tagSci-Fi & FantasyZeus and Euopa

Zeus and Euopa


Throughout the fabled east there is no land more mighty or more magnificent than Phoenicia. Her ports of Tyre and Sidon are wonders praised by poets; their fame extends throughout the known world. The buildings of these cities are wonders laden with gold and marble. Her colonies girdle the seas from Asia to the distant corner of the world. They are the exotic ports of Panormus, Carthage, Metia, and many more. Each one of these colonies adds to Phoenicia's power and to her wealth. Her galleys and her biremes sail forth, not for sacking cities as in the age of Odysseus but instead laden with boards of cedar, blown glass and purple dye; all meant for trade. The treasures of Phoenicia adorn the palaces of kings and decorate the temples of gods. Her lands are rich in their own right as well, overflowing with an abundance of fields, vineyards and pastures.

The king of the Phoenicians is a man of taste and property, as befits such a mighty empire. His palaces are filled with brightly painted statues of gods and heroes. Mosaics adorn the floors in nature scenes done in brown and green tones. Frescoes decorate the walls done in shades of blue with scenes of the sea. Their ceilings are fringed with decorations of gold and lapis lazuli. His granaries are filled to the point of bursting. His wives and children are more numerous than the cedars in his vast forests. His cellars are stocked with choice ruby wine. His pastures are filled with cattle, the largest, strongest and most beautiful in the east.

The cattle are his pride and they are pride of the nation. They are all fine beasts, tall and muscular with fair hides. Visiting dignitaries always insist on viewing them, and express their admiration profusely. The herds are so abundant that they are readily shared with strangers who seek hospitality as readily as with as potentates from foreign lands. The immortal gods themselves relish the cattle offered in holy sacrifice. The cattle are of such importance that the king himself will tend to them as his time permits. His children do the same.

His eldest daughter, Princess Europa, was the one most dedicated to the cattle. She spent her days in the fields discussing cattle with hands and slaves. From these common laborers she learned the art of animal husbandry, which she practiced. She tended to the sick cattle, even on the coldest of nights. She carefully paired the best stock to mate in order to produce the strongest offspring. She performed the sacred rites to the gods to perpetuate her family's abundance. She was a dutiful daughter and obedient to her father. She learned the woman's tasks of spinning and weaving, but in the fields she was most at home.

She was also the loveliest of the king's daughters. Her face was smooth, set with high cheek bones and amber eyes. Her skin was rich and dusky, the color of olive wood. Her hair was dark and cascaded down her back in ringlets. Her womanly curves generously filled out her tunic. She had just passed the first blush of womanhood and was now the picture of loveliness herself.

Throughout the Phoenician cities poets stood on the steps of the temple of Aphrodite, whom the Phoenicians call Ishtar, to proclaim Europa's beauty as they accompanied themselves to the music of the lyre. Inside the temples the sacred prostitutes could only smile with chagrin as they heard these verses. They knew that they were just a substitute for Europa. Every kiss and every caress given to them was really meant for Europa. Even in the midst of the most intimate acts men's minds would be away, imagining it was Europa's thighs that held them or her lips upon their manhood. The sacred prostitutes were unable to compete, for all the paints, powders and witchcraft in Aphrodite's temples could not recreate the loveliness of Europa. Boys dreamt of her in dark, lurid fantasies and many a shameful morning could be attributed to Europa. Even dutiful wives in the darkness of their bedrooms were an imagined substitute for Europa.

The fame of her beauty spread to the colonies, to the cities beyond Phoenicia and even to the heavens. Zeus, the king of the gods, took notice and became infatuated. Like the men of Tyre and Sidon, he too could think of nothing else but her. He had bedded every sort of woman; goddess, nymph and mortal, yet even with his vast experience he became as befuddled over her. He also felt bashful as a schoolboy and dared not approach her. Something about her simple loveliness overwhelmed him. She had the radiant beauty of youth, yet she was filled filled with all the charms of a woman. She wasn't much more than a child, Zeus realized he should be ashamed of himself, yet he could think of nothing but her wonderful, erotic beauty. He feared her rejection, though he didn't know why. He formulated a thousand stratagems to woo her, but found a thousand problems with each one. Day and night he watched her, cursing his inability to approach her. One day as he saw her in the fields with the cattle he formulated a plan.

On a spring morning Europa went to a pasture to inspect the herd. She diligently studied each cow, carefully noting their physique and any changes in their appearance. Her ladies-in-waiting followed at first but, being young girls, they quickly grew bored with looking at cattle. As their mistress continued with her inspection, they began playing idle games. They gathered wildflowers and ran between the cattle. Europa paid them no mind and continued with her work. Near the end of her inspection she came to a magnificent white bull. She stopped and gave it a puzzled look.

Some of her ladies-in-waiting were nearby. As they looked up from their games they saw their mistress's expression and began to gather about her. "What is it, Princess?" asked Melita.

"This bull," said Europa, never taking her eyes off the animal. "I've never seen another like it. I am certain that my Father didn't have him before."

The ladies stood in silence for a moment looking at the bull. Ashtoreth suggested "Maybe he just received it. It could be a gift from Egypt."

"Maybe," said Europa with doubt in her voice. Such a magnificent tribute would have been the talk of the entire empire. She was certain she would have heard of such a gift; but if it wasn't a gift how did it come here?

By now all the ladies-in-waiting had gathered around the bull in a semi-circle. Each examined it critically, and each nodded sagely agreeing that this was a most magnificent bull. "Do you think your father plans to sacrifice it?" asked Melita.

The bull was noble in bearing and had remained unperturbed as the young ladies had gathered about him. Yet he seemed to become skittish at Melita's question. Europa moved forward and ran her hand along the bull's muscular thighs, gently caressing him. That calmed him.

"Someday, perhaps, but not until he's studded a number of calves," said Europa. A faint hint of a smirk gently played upon her lips, as she continued to stroke the bull's thighs. "The gods must be given their due, but they would certainly want such a magnificent beast to perform his masculine function."

Again the girls nodded sagely. They had all witnessed cattle mating with their mistress. She always picked the best of the stock to breed, which this bull surely was. Mating was a purely function activity to improve the stock, yet the girls found something exhilarating in watching the act. They felt a nameless joy that the girls couldn't quite comprehend, but left them each with a secret smile on their face. They would giggle as they talked to each other about what they had seen. In their talks they agreed that both the bull and the cow enjoyed themselves mightily in that endeavor. They all thought that this bull should have a similar pleasure and to give it to many cows.

"He is noble, almost like a horse," agreed Ashtoreth.

"He is," said Melita, "I wonder if you could ride him."

"I wonder," repeated Europa. She turned and with a graceful leap she vaulted upon he bull's back so she was sitting side saddle. She felt his broad muscles beneath her shapely bottom. Her ladies gasped in surprise, as their mistress had always frowned upon tomfoolery around the cattle. They became even more surprised when, without warning, the bull began to run, leaving them standing gape jawed. Europa had seemed to sense his intent, and held on with her arms around his neck. The bull effortlessly leapt the tall garden wall.

"What are we going to tell the king?" Melita asked after a few moments, as the ladies continued to stare at the garden wall.

Europa felt the breeze blow back her hair and she heard the wind rushing in her ears as the bull ran. She saw the scenery pass by her in a blur. First came the green and brown of the fields in the countryside. These soon gave way to the bright blue sea. Her breasts bounced up and down with each powerful stride of the bull. They raced on across the surface of the water; the bull ran up and down the waves as though they were hills. Past the surf the ride became smoother. He ran past fishing boats and biremes. The bull ran so fast that Europa could barely make out the astonished expressions of the fishermen and sailors. He went far faster than horses could gallop, even upon the water. Soon there was nothing around her but the sea in any direction. Then an island began to loom in the distance, growing larger as they grew closer until it filled the entire horizon. They came upon a deserted beach where the bull stopped suddenly, kicking up a shower of sand.

Europa looked about and saw the island before her. Scrub trees and grasses lay beyond the beach. She moved to hop off, but before she landed on the ground the bull transformed into a man. He caught Europa and held her in his arms.

Europa put her arms around his neck for support, but didn't seem surprised. "I had thought you were a god," she said, "Though which god I cannot say. Are you Poseidon or perhaps Zeus?"

"I am Zeus," the man replied, "But how could you tell?"

"Bulls don't become erect at the site of a woman," she said with a smirk. A cloud passed across Zeus's face. "Don't worry," she added quickly, "I am a virgin, but I am more than familiar with how cattle mate. My slaves say that humans do the same."

"So they do," said Zeus and he gave a charitable smile; charmed by such innocence in such a knowledgeable girl.

Even with his kind smile, there could be no doubt as to what Zeus wanted. She had excited him as a cow in heat would excite a bull. He had taken her away to a secluded spot, far from prying eyes and gossip. She was alone and vulnerable, but looking into his gorgeous blue eyes Europa felt secure. He was handsome, though slightly older. He had piercing blue eyes, and a rugged physique. Staring at him she felt flush. "Who was she to deny a god his desires?" she thought, though she secretly wished that he would fulfill hers.

"Is your organ like that of a bull's?" asked Europa, trying to conceal her excitement.

"Perhaps not so big," replied Zeus. He let her down so she was standing on the beach. The wet sand felt cool against her feet, but Europa paid no attention. She was focused upon Zeus's tunic as he raised it to display his mighty organ. It was very much like a bull's, but somehow having it attached to a god made it much more enticing.

"It is lovely," said Europa with an appraising eye. "I would be satisfied that a bull with such an organ could perform his masculine function; but I'm not a cow and it's so large. It looks as though it would split me in half."

Zeus was amused at such a frank appraisal of his cock, but he had no intention of letting this delicious maiden go. "Give it a chance and it will feel marvelous, I promise," he replied.

"I'm not so sure..." she was saying but Zeus silenced her protest with a kiss. It was strange but Europa felt all her nervousness disappear. She was no longer awkward or unsure. Instead she felt an overwhelming urge to be in Zeus's arms. How strong he was, how handsome, how sweet his kisses she thought idly, but her thoughts were sporadic. Rather than thinking she felt a deep animal instinct take over her. She felt the urge to be closer to him, to feel her skin against his. She eagerly raised her hands so that he could slip her tunic over her head. Zeus broke their kiss as he unclothed her. She was gorgeous, her breasts were all that he had dreamed of, standing firm and capped with dusky nipples. He eagerly moved his mouth down upon them, savoring their wonderful texture. Her nipples grew shiny and hard with his ministrations.

"I feel so strange," said Europa. She found it difficult to give words to her feelings. She felt overwhelmed by desire. "It's like there's a fire burning within me," she panted.

"I know what you need," said Zeus and he gently guided her down upon the beach. Europa felt the warm sand against her ass as Zeus slowly moved his mouth from her breasts down to her lower lips leaving a trail of kisses along the way. She felt the afterglow of each individual kiss linger as he came to her inner thighs. There he breathed the gentlest of kisses upon her sensitive skin. Europa felt excitement as his mouth neared the dewy lips of her passage. She squirmed with anticipation wanting his mouth on her sex more than anything. He grew closer and closer, but never quite touched it. Europa found herself out of her mind with desire. She began to whimper. Just when she thought she could take no more Zeus gently ran his tongue up her groove reaching her most sensitive button. She shivered in delight as he began to work his tongue over and down her groove.

The fire that Europa had felt inside her before now grew. It became a vast conflagration filling every fiber of her being. She began to writhe about upon the sand, wriggling about with abandon. She had lost control of everything. There was nothing left in her but a deep primeval pleasure. She found herself moaning, her passionate cries mingled with the pounding surf and the call of gulls. She couldn't hear them. There was nothing in the world but Zeus's marvelous tongue and her womanhood. She felt and new intense pleasure, a sweet cooling release, and she was shuddering in orgasmic bliss.

After her storm had passed, Europa lay naked, sprawled out upon the beach. She felt more content than she had ever felt before. Zeus snuggled up beside her, and kissed her on the forehead. Her eyes blinked open. "I've never felt anything so delicious in my life," she said as a lazy smile played across her face. "If only the cows knew what they were missing."

Zeus smiled at that. He was so handsome, she thought. She sat up and kissed Zeus, tasting herself on his lips. She was no longer bashful, but still not quite certain what to do. She reached down to his manhood reveling in its rigid but springy texture. She grasped it gently and started stroking it. She had caught some of her brothers doing that themselves. They had immediately stopped and turned red faced upon seeing her, but Zeus seemed to have no objections. His smile grew broader and his eyes grew distant as she continued. "Marvelous," he murmured, "You are marvelous." He knelt up and was about to drive his manhood into her, but she stopped him and said, "No, not like that. Take me like a bull takes a cow."

It was a wonderfully naughty thought Zeus as she turned over to expose her firm backside to him. Europa bit her lip and waited for his cock. He drove it into her and was buried to the hilt in a few short strokes. She was incredibly tight. His cock felt smothered in her. The sensation was indescribable. Zeus plowed into her, driving deep with every stroke. Europa found his presence difficult at first, but as he continued she found herself slowly beginning to enjoy the sensation. She felt his hand caress her shapely udders gently kneading them with his hands and running his palms beneath her nipples. His cock began feeling so much better at that. Then his hand snaked down to fondle her slit as he continued to pound into her. She reveled in that, it was more wonderful than before and she began moaning again. She heard Zeus bellow and snort like a bull. She knew he was close to his climax; her own orgasm was building. His cock began to quiver and his warm seed filled her, this sensation was too much and Europa felt another climax wash over her.

"That was marvelous," he said. Europa looked back and smiled at him; "It was incredible." She felt his penis grew soft and fall out of her. The couple lay down upon the beach both facing the sea. Zeus held Europa in his arms and reveled in the feeling of her ass against his pelvis. He stroked her hair and murmured sweet words of love to her.

"I wish you could always be my bull," she said, as a sad smile passed across her face.

"There's life in me yet," said Zeus. "We'll do it again."

"But not for always," said Europa.

"No, not for always," said Zeus. He stared out into the crashing waves.

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