The fact Joe took his nap nude was ideal, but the key to the whole plan, was big thick, ½ inch wide zip-ties. The chains with manacles had already been fastened securely to the centre of the headboard and foot-board of the bed... Joe thought they were for me but Susan and I had it all worked out.

Sneaking up on a (hopefully) unsuspecting dominant is nerve-racking, thankfully he was face down. With Susan at his right arm and me at his left foot we slowly lifted the chains and fed the zip ties through the links. Laying the chains on the mattress we looked to each other for a silent count down.

3, 2, 1! as we quickly zipped his alternate limbs to the chains Joe woke up very confused. Quickly we moved to the other limbs but before we could get them in the shackles, Joe started flailing about and telling us (still laughing) that we'd pay for this.

Susan kindly told her new plaything that he'd better behave himself or he'd be the one footing the bill. Rolling over so he could see better and testing the strength of the zip-ties Joe seemed interested in playing along, for now.

"So what would you have me do Miss Susan?"

"Just stay put while we finish chaining you down. The manacles will be much more comfortable than those zip-ties."

With Joe laying still we managed to get all four limbs locked in the manacles then cut the zip-ties.

"Good boy," I said petting his body with my crop, "good behaviour gets rewarded." and with that I straddled his head showing him my bare shaved pussy beneath my skirt. "Now taste your reward. Be my good boy and make me cum."

Slowly he started to lick my pussy and getting off on this control I started grinding my hips a bit. "Come on boy I know you can do better than that. OH!" he found my clit and started sucking, "That's my good boy, right there. OW!" I jumped off the bed, whacked his thigh with the crop and said to Susan, "he BIT me! What a naughty, naughty boy."

"I told you you'd pay." he said.

"Unfortunately for you," Susan told him, "this just means We can't use your mouth."

Gagging someone who doesn't want to be gagged takes a lot of effort but when we finally got it cinched up I asked Susan, "Did you want to get out your needles and pin-board? I think his cock would make a beautiful picture all pinned down."

Laughing at Joe's muffled protests and struggling Susan got out her sound kit, "Nah, I think I want to fuck him instead."

Watching Susan fuck our boy with a steel rod was incredibly hot and by the end of the whole thing Joe looked like a pile of happy jelly.

"My turn." I whispered as I put on a latex glove.

"Roll over." Susan ordered, "Present your ass."

Reluctantly Joe rolled over and hoisted his ass in the air. Susan put a few cushions under his hips for support. I took a bottle of lube out from between my tits where I had been keeping it warm and squirted some on my gloved fingers. Slowly, gently, teasingly I rubbed the lube all around his hole and Susan pet his head and back telling him what a good boy he'd been. More lube, more teasing, this time pushing a little inside. Slowly his hips started to move like he was fucking the cushions.

"Take the gag out," I asked Susan. "I want to hear him moan."

The gag came out and moan he did. Slowly I worked up to fucking his ass with two fingers making sure to use lots of lube and keep him moaning. Soon he started begging for someone to please suck his cock, please let him cum, please fuck him harder.

"We'll make you cum on one condition," Susan whispered in his ear.

"Yes Miss Susan, anything! Please!"

I smiled, "You must eat your cum. We have a glass to catch it and you will eat all of it."

"Yes, I promise, anything. Please!"

I kept fucking his ass as Susan moved the pillows and started to stroke his cock. Right as he got to the edge I pressed his prostate gently to encourage a mind blowing orgasm.

Susan removed the cup from below him as he collapsed on his side spent and I quickly removed the glove and locked his cock in it's brand new chastity device.

As his mind cleared he found his ladies watching him. Susan shoved the glass of cum in his direction, "Drink this and listen."

Speaking one after the other, We made the rules clear:

"We're going to take off the chains but don't try anything funny-"

"- because we hid the key for your cock."

"You belong to us now-"

"- and we'll decide when you get off."

"You will serve and obey til we get tired of this game -"

" - it might be a day, it might be a month - "

" - but we have your key so you will obey."


He thought a moment and then swallowed the last of the cum in the glass and replied, "Yes my ladies. I am yours."

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