tagChain StoriesZodiac Girls Ch. 11

Zodiac Girls Ch. 11

byJoseki Ko©

Ultimate Scorpio

Who keeps an arrow in his bow,
And if you prod, he lets it go?
A fervent friend, a subtle foe-

* * * * *

Zodiac Girls: Scorpio, Jackie

It was around midnight. The Owl's Nest is a great bar. I loved coming here, it was on the third story of a three story building. You almost had to know it was here in order to find this place. It sits on top of a Hooters, a McDonalds, and a funky little bar/restaurant called Belloe's. They have these really comfortable couches instead of tables. I come here every Friday night, they don't really have anything special and yet the entire place is special. They have a good kitchen, and Frank the bartender knows how I like my drinks.

Several of us girls were about to leave when Fred walked in. Fred is Amy's ex-boyfriend. He spotted Amy and went straight for her. Amy is a real cuttie, she stands about five feet tall and has very elfish features. Fred is around my height. He's six feet tall. But he out weighs me by a lot. He's about 220 pounds to my little 165 ponds. Fred's mouth had started before he got to her.

"Hey bitch what you doin here." Fred hissed. Fred had closed to within a foot of Amy so she would feel intimidated. And sure enough it worked she looked away and down and took a step back.

"Uh, hi Fred." She stammered

"Don't HI me bitch I asked you a question." Fred bellowed

I'd had enough, you don't mess with my friends. As Amy looked down and took another step back I interposed myself between them.

"Hey Fred, I'd ask you how it was hanging but Amy tells us it's to small to hang."

Fred looked like he'd been struck. "Hey Jackie, are you dating Amy now?"

"In your dreams meatball, hey I hear your so bad at oral that you couldn't get a virgin off, although a virgin would have better taste." I'd obviously confused him here. He kind of cocked his head and looked at me. He could tell by the snickers among the girls that I'd just said something nasty.

"You're a bitch Jackie." Was the best he could come up with.

I decided to try the straight on approach with him. "Look Fred we don't want you here, you're annoying all of us please leave."

Fred clouded up like he was going to explode. "Listen up bitch!" He thundered. "I'll leave when I'm damn good and ready."

"You're ready." Said a deep male voice."

Fred and I both turned to look at the interruption. I was really surprised to see that this guy was bigger than Fred. He was dressed in black and had an air of confidence about him.

"What do you mean I'm ready." Fred made this sound like a threat

"You are creating a disturbance sir. The ladies were fine until you got here and now you've managed to ruin the mood in the entire bar. Now kindly leave or I will be forced to throw you out." The stranger spoke in a soft voice but his words really carried.

Fred laughed. "You think your man enough?"

The stranger smiled and replied "You'd better hope I am, because if I fail the bartender will call the police."

For the first time Fred looked uncertain. The police station was roughly three hundred feet down the road. So they had a pretty good response time.

Fred looked real serious and then asked. "What are you the bouncer?"

"Yes sir I am." the stranger then bowed to Fred and held out his hand in the general direction of the door.

Fred looked a little uncertain but he let the guy escort him to the elevator and he was gone. Amy was wide eyed and very thankful when Fred was gone. She tried to thank the guy but he just smiled. The manager had come up and Amy jumped right in and told the guy their bouncer needed a raise." The manger looked a little confused and told Amy he didn't employ a bouncer. That caught my attention and I looked our stranger over really good. Our stranger just grinned and with a little salute headed back to the bar.

* * * * *

We more or less decided to stay for awhile after Fred. We didn't want him to think we were sneaking out of the bar. Our happy stranger had looked us over a few times and grinned at me when I caught him looking. Amy had finally gone over and they'd been talking for several minutes. She bought him a drink and I was surprised when they didn't leave together. When they were done talking Amy headed back for me and she had a strange look on her face.

"What's the matter Amy?"

Amy looked up obviously in deep thought. "I don't think I've ever been turned down so nicely before."

This surprised me, Amy never gets turned down by anyone, guy or girl. "What's the matter with him is he gay?"

"No he told me there were two reasons he couldn't go home with me." She stated.

"AND." It drove me nuts when she left me hanging like that.

"Oh, sorry. He says it's obvious I just broke up with the loser he chased off and it wouldn't be fair to take advantage of me."

"What's the other reason." I grated out.

Amy looked over at him as she spoke. "He says he found someone tonight he's really interested in and he thinks she'll take it wrong if he goes home with me. He says he's kind of worried about offending her "

I looked him over again. This was really beginning to interest me. Normally when a guy thinks he's saving you he's just trying to find a way to get you in bed. This guy had come over and while I didn't need the help he had made it easier. Then he hadn't tried anything, in fact he'd turned down a really cute blond. Not something guy's normally do. Well curiosity may kill the cat but satisfaction brought her back. I strolled over and sat down next to him, and looked him right in the eye's. I've been told I have a very penetrating stare.

"So what's your story?" I asked

He looked at me for a few seconds and then began to speak. "I liked the way you handled that schmuck. I came over because I didn't want him to ruin your night together with your friend."

"And that's it? I was a little more sharp there than I had intended.

"No, I also want to take you home and make passionate love to you." His eye's were very steady on mine and I noticed they were a wonderful shade of blue.

"So why didn't you come over and talk to me?" I retorted

His eye's grinned at me and somehow it carried over into his whole face. "I saw that tattoo on your back and I new you'd have to make your mind up about me before anything else."

I grinned in spite of myself. I have a Yin-Yang, tattoo at the small of my back. It has a stinging scorpion and an Eagle in it. Yeah if you knew what to look for it spoke volumes about me.

"By the way my name is Larry."

"Hi Larry I'm Jackie."

"Pleased to meet you Jackie, shall we exit this establishment before they throw us out?"

I just nodded and we picked up Amy and headed for the door. I was kind of surprised that Fred wasn't waiting for us outside. Which was kind of too bad I'd been looking forward to seeing him again. Larry and I loaded Amy into her car and off she went. We then walked over to my car. We were making small talk on the way over, but I'd pretty well made up my mind. When we got to my car I looked him right in the eye and asked him point blank.

"Are you kinked?"

He kind of smiled "Why do you have six inch stiletto heels."

"As a matter of fact yes I do."

That sobered him up pretty fast. He gave me a long appraising look. "I don't think you can find anything over four inches unless you special order them."

I nodded at that it was true. A fire just seemed to light in his eye's.

"Red, yellow, green?" he questioned with a very open look on his face.

"Very well" I replied "Kneel and present"

And right there in the parking lot Larry knelt before me thighs open hands behind his back as though cuffed and lips puckered for a kiss. Oh I was going to enjoy this. Here was this huge guy big enough to bench press me one handed, kneeling at my feet. Life is good! I loved the power rush.

I leaned down and grabbing the back of his hair forced his head back. I pressed my lips to his and my tongue invaded his mouth. Hmmm Tasty. I stood up and lightly kicked his leg.

"Get in the car boy."

"Yes ma'am he replied" I kind of liked that. Sounded better than mistress.

He got into the passenger side as I climbed into the driver side. I started the car and off we went. Now I had to wait until we were out of downtown Tempe to give my next order. But I only live a few blocks away.

As we got out of the immediate area that the Tempe police patrolled I looked over at him.

"Strip boy, I want you naked."

He glanced at me in surprise but immediately started taking off his clothing. Which for a guy his size was rather hard to do in my small car. He managed it though. By the time I was parked at my complex he was naked. I parked as far away from my apartment as I could get. The small torture's are often the most fun. I walked around the car to get a good look at him. I realized that he wasn't naked he was nude. The real difference between the two is modesty. He was proud of his body and didn't mind showing it off. I figured I'd get a better look at him inside. His penis was about three inches long currently. I walked up to him and grabbed it in a lead position, then pulling him along I headed for my apartment. As I walked I figured why not take the scenic way. We walked by the pool and there were several people swimming. That's the nice part about living close to ASU there's always something going on. We got a few jeers and catcalls as we walked by. Larry just waved. I went to my mailbox and found a stack of stuff. I thrust it in Larry's mouth. His eye's opened in surprise but he clamped his teeth and held onto it. I resumed my hold on him and found that he had grown appreciably. We turned and headed back to my apartment. Just coincidentally by the pool again.

"Hands behind your head"

Larry's hands flew to the back of his head and we walked by the pool with him in that position. The catcalls were louder this time. I even had a few offers for him. Nothing worthwhile though. As we got to my door I fished out my keys, and opened it. With a tug I sent Larry into my apartment adding a sharp smack to his bottom to keep him from stopping.

Inside the apartment I took the mail from Larry's mouth and made him go stand in a corner while I took a shower and put on my gear. It was over an hour before I made it back to him. And just like a good little boy he hadn't moved. I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him out of the corner. I dragged him over to an ottoman and bent him over it.

"Ok tough guy lets see what you've got. If you can keep from cumming for 30 seconds I'll let you spank me. If you cum I'm going to beat your balls off."

I admit it I cheated, I made him spread his legs and 30 seconds into playing with him I jammed two fingers up his asshole and massaged his prostrate. Sure enough he spilled cum all over my ottoman. But hey that's why I bought it.

I made him lick it clean and then stood him on his feet. As I moved around in front of him I could see his eye's bulge. As I mentioned before I'm a big girl, I stand about 6 feet tall but I only weigh about 165. It's not because I diet. I love my food, it's because I spend a couple hours at the gym each day. So I'm pretty curvy. I look good in black leather and six inch stiletto heels. And just because I know most guy's love it I had put my hair into two pigtails. Just like I'd had when I was eight. Those pigtails hung down to my shoulders and most guys could never take their eye's off them. Larry was no exception.

"See something you like."

"Yes Ma'am." Larry replied his eye's drinking me in.

I laughed and moved around behind him to handcuff him. "Just so you won't run away."

I then bent him over the ottoman again and tied him down legs open. I then got my riding crop and ass promised I beat his balls off. He took a lot more than I thought he could. I was actually getting tired before he yellowed on me. I must admit he did squirm well. Now with him still in that position I pulled out my strap on and lubed it up good with KY. Kneeling behind him I pressed the tip of my toy to his anus and then with a quick pelvic thrust I was in him. I don't think he'd ever had this happen before. He let out a great scream and then just quivered as I worked my toy back and forth in him. It surprised me when he came again.

"Well" I said as I pulled out. "If your that excited you can sleep here." And I walked back to my room to clean up.

I left him there for 2 hours. Just long enough that he never thought I was coming back. When I finally released him he was so glad he kissed my feet. I let him sleep at my feet the way a good dog should. And after breakfast I gave him the key's and let him go get his clothes from my car. He surprised me though by carrying his clothes back to my place before getting dressed.

As I dropped him off at Hooters I took his number but didn't give him mine. I'll find when I want him.

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