she tried to figure out what to do about her blackmailer. Last night she had completely humiliated herself in front of him. She had to find a way to get those pictures back. She considered going to campus security and telling them what happened, but what if he sent out the pictures? Even if they caught him her life would be ruined. At this point she felt that she had to keep quiet. How much worse could it get? The computer was silent when she returned and she took it as allowance to get ready for class. As she got dressed, she caught herself in the mirror. What a fool she had been to take those pictures. The computer remained silent all through the day, with no indication that anything was amiss. She was guarded around her friends, on edge in class and found it difficult to concentrate. Biology was the worst, as she kept on replaying his threat from the previous night to email her selfies to her study group. There was no way she could stay in class if that happened!

Pri stayed in the library late, trying to study. She was afraid to go back to her room and be alone with her computer. She also couldn't help but notice how horny she was. The last time she had gone 24 hours without masturbating was years ago. It took all her willpower and then some to keep focused on schoolwork. Then, suddenly, a brilliant idea struck her: she could just keep the laptop closed! She would go back to her room and just leave it closed! Spirits buoyed by the inspiration, she packed up and went to her room. She got ready for bed, leaving the laptop closed and charging on her desk. Just as she was about to turn off the light, a text came in.

Open your laptop.

She paused in indecision before putting the phone back down. Moments later it buzzed again.

Don't make a mistake you'll regret

She swallowed apprehensively and gave in, opening her laptop. The chat window opened as the webcam light glowed.

Hello. Lets lose the top, shall we?

Pri sighed in dismay. "Please, this has to stop."

Top off. Lets go.

She paused, considering her options. The email program opened and once again her biology study group was entered.

"No," she said and pulled off her top. To her dismay, the email continued, attaching two pictures. "Come on, I'm stripping!" she protested, motioning to her bra.

The email program stopped.


With a wince she took off her bra and paused, waiting for direction.

Very nice. How did your day go?

The question caught her completely off guard.

"It was fine. Class, studied at the library."

The world didn't end, did it?


That's because we are keeping this all between us. No one else needs to know, right?

"Um, yes. Just keep it between us. Please."

Well that depends on you. I tell you what to do, you do it. What happens when you don't do what I tell you?

"You'll send my selfies out."

Exactly. Your selfies. Alas, we often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.

Pri tilted her head. Who quotes Aesop at a time like this?

Now, if I am correct, it is almost time for bed.


Have you brushed your hair?

"Yes, everything."

Good, well it looks like I caught you just in time. Lets have a little fun first. Why don't you take down your pants. Pri winced but obeyed. Oh, what cute panties! Turn around for me. Very nice. Okay, lets take those off also.

She paused just a moment before giving in and started pulling down her panties. Suddenly she froze and her heart fell as she remembered that she hadn't shaved like he ordered her. As if reading her mind, he asked.

Did you shave like you said you were going to?

"I...no, I forgot."

Dingbat. Panties off. Let's see the bush.

She hated being called a dingbat, but she dutifully took off her panties.

So, let's rehearse. You told me you were going to shave, but you didn't.

"But I..."

That is one infraction. Second, you continue to defy me. That is two infractions. Now sit down and shut up.

Pri cautiously took her seat. The computer navigated to a porn site.

"No, don't go there!"

Why not?

"It's...bad. I shouldn't look at those kind of...things. It will make my computer sick."

She couldn't help but notice the naked girls playing in the banner of the web page. She had never actually seen a movie rated higher than R. The computer seemed to pause for awhile.

You know, you are right, you shouldn't go to these sites. Only sluts and horny guys visit them. But this is how you will know I am serious when I tell you there will be consequences to your misbehavior.

To Pri's horror, the computer then registered at the porn site, an account under the name "HornyDorgeeP", a blindingly obvious play on her name. She screamed in helpless protest as it uploaded two pictures to the site.

Calm down, dingbat. I know you're still learning your place, so I'm going to password protect these pictures, no one will be able to see them. But if you continue to be unruly, we'll take the password off.

"Oh God."

Are you going to be a good girl?


Yes what?

"Yes, I'll be a good girl."

Good, glad to hear it. Why don't you play with your nipples.

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