tagNonHumanZhinv and Niulang. Pt. 04-08

Zhinv and Niulang. Pt. 04-08


Zhinv and Niulang.

(Part four.)

Nuilang, wandered through the town, overcome with grief, in the knowledge of not seeing his beloved wife for another year. People came up to Nuilang, to ask if he was alright, but he couldn't speak, for the tears running down his face, and as his heart broke, he made his way to the river, and stood there on the bridge, determined to end it all with one leap.

Just as he was about to throw himself into the rushing waters below, a little butterfly fluttered in toward him, and caught his attention.

Nuilang tried to swat it away, but the butterfly flitted around and around Nuilang's face and ears. Nuilang thought he had never seen such a beautiful butterfly. It had blue, and gold and silver wings, and it seemed to want to get his attention.

Nuilang, in his misery caught the butterfly a glancing blow, and broke a part of its wonderful wing, but the butterfly persisted and kept on coming.

Finally, Nuilang let the little thing land on his shoulder, and although it had a broken wing, it crawled slowly up to his ear.

Nuilang heard a little voice whispering in his ear. It was the butterfly. She said, "Nuilang, I am but a messenger, sent from friend of yours, in your hour of need. I have a message for you. 'Look, Nuilang. Look in your knapsack. Feel the warmth of the bottles of Mother's milk. The very milk, you and Zhinv, your lovely wife, not too long ago, squeezed out of her breasts for your babies. Feel the warmth Nuilang, and think of your babies, and of your wife.'

Think of your friends Nuilang, and the two who sent me, for they are lovers also, but lovers, like you, who are separated from one another, by many miles, almost a world away, but they, send their love and support to you Nuilang, and stand by you, in this world, and the next. Their names are the lovely Lirilae, and The Mighty Warrior – Kontoose.

They stand with you Nuilang, and they will look after you – for all time." And in an instant, the little blue butterfly dove into the rushing river, and was washed away, to the sea.

As Nuilang stared over the bridge, and saw the little butterfly being dragged under for the third time, he wanted to dive in to save it, but the butterfly, called up from the raging river to Nuilang, and said, " Nuilang, Lirilae, and Kontoose, they love you, and want you to go to your children. Forget about me. Please, go and be there for the twins, and for Zhinv. You will be together in the end."

As the brave little butterfly said the last words, an almighty wave took her under, and her wings, broken and wetted, couldn't hold out against the current, and Nuilang lost sight of her for the last time.

On Earth, Kontoose, the Mighty Warrior, and Lirilae, had been watching from afar, with the aid of magic, and wizardry.

Kontoose, knew in his heart that the blue butterfly, was really the heart and soul of his love, Lirilae, and he stood there in anguish, watching his love, being drawn deeper and deeper under the torrential waters of the treacherous river.

Kontoose, Drew his Mighty Sword, And, stabbing it fully into the ground, he roared, "No-ooooo! I will not let this happen...!" Instantly, the Heavens above, clouded over, and thunder and lightening blazed in the sky above.

"No---ooo Odin, I don't care how powerful you are; I have to save her...!"

Odin appeared in the sky above and thundered that it was too late, and that it was written to happen this way..."

Kontoose, withdrew his enchanted sword, and went berserk, chopping down half the forest, and anything that stood before him.

Knontoose remembered a magic wizard by the name of Merlin, who wanted Kontoose's sword, and the power it wielded.

Kontoose dropped to his knees and called upon Merlin. In a flash of lightening, Merlin stood before the kneeling Warrior.

Kontoose, started to speak, but Merlin stopped him, saying, "Kontoose, I have been watching, and if you aim to save the blue butterfly, then you must give me your Mighty sword, and beware, you will be helpless against your many enemies, without it."

Kontoose willingly handed-over his Blessed sword to Merlin, and Merlin shook his head, but took it, and in a wisp, was gone.

The next thing Kontoose knew, he was under water, under rushing water...but...but, but he could breath.

He looked at his reflection on the underneath surface of the water, and saw that Merlin, the magician, had transformed him into a fish. He was astonished, but realized that if her was to save the little butterfly, he had to move fast.

Somehow, he knew just where to go, and in a flip of his silvered-tail he shot though the waters faster than a swallow soaring through the thickened, warm, airs, several latitude lines away from their, labored, winter's retreat: Upon their pre-booked, return; once again, flitting into the pictured San Juan suit, listed in their, birdie, Capistrano broachure travel guide... What a lovely tweet!

Downstream he could hear a gigantic roar, and he knew there was an almighty waterfall, that was very dangerous. In the waters, just ahead he caught the glint of blue, and gold and silver, flashing helplessly in the current. It was the limp body of the little butterfly, and he prayed he wasn't too late. He speeded through the water like a torpedo, but the current of the falls had gotten hold of the butterfly.

He saw only one chance to save his the butterfly Lirilae, and he took it.

Flashing valiantly through the rushing waters at lightning speed, he came upon the little butterfly. She grabbed hold of the fishes nose, and smiled, and said, "Kontoose, is that you?" The fish nodded and smiled, but the water was rushing faster and faster, almost over the crest of the falls.

The fish said, hold on tight, my love, and with an amazing thrust, leapt clear out of the rushing water.

As they rose from the torrents, the fish said, to the butterfly, "Fly my love...use your imagination, and fly to safety..."

The little butterfly said, "But I don't want to leave you. I will stay with you, no matter what."

A tear ran out of the fish's eye, and he said, "No, my love, as long as you are safe. I will be happy." And with that the fish flicked its head, and sent the sweet blue butterfly soaring into the air.

The butterfly's wings had dried out, and she hovered over the edge of the falls, watching helplessly, as the fish, tried and tried to battle the torrential current...leaping time and time again, trying to swim upstream.

After what seemed like an eternity, the courageous fish became exhausted. And each leap got shorter and lower...until finally, the fish just lay there on the surface of the water, looking up at the beautiful, hovering butterfly...

The butterfly cried, "Come one Kontoose, you can do it...Please try again. Try for me..." But the fish was helpless, and as the rushing waters, pulled him over the edge of the deadly water fall. The fish looked up and threw the butterfly a kiss, and the next instant he was gone.

The little blue butterfly cried and cried, and sat in a nearby tree for days, searching for the brave fish...but in the end she knew it was hopeless, and so she fluttered back to the enchanted forest, to look for the bees and the ants. And the elf, and to cry on Cindy's shoulder, and for Marian to pet her...but no one was there but the spider guard, and the little butterfly cried and told the spider what had happened, and the spider, held her with all of his eight arms, and sobbed for the fish. Night fell, and the spider, and the butterfly, went to sleep holding one another and wondering what tomorrow, would bring.

Zhinv and Nuilang.

(Part. 5.)

As Kontoose, was swept over the falls, and as the blue Lirilae butterfly, comforted in the arms of the spider guard of the Enchanted forest, slept; her tears drying, on her fluorescent cheeks, her wings beating in her sleep, fanning her, and the comforting spider: And as Cindy and Evan, returned home, joyous, and in love, to their place of sanctuary... And as Thor, stood on the balcony, remembering his love, Marion; while Judy, his wife, cried and prayed for his heart to want her, and only her: And Marian, mired in servitude, perhaps by mistake, holding on to her only friend – a monster – a friend of the witch who abducted her... All of this, seen by Merlin-the-Magician, the holder of Kontoose's enchanted sword – advisor to Odin, the ruler of the Jade-Crystal City Empire of the Sky...his wife Friggar, eyes on her son – Thor: The sender of the Hunter, in the forest, on Earth, who shot Robin, as he tended a hurt rabbit in a trap, in the first place, and where Robin, the incarnation of God to man, first met Marian – his love, as she tended his mortal body, there, lying in the forest, as he died in her arms, from her father's gun-shot wound...and as the elf, and the bees and the ants, climb the trees, and wonder, and pray...and all of this, the fish feels, as it falls, weightlessly, into the roaring abyss...

And at the very same instant, all of the characters are untied, and they fall out in unison...

"Marian can you hear me?"

"Yes, Robin my love, I am here."

"Thor, can you hear me?"

"Yes, Judy my love, I am here."

"Zhinv my darling wife, do you love me?"

"Oh, my darling husband Nuilang, why, need you even ask...? I love you more than my very life my love"

"Cindy, my love, do you Love me?"

"Yes, Evan, I love you."

"Odin, my husband, do you love me?"

"Why yes, dear Friggar, I have always loved you."

"Elf, do you love me?"

"I'm not sure, but you taste very sweet, Mrs. Bee."

"Ant, do you love the spider guard?"

"Mr. Spider is my best friend."

And as Kontoose the fish, fell into the raging waters of the waterfall, he called out to Lirilae...

"Lirilae, I have to know something...?"

The blue butterfly flapped her wings, in the comfort of the spider-guard, and the spider asked her if she was okay?

"The butterfly said, "Yes, thank you, but in my dream, I dreamt that a fish wanted to ask me a question...?"

"What is the question?" asked the spider.

"I don't l know?" replied the blue butterfly...

The spider comforted the blue butterfly, and after a while, looked at her, and said, "You know, here we are, holding each other tight, and sleeping in each other's arm, and I don't even know your name...?"

The blue butterfly, looked at the spider, and said, "I used to be called Lirilae, but my friends call me Xiao Xaio..."

The spider cuddled her close, and said, "Don't worry Xiao Xaio. You will hear from your fish shortly."

And with that, they fell fast asleep, as Kontoose, splashed into the raging lake, at the bottom of the falls.

Zhinv and Nuilang.

(Part 6.)

At the bottom of the waterfall, there was a deep pond, which slowly ran out at the far end in a lazy rivulet. The motionless body of kontoose, the fish, floated on its back, down the river, and got caught in a little swirling eddy-pool near the bank.

A rather large toad sat proud and croaking on a rock above the eddy, and looked at the fish with interest.

The toad croaked, and asked, "Hello, are you alright?"

The fish didn't answer, so the toad reached out and prodded it in the belly with its webbed foot.

The prodding brought the fish back, and it jumped up in the water with a start!

"What happened? Where am I?" inquired the dazed fish.

The toad croaked again, and said, "You came over the falls. You're lucky to be alive!"

The fish remembered, and ducked under the surface of the water to wash its face, and shake off the dazed feeling. The fish resurfaced, and asked the toad what sort of place was this. The toad, pointed up into the sky, and there, floating on a golden cloud, stood the Jade Castle. The toad told the fish, that this is the pool where all of the waste water from the Jade Castle is dumped.

The fish said, "But I thought that the Jade Castle, was only connected once a year on Valentine's Day, by a magic light bridge, are you telling me that there are pipes that lead from here up there?"

The toad nodded, and pointed at the waterfall.

"Behind the waterfall, is a large pipe, which is hidden under the surface of the pond: It leads up to the Castle." informed the toad.

"Have you ever been there?" asked the fish.

"Yes. Many times." said the toad.

"There is a young beautiful Princess who lives in the Jade Castle –"

The toad interrupted, saying, "Oh, you mean the beautiful Zhinv, Odin and Friggar's daughter?"

"Yes..." said the fish, eagerly.

"Oh, yes, I go and play in her garden pond, many times a week. She is very kind, but she cries often, for her husband and children." said the toad.

"Yes..." said the fish. "Can you tell me how to get to the pond?"

The toad croaked twice, and said sure. "Just follow the pipe up until it levels out, then pass five adjoining pipes that feed into the main one, and take the sixth to the right, and that leads directly into the Princess's garden pool." directed the toad.

The fish bade the toad farewell, and thanked him for showing him the way.

As the fish turned to go, the toad said, "So, what's your name?"

The fish said, "Kontoose. I used to be a Mighty Warrior, but I had to give up my magic sword to save my friend from drowning."

The toad said, "So you know of Merlin the Magician then?"

Kontoose said, "Yes, Merlin is the one who turned me into a fish, in exchange for my sword."

The toad said, "Me too. I was once a wealthy merchant, and sold Merlin a bolt of magic cloth, for his tailors to make him a cloak of invisibility. But the cloth wasn't magic after all, and he got so upset, that he turned me into a toad. Now, I have to find a beautiful maiden, to kiss me on the lips, to break the spell, so I can return to my wife and children."

Kontoose, the fish, said, "Yes, If I can get someone to eat two of my fish scales, then my spell will be broken too, but whoever eats the scales, will become the fish, and who can I ever find who will give up being human, to be a fish?"

The frog said, "I'll swap places with you if you like...?"

Kontoose, the fish, said, "No thanks, but I'll try and help you. Bye for now, I have to go and see The Princess Zhinv, up in the Jade Castle."

Just as the fish turned to go, the frog said, "Kontoose, make sure you take the sixth pipe to the right or you will end up somewhere else."

Kontoose, nodded, and waved with his fin, and headed for the pipe opening beyond the waterfall.

(Part 7.)

It was a long swim up the pipe, and there wasn't a lot of water higher up, but the fish battled on, until finally it leveled out. Kontoose, the fish knew he was getting close now.

As the fish went on, he started to count the incoming pipes: One, two, three, four... The fish stopped, and couldn't remember if the frog said to take the fifth or the sixth pipe on the right. He tried to remember, but just couldn't, and decided to take the fifth... Congress would be proud of him, he thought.

Kontoose, the fish, went up the smaller pipe, and it wound around, and up and down, for a long way, until, finally, he could see a little ray of light up yonder. The fish swam eagerly toward the dim light, and right at the end, there was two sharp bends, and he was just able to squeeze around them both, and with a final thrust of his powerful tail, he popped! into the light.

Kontoose looked around. He was in a white porcelain sort of oval bowl. It was a deep bowl, and above him, there seemed to be the underneath side of a light blue, oval, seat. But it couldn't be the garden pond, because high above him, through the oval opening, he could see a ceiling, instead of the blue sky.

The fish tried to turn around, but there wasn't enough room. He flapped his tail, and sprang up high in the white bowl, so that he could see over the top of the blue oval seat. After a few tries, he managed to see where he was. He had taken the wrong turning off the main pipe, and instead of coming up in the garden pool, he had come up in the bathroom toilet bowl: And now, that he couldn't turn around, he was stuck there.

Kontoose, the fish, was worried. What if Zhinv or one of her maids came in and saw a big fish flapping around in the bottom of the toilet bowl! They would have such a fright, that he might not get a chance to explain, before they got a big pole and ran him through with it!

The fish stopped flapping around, and slunk down as far as he could around the first part of the bend, to think of a way out.

Even though, the fish couldn't back out all the way around the bend, because his scales were getting caught on the sides of the pipe; nevertheless, he was able to push most of his fish body out of sight, leaving only his nose, and eyes showing. He hoped he wouldn't be seen, until he had time to think of a way out of his predicament.

Part 8.

As the fish lay there, stuck in the toilet bend, trying to think how to get out there and into the garden pond, he heard what sounded like a door opening? The fish heard someone moving about in the bathroom, and pushed his head out a little further to try and see what was happening, and who was in the bathroom.

The fish stared up through the water in the bottom of the toilet bowl, and noticed that the ceiling of the palace bathroom was decorated out with silver, and gold, and squares of glass mirrored tiles.

The fish could see a beautiful young woman moving around in the bathroom, and although, the reflection of her was from the top, and upside-down, due to the mirrors, Kontoose, the fish, knew, from her beauty, and her long curly blond hair, that it was the beautiful Princess Zhinv.

The fish heard the water in the bath tub being drawn, and he watched as Zhinv disrobed readying herself to bathe.

The fish heard the water in the tub being shut off, and before Zhinv got in she sat at before her vanity mirror, and rubbed oil into her skin, and over her splendid breasts. Then, she arose, but instead of getting into the bathtub, she, first, turned toward the toilet bowl.

The fish backed up and was out of sight up around the bend in the toilet pipe, except for one eye.

The fish looked up through the water, and could hardly believe, what he saw next!

Zhinv turned around, and bent forward a little, and what looked like a huge, sandy-pink full moon, rose above the oval opening at the top of the toilet bowl. Then it got darker, as the massive moon descended onto the blue seat covering most of the oval opening, except for a Vee shaped opening toward the front.

The fish swam out from the bend in the toilet pipe, and stared up in awe and wonderment, at the gigantic moon, hovering just inches above his nose. The moon was big and round and it had a large vertical split running through the middle of its smiling face.

Toward the front, where there Vee let the light in, the fish could see that Zhinv seemed to be leaning forward, reading a book. In the Vee, there was a huge curly bush, and just under the bush, there seemed to be a sort of fuzzy peach, or a fig, that was also split all the way down the middle: It looked like an upside-down pink and red frilly canoe.

At the top end of the canoe, the seemed to be a little man, sitting in the boat. The fish could see his pink hat, and he must have been wet and hot, because there was steam rising off him, and a sort of thick, syrupy treacle driveled out from a hole in the boat. The hot, cream drooled over the fish's face and into his mouth – it tasted warm, and creamy, like hot vanilla ice-cream, with honey and cinnamon.

The fish followed the split all the way to the back, and deep in the valley of the moons, there seemed to be, hiding in the shadows, a round, wrinkly, tight little hole, and it was sort of winking, or quivering.

The fish wondered what was happening, when all of a sudden, it started to rain!

The rain seemed to be coming out from a little red hole in the canoe, just in between where the little man in the boat was sitting, and where the hot, honey, creamy, syrup dripped out of a dark red cave-tunnel.

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