tagBDSMZindy's Training

Zindy's Training


My slave name is zindy, and my Master's name is Jeff, I call him Master. My first night of training was difficult but not unbearable. We had never tried Domination before, so we tried it our own way. When I came home one evening he took me to the bedroom, I knew what to expect we had e-mailed each other all day, and I was already dripping wet just from the thoughts of it. Once we got in the bedroom he made me lay down, first he played with my nipples through my shirt making me breathe harder and faster with each stroke of his fingers across my hardening nipple.

Then he told me Strip, I am going to punish you for being horny at work."

He spanked me until my ass was burning and raw and inflamed from his hands. He told me

"Lay there on the bed and don't move, while I take a shower."

I lay on the bed naked with my ass burning not allowed to touch it, he put a porn on so I had to watch it, it only intensified my need. When he returned to the room he forced my head on his dick from different angles. He knows that sucking dick makes me need release but I wasn't allowed that until after the session was over. After he came in my mouth he told me "Lay on your stomach and don't move or I will punish you harder than I ever have,"

Not wanting to feel that again so soon, I used every muscle in my body to keep from moving as his hands moved down my body lightly touching. Knowing how ticklish I am and where I am most ticklish, he used it to his advantage, trying to make me move. His unrelentless hands kept roaming over my nude body. I yelped, and screamed and kept saying No over and over knowing it was useless. I finally couldn't take the helplessness I felt and I broke with tears streaming down my face, I sobbed as he continued to run his hands on my most sensitive areas knowing now no matter what I wouldn't move until he told me to. He finally stopped, brought me tissues and left the room, after a few minutes he allowed me to get dressed and join him in the family room, to sit at his feet without looking at him, ready to do anything he asked...

My second day of training... Master had e-mailed me all day, telling me what he had planned for us that evening. When I returned home from work we went to the bedroom he let me cum knowing my pussy had been dripping wet all day from his suggestive e-mails. Then for 3 hours he spent breaking me again because I had become defiant towards him, he had to break me to make me understand that I am there only to serve his needs, not my own. He started by arousing me, knowing I wanted him to fuck me until I screamed, I knew that wouldn't happen until he allowed it. After he heard me moan with want he made me lay on my stomach and spanked me and told me

"I won't stop until you say, I have had enough, Master."

For about one hour he spanked me, repeatedly. Finally, I told him,

"I have had enough, Master."

Then, he went to tickle me, knowing I would break quickly from that. He told me

"You better not move or I will spank you so hard that your ass will be tender to the touch, and I will not allow you to cum for one week." Knowing I couldn't last a week without cumming, I did my best to stay still, then after 30 minutes he told me to roll over on my back but to not move after I was on my back, he began to tickle my front side, knowing I was tortured from him tickling me on my back. I broke, crying and being tortured, he laughed at me, humiliating me because of my crying. I started fighting his control which I knew I shouldn't do knowing I would get punished he stopped and told me,

"Get on your stomach, again."

I did as told my face wet with tears, grateful he stopped, then he started spanking me for my disobedience, softly at first then harder and harder, until tears streamed down my face, he continued then with my ass burning he told me,

"Roll over on your back."

He continued tickling me I begged and begged him to stop he told me,

"Get on your knees slut to beg me."

I did as told and I said

"Please, Master, Stop, I can't take it any more."

Then he asked

"Why, can't you?"

"My skin is so sensitized, Master, it hurts of touch my skin."

He agreed to stop then as I cried in to his chest he started playing with my nipples making me wet again, I looked into his eyes and he slapped me, it made me even wetter. I was moaning loudly, if felt so good, he then told me,

As further punishment, I wouldn't get release until the following evening."

I then asked him

"Will you help stretch my ass."

And he agreed to it knowing it makes my pussy drip close to orgasm he sticks a finger at my opening allows me to relax my muscles and starts working his finger in slowly, knowing it is only torturing me further he finally sinks his whole finger in my tight ass he tells me how hot his finger feels, and asked me

"How does it feel to have my finger in my slave's ass?"

I told him

"It feels really good, Master."

He then started pumping his finger in and out of my ass while he also stuck a finger in my pussy, it felt amazing and I told him

"I want to cum, so bad, Master."

"You can't, slut, not tonight."

So I moaned and rode his fingers then he made me stop, withdrew his fingers and told me to roll over, I then asked him

"Will I be able to taste your sweet cum tonight, Master."

He told me to suck his dick and I did then he made me suck on his balls taking them in my mouth tasting and teasing that only served to make me wetter. I then started sucking his dick deep throating every 2 to 3 strokes and he came in my mouth with a load moan and I moaned as I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat, I swallowed his cum and cleaned his dick with my mouth and my training came to an end he lead me out of the bedroom into the living room I was to sit as his feet, look down at the floor until instructed otherwise, which I did, he praised me for sucking his dick and swallowing his cum like a good cum swallowing slave. He told me while petting my hair

"You are doing better as my slave, sit here on the couch next to me."

I did as told shortly after that we fell asleep.

My third day of training... I came home knowing I would be able to cum tonight, we went into the bedroom and I obeyed Master's every word. So, I wouldn't be punished and so I would be allowed release. He asked me

"Does my slut want to cum?"

I said

"Yes, Master."

He played with my nipples, I thinking about buying some supplies to help with my training, started moaning as streaks of pleasure shot through my body to my pussy. Then he told me

"Get on your hands and knees."

I did as told and he spanked me and bit my back and thighs knowing it pleasured me then he stuck two fingers in my pussy and found my G-spot and started fucking me in both holes with his fingers making me moan and I asked

"Can I cum?"


I waited even though I wanted it and he was fingering me with such speed...then he told me

"Cum all over my fingers, you nasty fucking whore!"

I did as told, being an obedient slave. After I finished shaking and screaming from my orgasm he told me to lay down on my back, and he tested me by telling me to watch his finger and follow it and to not take my eyes off of it or he would punish me every time I closed my eyes because he placed his finger in front of his face he would slap me just as if I had looked him in the face. He then started fucking me and if felt wonderful to have his hard, throbbing dick in my pussy. He then started telling me how much of a dirty whore I was, knowing I love to hear him say that about me. He then rolled off me on to the bed grabbed my hair and stuck his dick in my mouth, I started sucking his dick like a whore. He came in my mouth, and I swallowed every last drop, licking my lips wanting more...

Later that night we laid in bed, him with his arm over my naked body, cuddling. And I knew that this was how I wanted to spend the rest of my life, living as his slave, forever.

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