tagExhibitionist & VoyeurZero Day Exploited Priyanka Ch. 07

Zero Day Exploited Priyanka Ch. 07


An incessant knocking pulled Priyanka Dorjee out of her sleep. She glanced at the clock, seeing it was almost eight, and with a groan she staggered to her feet. She opened the door to see Amy, bright eyed and cheerful.

"Hi, wanna get some breakfast?"

"How are you even alive?"

Amy shrugged. "I just slept it off, it was just beer. I had the best time! I can barely remember anything. Um, you look awful. Had too much to drink?"

"No, God I just stayed up way too late."

"So you wanna get something to eat? I'm starved."

"Give me a minute."

Pri closed her door and pulled off her top, replacing it with a tee. Her eyes caught on the mess on her floor, dried cum and her discarded panties. Her head throbbed from lack sleep. She took off her skirt, pulled on some underwear and sweats and headed out with Amy. Summoning all her courage, she quietly confessed to Amy that she had given Adam a hand job. Amy was unperturbed, far more interested in what Jake might have gotten out of the evening. Pri demurred, stating she hadn't had sex but refusing to go into details.

Later, Pri talked with her mom. She played innocent, just lying and claiming that she had stayed up late studying. Her mother worried about her, but made sure she knew how proud she was of her good little girl working so hard in college. Meanwhile, Pri was scrubbing cum off her floor. If only you knew, mom. She even found some cum on the side of her desk. When she was finished, she laid down for a rest. Finally alone, she replayed the events of the previous night. What in the world was I thinking, bringing two guy into my room? But she had to admit, getting her pussy eaten was simply amazing.

That afternoon a chat window opened.

Good afternoon, beautiful


How was the party?


Just good?

"Yeah, just good."

Are you blushing? You have some fun last night? Did you earn a treat?

"Yeah, I earned a few."

Tell me more!

And so she did, explaining how she made two guys cum and therefore earned two orgasms of her choice.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Pri stared as a video appeared on her screen. She was correct, the cameras had caught everything. The audio was also quite clear. The video she watched was in four quadrants, one from each camera . She watched as she blindfolded both boys then tied their hands. This was all her, acting alone on her own desires. She saw herself giving the boys hand jobs, her abandoning Jake and making Adam cum. Sending Adam out before finishing Jake, and then Jake licking her feet and legs and finally eating her out to an orgasm. The audio of her pleading voice was also clear, begging him to pull her panties off. She acted every bit the wanton slut, all without provocation from her blackmailer.

Well it sure looks like everyone had a good time.

"Yeah...," she said with an embarrassed grin.

So, princess, what kind of girl invites two boys she just met into her room for a hand job?

Pri frowned at the screen. "A slut."

And what kind of girl are you?

"I'm not a slut, I'm a good girl. It's just that things got out of hand!"

So what should a good girl have done?

"Sent them home," she said quietly, embarrassed that she had given in to temptation so easily.

What would a good girl do with a boy? Like at the end of a first date?

"Kiss him goodnight."

Might be difficult to get a second date that way.

"A boy should want to get to know you first."

Ah, a true romantic. What does a good girl do on the second date?

Pri thought about it for a moment, weighing her options. "Blow job."

Nice. What does a good girl do after a blow job?

Pri frowned at the screen, annoyed at the meme. "I don't know, I've heard it tastes bad."

So maybe you are a bit of a bad girl. Third date?

"I think a good girl would wait and see how things are going."

Interesting. Well, how about we start with a strip tease.

Pri nodded and selected a play list. She momentarily reflected how routine it had become, stripping at the whim of her unseen blackmailer. The rest of the day went as expected, with him having her edge herself repeatedly as she did school work, read and watched porn. After each edge she would repeatedly slap her pussy and tell it it was bad. When it was time to get dinner, he had her insert her butt plug first. She was on pins and needles as she walked across campus with the plug in, imagining everyone knew why she was walking strange. She ended up joining friends for dinner, feeling the plug shift with every movement.

Back at her room, the evening played out the same, savoring and yet dreading the edge, knowing she would be slapping her sensitive clit afterwards. By nightfall she had to fight the urge to use one of her orgasms to finish. Sunday started out with more of the same. This time, however, he added a twist.

Almost time for lunch. Let's add some spice.

"Great," she pouted and waited for his idea of spice.

After you finish lunch, find a spot where you have wifi but you can see people. Then edge yourself.


It'll be fun.

"I'll get caught!"

You're a clever girl, figure out a good spot. Further, you have to stop if you can't see anyone. If you fail, I think we all know what happens. Time to go!

Pri jaw dropped, stunned by the mission. With no other option, she packed her laptop and headed out. She ran into friends and had lunch with them, distracted the whole time by her impending task. While they talked about the latest happenings of a TV series, she contemplated how she was going to explain getting caught to her parents.

After lunch she scouted out several locations, but none seemed to work. As a college girl, she did not often seek isolated places where she would be undiscovered, so the first places she investigated were way too risky. Finally she found a small, empty classroom on the second floor. She carefully checked around and positioned herself so that she could look out of the window. Aligning herself so that someone walking by the door wouldn't see her unfortunately meant that her view angle was tiny. She opened her laptop and waited. Suddenly and idea popped into her head. She took out some tape and some papers and covered the window on the door. Next, she shoved a desk up against the door. It would be much easier to explain why she had barricaded herself in the room rather than getting caught. A chat window opened.

Ready for the fun?

"I guess."

Why don't you show me around.

She turned the laptop around, explaining where she was and what she was going to do. If anyone heard this video, they would think she was just a sexually depraved nut! She positioned herself with a good view of the campus and started a Text with Audio story from Literotica. She pulled up her skirt and shoved her hand down her panties and started to touch herself as she watched her oblivious peers go about their day.

The lights were bright. The seat was uncomfortable. Sunlight streamed in. She could see people. All these elements combined to make her feel vulnerable and exposed and not at all into it. She could barely bring herself to simmer.

Looks like you're stuck.

"Yeah, this isn't working."

Okay, well how about this. Pri momentary hope was immediately dashed. I'm setting a time for one hour. Go!

She grumbled in dismay. She stopped the audio story and watched a porn video to get into the mood. Next, she removed her panties all together and spread herself wide. After restarting the audio, she looked out the window as she used both hands on her pussy, two fingers plunging in and out and her other hand circling her clit. She focused on the narrator as she worked, slowly waking her body up. The story actually seized her interest, a woman telling how it felt to submit to a stranger. She felt the familiar stirrings below, all the while watching a young couple kissing and cuddling on the lawn. Finally her skilled fingers found their mark soon she had to pull her hands away, leaving her gasping. She blushed as she caught her breath, her eyes still on the couple. She turned her head back to the screen.

Well that looked like fun. Again.

With a wry grin, Pri shook her head and selected another story to play. Her second edge was much easier, except that the young couple left and there were no other people out. A few people walked by, but she could only touch herself for short periods as people came and went. She repositioned herself with a different view and finally had the right set up, bringing herself to the edge once again.

Back at her dorm afterwards, he issued new instructions.

I'll be a little scarce next week. I have a game for you to play.

He instructed her to get out a pair of dice. Every morning, before she left for class, she was to roll the dice and then check a website to see what her task for the day was. Her week ended in the same way it had for the previous weeks, naked, legs spread, watching porn until he finally allowed her the blissful release of an orgasm while watching a video of a girl having multiple guys cum on her face. She drove herself to three more orgasms in quick succession before collapsing into a deep sleep.

The next morning, after her run with Amy, after her edge, and after her selfies, Pri picked up the dice for her first try at her new 'game'. She rolled a nine and entered into the website.

"Today is...dick drawing day?"

She read the description and shook her head. This was ridiculous. "Every 10 minutes you are in class, you will draw a picture of a dick." Pri took copious notes, and in an anachronism for most students, took them by hand in her note book. Anyone could look over to her notebook and see what she was doing. They would think she was depraved! With no avenue to complain, she shook her head, gathered her stuff, and headed out.

As she walked, she hit upon a solution. She didn't have to sit right in the middle, she would sit by the wall on the right, keeping her doodles out of sight from prying eyes. But how to draw a dick? She knew she wasn't much of an artist. How big should the dick be? As she took her seat, she ran the numbers in her head. Today was full of 50 minute classes, which meant she needed to draw 5 dicks in each of her four classes. She giggled at the sheer silliness of it all. With one eye on the clock and one on her professor, she made her first attempt at drawing a dick. It looked pathetic. That's not how dicks look. Annoyed, she drew a second one. She jerked herself back into class and tried to focus on teacher's lecture rather than male anatomy. All too soon it was time to draw another one. And then another. As the day went on she filled her margins with little replicas of the male member. Allowing her creativity to surface, she drew some of them hard, some flaccid, some shooting cum. Getting carried away, she drew a pair of cocks dancing together, her cheeks burning in embarrassment as she glanced around the clueless classroom.

Back in her room she scrupulously photographed every one of her drawings and uploaded them to the website. That evening, she was left to her own devices, as no chat window opened. Bored, she found herself back on Literotica reading more stories. Her nightly edge was almost normal now, going to sleep with a throbbing need. Following her edge the next morning, she got ready for the day. With a frown, Pri picked up her dice, said a quick prayer, and tossed them. She rolled an eleven and entered it into the website.

"Today is...wardrobe malfunction day?"

Pri read the description and immediately a pit formed in her stomach. "You will wear a blouse today. You will 'accidentally' unbutton one extra button so your bra is exposed before you leave the dorm. If someone points this out to you, you can close the button. Otherwise you are to leave it open. Every two hours you will ensure the button pops open."

Pri swallowed. When she wore blouses she usually buttoned them up to her neck. Now she would have to have several button undone. She put on her blouse and undid the top two buttons. The look would have been normal for most women, showing just a bit of her décolletage, but her bra was completely covered. She drew her breath and opened the next button. Her blouse hung open indecently, the center of her bra completely exposed. She looked at herself in the mirror, eyes wide. There was no way she could go out like this! She swallowed again. She knew the penalty for failing, naked selfies of her would be publicly posted. And so, with a deep breath, she gathered herself and left the relative safety of her room.

Adrenalin coursed through her body as she left her dorm. Stepping into the sunlight, she was acutely aware of the breeze hitting her chest. As usual, the campus was pretty empty for the first class of the day. She tried to get her breathing under control as she walked, but then the inevitable happened. A guy was walking towards her. She prayed he would keep looking at his phone and not glance at her, but it was not to be. She saw him see her, his eyes widening slightly as he surely caught a glimpse of her lingerie. A new flush of humiliation washed over her. He made no comment, however, just stared at her as she walked by.

Pri's brain whirled as she approached Henly Hall for her class. More students. The professor. Her bra. She felt herself get light headed from the anxiety, her heart pounding. Her vision seemed to narrow, a tunnel leading to the entrance of the building. Sounds seemed to fall away. Her mouth felt dry. She joined the small stream of students, catching the surprised glance of another boy as she passed. Suddenly she was jolted out of her nightmare as someone grabbed her elbow. She turned to come face to face with another girl. 'Blouse' she mouthed silently with a glance a Pri's chest. The realization shocked Pri as she quickly glanced down and closed the offending button.

"Thank you," she said earnestly, smiling at the girl, who nodded and went on her way.

Pri gave a silent prayer of thanks as she entered her class, now properly attired. Just after her third class started, however, she knew she'd need to open the button again. She figured the class itself wouldn't be that bad, she could just sit to the side and no one would be able to get an eyeful. She just hoped that once she left the class she would run into a good Samaritan again so she could rebutton it quickly. Sitting in class, her eyes watched the clock slowly tick away. Suddenly she had an inspiration. If she could get one of her friends to see her, they would point out her blouse was open! She knew Carol was in the building at this time, and a few quick texts later she had agreed to meet after class.

The clock struck 10 and Pri opened the button on her shirt, sitting carefully to avoid displaying herself to her professor. Class ended and she waited for the students to file out before leaving. Her plan worked to absolute perfection, with Carol meeting her almost at the door and pointing out her blouse was open. Another humiliation avoided. Her next two check ins were also solved, one by meeting a friend and the other by the kindness of a stranger. Her final malfunction coincided with her return to her room, and she scrupulously crafted a route that would avoid areas of people. She sighed in relief as she entered her dorm, her blouse half open and no one the wiser.

The next moring, Pri took a deep breath and rolled the dice. A seven. She put it into the website to find out her task for the day.

"Today is...slutty slogan day?"

She read the description and shook her head. "Every 10 minutes you are in class, you will write a unique slutty slogan." She shook her head again. Her days were becoming blurs of sexuality, her mind constantly forced to think about sex. This, combined with her twice daily edging, was turning her into a horny wreck. She could barely remember the sweet, innocent days of just last month when her biggest secret was taking naked selfies. She somehow knew the good girl that she had once been was gone forever.

Her first attempts at slutty slogans were pretty straight forward, Fuck me like a whore and Let me suck your cock . Classes peeled by, the margin of her notebook filled with naughty thoughts. She tried to focus on the professor, but as she wrote more and more slogans it became challenging to find a unique one. Her mind turned to the pornographic videos she had watched for inspiration, sitting in class daydreaming about threesomes. Thinking of her butt plug, she came up with a good one: Step 1: Remove plug. Step 2: Insert cock. She was so pleased with it she broke into a big smile, embarrassingly getting an inquisitive glance from the professor.

That evening, she once again entered her slogans into the website. To her surprise, a message was waiting for her. She opened the notification and found out her 'dick drawings' had been judged a 87%. She was shocked to find that her work was being graded. She wondered what would happen if she only got a 60, and then figured she knew what the result would be. She resolved to take the tasks seriously.

Following her morning edge, she gave the dice a roll to find her task for the day. She rolled a three. She put it into the website and winced at the task: Edge outside of your room. This is crazy, she sighed and headed out to class. She sat in class and tried to focus. These tasks were driving her batty. Her twice daily edges were bad enough, ensuring she stayed aroused and distracted all day, but these additional tasks just drove her mind into the gutter. And how was she going to fit an edge it today? She had classes all day without a break. She pushed the thought out of her mind and went back to taking notes.

The knowledge that she was going to edge herself that afternoon wore on her conscious all day. She couldn't deny she was turned on. Walking between classes, she once again considered the kind of girl she was becoming. She knew she was so horny she was wet, just like she was every day. If the boys only knew how hot she was, they could just push her into a restroom and she'd let them fuck her raw. On an impulse, she slipped into a restroom and found it empty. She quickly positioned herself in a stall and got to work. She was so worked up that the edge took almost no time.

As she left the restroom, her mind filled with dark thoughts, wondering how she was going to live a life of constant arousal and denial. She was so focused on her degenerate lifestyle that when she was interrupted it took her a moment to figure out what was happening.

"Hello, Pri, I'm Matt, we had a study group last year," he said.

"Hi," she answered instinctively, blushing as she wondered if he knew what she had just been doing in the restroom.

He started talking, but she had been so startled his words made no sense. She tried to parse what he was saying, dragging her mind out of the gutter to pay attention. Awards banquet? What was he talking about?


"I was, uh, wondering if you would like to go with me to the Kessler Awards banquet. It's like...at the end of the month."

"Why?" she asked, still too bewildered to grasp what he was saying.

"Well, because I think you're kinda special," he smiled weakly, his eyes falling to his feet. "And, uh, I think I'm special too..."

"You're asking me out!" she exclaimed as she finally connected the dots.

"Yeah. Yes."

"I'd love too!"

"Great! I'll send you the details."

"Oh, but I can't," she blurted. What was she thinking? She needed permission from her blackmailer. Didn't she? But last time her told her to go. "Maybe?" she started blathering. "I don't know...I need to...check my calendar!" She smiled at him, happy that she had found a reasonable excuse.

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