tagNonConsent/ReluctanceZeus & Tara: The Finale

Zeus & Tara: The Finale


Darren didn't really think much about Tara lately, at least not consciously. He had a pretty new girlfriend, even if he was tired of her habit of refusing to swallow his seed. She said that it had too many calories. Her vanity got old, but she was still a trophy girl who made his buddies green with envy.

Secretly, however, he suspected that she binged and purged, since she smelled of puke whenever he kissed her. Janice's obsession with clothes was rather stupid, too. She once complained that he had spilled his cum on her dress, as if that was a bad thing. If she didn't want her dress stained, she should have taken it off, but she was in a hurry that day, and didn't want to take a facial.

He was also tired of always doing it "cowgirl-style", just so that Janice's bony frame wouldn't break from under his weight. Even so, she was hot, she sucked a mean cock, and she wasn't the sort of girl who would drag him down as Tara did before he dumped her.

Naturally, he was shocked when he walked into Janice's apartment and saw her getting fucked on the couch by a black guy. There were three more such dudes, who seized Darren and bent him over the armchair. They were all impatient to get their turn with his girlfriend, so they pulled down his pants and his shorts. Darren panicked, not sure why they would "pants" him like that.

"Look at this wimpy white boy! I think that he's only a step short of being a white girl himself. What do you say that we treat like one? Let's use him, too," the leader said, while watching Janice take a large dick.

The others agreed and one of them ruthlessly shoved his cock into Darren's sphincter, not letting him brace himself or relax first. The college student shrieked, while the guys turned him around and one shut him up with another dick in his mouth. The other 2 fellows joined the man screwing Janice, so that all 5 of them were involved in banging them.

Now that they were "airtight", as the expression, neither Darren nor Janice had any chance of escape. They were quite displeased, when the doorbell rang and one of the guys stopped long enough to let Tara into Janice's apartment. She smiled at the horrified look on her ex's face. She grinned even further when the man started fucking Darren's face again.

The idea that his sweet, docile former lover would arrange this sort of gang-rape was truly astounding to the young man, but he was easily distracted by the vicious way that the guys forced both Janice and he. It was sick, but he withstood, hoping to learn what Tara wanted from him.

It was even worse when the brothers "swapped", and the man who had been in Janice's tight ass shoved his dick down Darren's throat. The guy who screwed her pussy was now in her rear, while the one in her mouth transferred to his butt. The last guy moved from his jaws to her cunt. The switch continued for another two hours, until each guy had been inside each of the five holes.

Finally, they all came in the couple, at which point the strangers ordered them to clean each other orally. During all of this, Tara snickered and winked at the pair, totally enjoying this action. She didn't say anything, yet, which just made it worse for both of the victims.

She then opened the door, and the five intruders left after quickly getting dressed again. In their place, two women joined Tara. They each grabbed one of the stunned companions. The softer one seized Janice, while the tomboy mauled Darren with her rough use of him.

Each mysterious female then pulled down her pants to show a strap-on dildo with a thigh harness. Darren and Janice were thrown over the sofa and violated without much warning. They plunged the dildos further inside their bowels, while Tara kissed the perpetrators on the lips. She even slid some tongue inside their mouths, as if to thank them for so cruelly dominating those who had angered her. This was not the usual kindness seen from Tara Walton as Darren had known her.

Things continued to be awful for the couple, as the women swapped and the stronger one raped Janice's waxed cunt. The more feminine of the two, a blonde, removed her thigh harness and sat on Darren's face. She ground it into his mouth, almost suffocating him more than once with the wild way that she rode him.

After this was done, however, the two women left Tara alone with her enemies. Clearly, she had something to say to both of them, and it wouldn't be pretty. She sat in the armchair and called out an old man with a digital camera, who had been invisible just seconds before. He simply materialized from thin air, a grin growing on his bearded face.

"What the fuck?" Darren spoke up in absolute shock. Who was this man?

"Darren, I want you to meet my beau, Zeus. Yes, that Zeus. He's a God. Actually, the King of the Gods. He helped me set this up, you see," Tara laughed vindictively.

"Why?" Janice at last asked them, while rubbing her stretched and plundered bottom.

"That's easy enough. I wanted to punish you for what you did to me. Athena and Hera, whom both of you got to know intimately, suggested this. Zeus and I just went along with it. I must say that it was hot. However, just to show that I'm done with my revenge, and that I want to put this behind us, I am willing to fuck you again for old times' sake. I think that Zeus has even deigned to have Janice, if you don't mind, or even if you do," Tara added.

"So those women were Athena and Hera, Goddesses from Olympus?"

"Naturally, that's who they were. Who knows, if you show some appreciation, they might give you an encore. They both like cock, too. From experience, I can tell you that they are great in bed, as is Zeus. Yes, all four of us have sex on a regular basis," she giggled, as she straddled her ex-boyfriend.

Zeus, meanwhile, slammed Janice, as he pulled her legs up to go deeper. She didn't complain, however, as he took her with his usual prowess. Her skinny form felt every last stroke, as he had his way with her. He used her with no compunctions, as he saw in her the worst specimen of womankind.

Darren watched the King of Heaven ramming his girlfriend, but he didn't have time to be humiliated. His ex kept him busy, wearing him out with her movements as she used him one last time. He had to admit to himself that Tara was great in the sack, better in fact than she even used to be. She was certainly a greater sex partner than Janice.

He was even more stunned when she came, but kept riding him anyway. Finally, he felt ready to fill her with his spunk. At this point, Tara slipped off his cock and sat on his face, leaning over to suck him in a 69. This was never a favorite position for them, since it was hard to focus most of the time, but she had already come. Tara simply sucked him off until he released his jism into her mouth.

Totally drained, they both heard first Janice and then Zeus climaxing. Apparently, there was more to his girlfriend than he had known. She liked it just as rough in her own way as Tara did. He realized that she was a complete phony, and so was he. It was too late with Tara, but at least he could confront the truth about his current partner and himself.

"Goodbye, Darren. Hope that you had fun with our little orgy. I know I did. It was the best fuck that you ever gave me. It was also the last. We're done for good now. This time, it's my decision. I did love you, by the way. Zeus, dear, can we go now?" Tara declared, which the King of the Gods was pleased to acknowledge.

They both vanished, gone with a flash. Everyone knew that no one would press charges, since no one would believe the accusation. Tara had her revenge and also her reconciliation. She had also gotten away with a crime of passion.

A note on the coffee table stated the following...

Darren and Janice, I hope that you enjoy the pics, which we left for you. You didn't think that we'd blackmail you, did you? It's not our style. I hope that you both grow up now and learn to make your own decisions. Who knows, you might even make a great porn team. You have the potential. Love, Tara.

"Well, she has a point," Janice commented with a grin.

"Janice Matthews, are you becoming a hedonist?"

"Yep, count me in. Care to try on more orgies and see if this was a fluke?"

"Damn straight! I just hope that I get to do more of the penetrating next time," Darren grimaced.

"Trust me, babe. You will," she said as she French-kissed him.

Zeus, Tara, Hera, and Athena all watched from Olympus with awe, as they prepared to settle down to a foursome of their own.

"I think that they are off to a great start. There's just one other thing that I'd suggest to them," Zeus noted.

"What's that?" Tara wondered.

"That Janice actually eat something now and then, without purging," the King of Heaven replied.

"Something tells me that they'll get that idea on their own," Tara assured her paramour.

"Yeah, you're probably right," he chuckled.

At which point the others added their own laughter to the pair's, and then promptly gone down to their splendid orgy.

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