tagExhibitionist & VoyeurZero Day Exploited Priyanka Ch. 05

Zero Day Exploited Priyanka Ch. 05


Priyanka Dorjee awoke from the sleep of the dead feeling completely refreshed. Her masturbation session last night had cleared her mind and left her feeling sated. She bounded out of bed and prepared for her run. Amy, on the other hand, was cranky and sore and protested fiercely.

"Come on Amy, today is the hardest day. Just give it three days—just three!—and I promise I won't bug you any more."

"Fine, but we have to take it easy. Are you always so cheerful in the morning?"

She let Pri in and followed her in stretches before the run. Pri lavished praise on her, trying to build up her confidence. At least Amy had a sports bra on this time. When they finished, Pri helped her stretch before returning to her room and preparing for the day. With her mind cleared, she knew that today would be a productive day. She knew it had to be productive, because later in the week she would probably be too horny to think straight. She wondered absently what tasks her blackmailer would have for her this week.

In class, her mind wandered to her new life. In just a few weeks she had gone from a quiet college girl with a selfie habit and a masturbation addiction to a girl who was being controlled by a hacker she didn't know. She had absolutely no leverage to get out from under his control. Anything she did to resist just led him to threaten to start posting pictures of her in compromising poses, of which he had thousands. She had exposed her body to him in every way imaginable, punished herself at his command, masturbated for his amusement. She recalled the previous night, the way he had manipulated her until she was just a drooling sex fiend. As if masturbating on camera wasn't enough humiliation, he had also gotten her to admit to the most embarrassing things. He had more than enough material to destroy her life a hundred times over. With all the video he had, he could force her to prostitute herself and she would have to do it. She shivered at the thought, grateful that he was keeping this just between them. At least she thought he was.

Finally, there was the punishment paper she had to write for trying to masturbate without permission. She couldn't figure out how he found out, had it been a lucky guess? It had to be a guess, but she was so bad at lying she had confessed anyway. Could 'he' possibly be a 'she' and one of the girls who stopped into the restroom? She hadn't looked at them and had no idea who they were. At any rate, she needed to decide on an appropriate punishment. She knew if she picked something that he didn't think was severe enough it would be that much worse for her. However, if she picked something too severe, she would still have to go through with it. She had no gauge to use, no idea how strict he was. She valued her weekly orgasms above all else, by the end of the week she was a basket case begging to come, but the only other option was a humiliation task. Something like taking a naked selfie somewhere outside of her room. Would one topless selfie be enough? Or should she propose several nudes? She frowned in indecision and tried to turn her focus to her professor.

That afternoon, she returned to her room and attacked her schoolwork, knowing she could be interrupted at any time. She worked into the night. Just as she was finishing for day, a chat window opened.

Good evening, beautiful.


Why don't you get ready for bed.

Pri nodded and left to get ready. She wondered what games he would have her play. She hoped it wouldn't take long, as it was already late. When she returned, she expected to be told to go to bed. Instead, he had other ideas.

Get out your rule book. From now on, you don't need to wear the collar, so let's cross that one off. Just hang the collar on your desk as a reminder. However, I'm giving you a two new rules. First, I want you looking your best every day. Every morning, before you head to class, you need to put makeup on. Not like for a party, but for school.

"Just for going to class? Why?"

You are a truly gorgeous woman and you should honor that. Look your best at all times. I don't expect any problems from you on this.

"Oh-kay," she replied, irritated. Half the girls in her morning class showed up in their pajamas, no one was looking put together. Having to put her face on just to sit in class seemed stupid.

Second new rule. Edge yourself twice every day: once before going to sleep and once before noon. Since it is bedtime now, you will edge yourself and tonight.

Pri was dumfounded. The modicum of control she had over her body was primarily because she had a no touching rule for the beginning of the week. Now she would be starting and ending each day with an edge. She would go nuts by the end of the week! She stared at the rule she had just copied down, unable to come up with an argument as to why she shouldn't have to do that. Nothing came to mind, so she undressed and laid back on her bed. She looked up to the camera directly over her nude body as she started to stroke her skin. He hadn't given her a timeline, so she took her time in building her pleasure. Her mind again drifted to the idea of guys from her classes watching the video as she touched herself. Soon her body was alive and her hand drifted down to start rubbing her clit. She pinched a nipple with her other hand as she circled her clit, naughty images pouring through her mind. She imagined the humiliation of talking to her study group after the guys had watched her masturbate. Just as her crest approached, she pulled her hand away with a groan. Her eyes drifted over to the computer.

Good night, beautiful.

"Good night."

She swatted off the light and then placed her hands in their bonds. With a sigh, she tried to ignore her body and get to sleep. Her edge had done it's job, and her dreams were full of sexual imagery. Amy was only slightly less crabby the next morning, but Pri had other things on her mind. She had to edge after her shower, as she would be out on campus until afternoon. She had built her schedule around a run, a shower, breakfast and class, with only a little slack time. Now she not only had to do her make up, she had to bring herself to the edge of an orgasm before class. Worse, she was usually not horny at all after her run. Timing would be tight.

She took extra time in the shower soaping up her nether regions and trying to get in the mood. She returned to her room, flopped on her bed, and started fingering herself. Her mind drifted to the BDSM story she had read, imagining being tied down and helpless as a guy worked over her body for his pleasure. In no time she had hit on a story line that worked and she raced to her peak, pulling away at the last second. A glance at the clock indicated she had only a little time before she had to leave. She allowed herself a brief moment to calm down before she got up, put on her face, dressed, and headed out.

Pri struggled to get her body back under control as she sat in class. She was horny, there was no doubt about it, but she had to concentrate in class. As long as she stayed focused, she could avoid daydreaming about sex. She returned to her room in the afternoon and immediately started to write, trying to get down pages for her term paper before her willpower faded or she was interrupted. During dinner she allowed her mind to wander, wondering again about how he had found out she had tried to masturbate and trying to decide on an appropriate punishment. When she returned to her room, she finished her first draft of her punishment paper, proposing a selfie with her breasts exposed in the bathroom where she had tried to come. She decided to start getting ready for bed, as it was getting late and as she needed a break. Shortly after she returned, a chat window opened.

Good evening, beautiful.


I must say, that blouse looks especially nice on you. The red compliments your skin nicely.

"Oh, thanks, it's one of my favorites."

I knew you had good taste in clothes. So you were mentioning that you can't twerk

"Yeah, I don't have the butt for that."

Nonsense. All you need in so practice.

With that, he pulled up some instructional videos from YouTube on how to twerk. She started watching girl after girl demonstrate how to 'shake that ass.' Even tennis star Serena Williams had a video touting twerking. While most the girls had big butts, more than a few had small bottoms like hers. He had her take off her jeans and put on a thong to practice. She put the laptop on her chair, got on all fours before it and spread her knees, acutely aware that her crotch was positioned directly in front of the computer. Her first attempts were a total disaster, her small butt just wiggling. She looked back over her shoulder to see her ass on the screen and tried to adjust her movements. After a few minutes of futility, the computer beeped and she crawled over to look.

Got an program that may help you. First, though, get the duct tape. Good. Now let's watch a girl twerk through this program.

The video started playing in the program, a black girl's big bare ass on the screen. The there was a dot on each cheek and the program tracked the horizontal and vertical displacement as she shook. The program made a cash register sound when her cheeks really started clapping and points appeared in the header. Pri couldn't help but notice that the girl's pussy was clearly visible as she twerked.

"There is no way," she protested, "my ass is not that jiggly!"

Work with what you have. Cut a small square of the duct tape and put one in the center of each butt cheek. I'll adjust the sensitivity of the program until you get the hang of it.

She did as she was told and then assumed the position again, trying to do the moves the girls in the instructional videos had shows. Suddenly, a cash register sounded from the laptop. Her head whipped around to see that she had scored a point. After a few more false starts, she finally got the hang of it and could get the cash register to ring consistently. She turned around with a smile.

Excellent! See, I knew you could do it.

"I still have no ass though."

But what you have is lovely. Okay, let's play to 100. The program cleared her score. Take your thong off.

Pri started to protest before catching herself. There was no point in arguing, he would force her to do it anyway. Besides, she had shown him everything before. With a sigh she pulled off her thong, got on all fours, and started to work her ass for all she was worth. She could just imagine how lewd it must look to him, her ass cheeks flapping and her bare pussy completely exposed. She summoned her inner slut and started to work, the cash register ringing regularly from behind her. A few minutes later the completion music played, and she turned around to see that she had broken 100 points in just under four minutes.

Very nice. You're getting the hang of it.

"Thanks," she replied, uncertain if she should be happy for being good at twerking.

I'll be in touch. Good night, beautiful.

"Good night."

Pri finished undressing, turned off the lights and got into bed. She stared up at the camera over her bed and started to slowing bring her body to a boil. Her repressed urges made the task easy, and in no time she had to pull her hands away to avoid coming. She took a few moments to get her breathing back under control, pulled up her sheet, put her wrists in their bonds and waited for sleep.

Pri got home the next afternoon burdened with the persistent ache between her thighs. She was definitely getting used to being perpetually aroused and wet, but it didn't make things any easier. She had again considered slipping into a restroom to rub one out, but she was already in trouble for trying that once. She couldn't figure out how he had caught her, but she didn't want to risk another infraction. Focusing on school work was the only thing she could do to hold her young body's yearnings at bay, and she knew tomorrow would be even more difficult. As it was, however, she was really doing well with her school work. Knowing that she could be interrupted at any time helped keep her on task and focused. That night, a chat window opened.

Hello, beautiful girl.

"Hi," she smiled, happy for the break.

You are looking lovely as always. However, I would like to see you with less.


Yes please.

With a resigned smile, Pri settled on some music. She started to dance and lost herself in the music, allowing it to wash over her as she took off her blouse and then her skirt. She stayed in the music, smiling, recalling all to well that the last time she tried to resist he had forced her to get a dog collar to wear to remind her of her place. When she finished, she returned the laptop.

Beautiful. Okay, twerking practice. Put the tape in place and get back on all fours, play to 100. Yesterday it took you 3:55, lets see if you can beat that.

She nodded and set the computer on her chair. She placed two squares of tape on her bottom and then got down on all fours. With a starting beep she was off, jiggling her butt as best she could. Soon she found her rhythm and the cash register started chiming. She could feel the cool air moving around her exposed pussy. When she hit 100, she turned to find she had shaved a full minute off her time.

Excellent! And you thought you couldn't twerk. Okay, on the next position, on you feet with your hands on the wall .

Pri realigned herself and started again. The way she was positioned meant the camera on the wall was looking right into her face as the laptop had an unobstructed view of her pussy. Her breasts hung unsupported below her, jiggling as she twerked. The position was different, but she soon got the hang of it and the cash register started ringing. The computer chimed and she stopped to check.

Looks like you are getting the hang of it! Okay, 5 minutes, lets see how high a score you can get. Put on some music, you choose the forms.

After a little indecision she settled on a few songs with heavy beats. She positioned herself in a squat with her feet spread, looking over her should for the countdown to start. The music started, and so did she. She dropped to all fours and worked it, hearing the cash register ring through the song. She lifted her ass and straightened her legs, bent in half as she shook. Hands on the wall and bent at the waist, she channeled her inner stripper and began to incorporate more moves she had seen the videos, dropping down low and smacking her ass. The finish bell chimed and she checked her score, impressed that she scored a 190. A moment of self-realization hit as she contemplated being happy for being able to perform like a low-class whore.

Wonderful job. You are becoming quite good. Let's get ready for bed.

When she returned, he allowed her to choose her next activity and she chose to read a story. She finally settled on one and started to read. It was a hot story, and she decided to use her pillow while she read and shoved it between her thighs, getting an early start on her nightly edge. She continued to read as she ground her clit back and forth on her pillow. The pillow once again wasn't enough to get her off, but was more than enough to drive her to distraction. Another erotic story of a college girl getting lucky with a sexy guy left her gushing with arousal. When she finished, she rearranged her pillow, resolving to get a second pillow so she wouldn't have to keep sleeping on a pillow soaked with her juices. She laid back and looked up at the camera on her ceiling as she edged herself. With all the simulation she had received from humping her pillow while reading the story, it took no time to get there. She pushed herself harder than ever, getting in a few extra strokes before pulling her hand away. Aching with need, she caught her breath, pulled up the sheet, turned off the light, put her hands in their bonds, and went to sleep.

The next day was more of the same. She edged herself in her room before leaving and spent the entire day turned on, naughty thoughts begging to fill her mind if she allowed her concentration to waiver. That evening, she put the finishing touches on her punishment paper, proposing a topless selfie in the restroom. A chat window opened. He started her off with a striptease, followed by twerking practice. Pri improved her score over the previous night, becoming quite skilled at shaking her little butt.

Are you ready for the next form?

"What's that?"

A gif popped up of a girl doing a handstand, legs spread wide, toes on the wall as she twerked. Pri had long ago stopped trying to judge girls for acting sexy, but that position screamed slut.

Think you're up for it?

"No," she said.

Stop selling yourself short. Give it a try, I know you can do it.

With a groan, she got into position. Pri found the new position extremely challenging, as she was not very skilled at handstands. Shaking her ass while upside down didn't help with her balance either. Eventually she got the hang of it. She could only imagine how lewd she looked, naked with her legs spread as she shook her ass. Twerking in that position was actually a bit of a workout, and when she finished she was slightly out of breath.

Great. Would you like to get a coffee?

"Uh, sure, I guess."

Okay, let's get dressed.

With a nod, she went to get dressed. Panties, wide leg slacks, a bra and her white sweater. When she was done, she presented herself.

Beautiful, as always. Take a selfie. Lovely. Okay, now let's make a minor change to your outfit. Take off the sweater.

Pri looked at the screen for a moment, her heart starting to race as she took off her sweater . Why was she getting undressed if he wanted her go get a coffee?

Take another selfie.

She struck a pose and snapped another picture.

Beautiful. Bra off, selfie. Lovely. Now put on your dickey.

With a sigh she got her dickey and pulled it on. It not only looked ridiculous, it left her breasts exposed. Turning to the camera, she motioned to herself.

"I can't go out like this," she stated.

Now go put on your jacket.

Pri's mouth gaped as she connected the dots. Her jacket. It would provide enough coverage. She went to her closet and pulled it on, buttoning it up to the top. The cold nylon lining chilled her nipples as she checked herself out in the mirror. At least she looked presentable.

Perfect! See, you look perfectly normal. Now, take a few selfies. Start with your jacket closed and then to the delights underneath.

Pri glanced in the mirror again, this time noting just how proper she looked. With the jacket on over her dickey, no one could tell she was half naked. She held up her cell phone and took a few pictures. Then, as directed, she opened up her jacket to show what she wasn't wearing underneath.

Very nice. Okay, button up buttercup.

Pri gratefully nodded and closed her jacket again.

No, not that high. Show your dickey.

She frowned and then undid the top button. Checking her chest she noted that it barely closed above the bottom of the dickey. She swallowed apprehensively, not liking the turn the evening had taken. She turned to the laptop again.

Beautiful. Okay, off to the café! Order a coffee and wait for a text there.

Pri nodded, grabbed her purse and headed out, nerves on edge. Despite being covered up, she was extremely conscious of her state, reminded every step as her bare breasts brushed against the smooth nylon lining of her jacket. The café wasn't packed, but it was always a busy place. She couldn't help but imagine the other students knowing she was topless, checking several times to make sure her jacket was still closed. She choked back her fear, went to the counter, ordered a coffee and picked up a copy of the student newspaper. After she found a seat, she sat down to read a bit while enjoying her coffee, looking like just another college girl. A few minutes later, a text came in.

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