He smiled down at her, and then proceeded to carry her out of the room, then up the stairs.

Zoe snuggled into him comfortably. This was the first time since they met that she was this close to him. If it was not for the burning between her legs, she would have enjoyed his slightly sweet scent, almost like a flower. His body was soft, warm, and comforting. She sighed happily and nuzzled him lightly.

Azriel's heart nearly leapt out of his chest when she did that. He never dreamed that she would be this comfortable with him so early.

Zoe did not lift her head until she heard a door open, and then smiled when she saw the familiar color of her room.

Azriel moved over to the bed, and gently placed her in it. He then took off his shoes, and then carefully pulled hers off as well.

Zoe moaned lightly as he touched her feet, and then curled into a ball hoping it would help with the throbbing which seemed to have gotten worse. She did not move until she felt the bed dip, and a warm body move next to her, her breathing quickened out of fear.

"Shhh..," Soothed Azriel, as he lightly rubbed her arm, which quickly calmed her.

"What are you going to do?" Zoe asked, as she watched his hand move to her side.

"Give you pleasure," he whispered huskily in her ear, just before he sucked it into his mouth sucking on it lightly.

Zoe gasped, and closed her eyes. The throbbing had increased,, making her whimper, as she rubbed her legs together.

"Relax, breathe," Azriel told her softly, as his hand moved to her hip, and slowly started to pull the fabric of her dress up. "Trust me Zoe, I would never hurt you. You are my heart."

Zoe let out a breath, and let herself relax in to his body.

Azriel smiled, rewarding her comfort with a small kiss on the neck, making Zoe let out a small moan. "Good," he whispered against her neck. His fingers had now reached the end of her dress, and he moved his hand onto her bare skin. He moved his hand slowly enjoying the smoothness of her skin.

Zoe moved her leg to give him access to more of her skin. She liked the feel of his hand; it sent delicious shivers down her spine. She could feel moisture gather in her panties.

"I need to rip your underwear is that alright?" Azriel asked as his finger hooked underneath the fabric. "Yes," She replied breathlessly, Azriel growled lightly and easily ripped the fabric, then moved to the other side, ripping it as well; he pulled the destroyed underwear, throwing it over the side.

Zoe shifted as she felt air against her wet slit.

"Zoe, I am going to have to touch your pussy is that alright?" he asked, wanting everything to be on her terms, so that she could enjoy this experience.

"Anything to make it stop," she said, closing her eyes again.

Azriel licked his lips as his finger moved across the dark forest of smooth, silky, hair, until he found the slit. He moved his finger slowly down, shivering lightly when he found how wet she was. He moved back up again, slowly, until he reached her clit, and then rubbed the small button slowly, enjoying Zoe's eyes as they shot open, full of want and relief.

Shivers ran down Zoe's spine as a pulse coursed through her veins. She breathed in sharply, and then arched her body into Azriel's. His finger was like magic, as it filled her with a fire different than what she experienced before. This one was pleasure, not the pain of waning pleasure.

Zoe let out soft moans, and whimpers, as her fingers dug into the soft material of the bed.

To Azriel the sounds were music to his ears, it made him purr with want. He moaned lightly with her as he gently kissed and sucked her neck.

The feeling of his lips against her skin spurred on more fuel aiding to the burning in her lower belly.

She breathed rapidly, gasping for breath, and felt like she could not take it anymore. "Azriel..," she moaned lightly.

The sound of his name from her lips awakened the demon inside of him. His eyes grew dark, and he growled loudly, and then bit down on her neck, not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to leave a mark.

His teeth sinking lightly into her skin sent a shiver of pleasure down Zoe's spine, to the fire in her body, making it explode.

Zoe let out a loud gasp, as the world blacked out, and for a moment she could not breathe. Then her body went limp, and she fell into Azriel's body.

Azriel watched as her first orgasm washed through her. It was like the grand finale of a great masterpiece. The best part being when she let her body relax into his. He smiled at her, moving her hair from her face. She looked up at him with exhausted eyes, smiled a thank you, and then closed her eyes.

He kissed her temple, and then lay there with the biggest hard on of his life, just holding her, completely happy.


Zoe moaned lightly and stretched as she opened her eyes. She laid there for a moment trying to figure out where she was, and why it did not look like her room. That was when something moved beside her, placing a hand lightly on her stomach. Zoe jumped a little then turned her head to see a sleeping Azriel.

Her memory came flooding back to her as she stared at him. She never had a chance before, to really look at him, and wanted to take advantage of it.

His skin looked smooth, but slightly pale, like he did not get out in the sun too often. His hair was thick, with a slight curl to it. Under his eyes where light circles, which somehow enhanced his features.

Her eyes moved down, and noticed that he had taken off his shirt, and tie. There was little hair of his chest that she could see, but the blanket was covering most of him.

Zoe smiled slightly, and just took in this peaceful sight. He was very handsome she could not deny that since she was attracted to his looks, but he was also kind, considerate, sweet, and truly did care for her. She could tell by the way he looked at her.

For a normal person it would be easy to fall for him, and hard. Not her.... No she did not know how to love, she barely knew what it felt like.

'It's not fair', she thought to herself. 'Here is someone that will care for me, love me, and I can't love him back! Why does God have to be so cruel?'

She did not realize she was crying, until a hand brushed away the tears from her eyes. She blinked, and looked at Azriel who gazed at her with concern "You are not crying because of me, are you?" He asked in a gentle tone. "No and yes," Zoe replied softly. "Would you like to talk about it?" he whispered.

"Not really," she said in a slightly bitter tone.

Azriel sighed lightly then sat up. "Zoe you have a lot of pain inside of you. I saw it in your eyes the first night you came here. You cannot keep it bottled up inside of you; if you do you will never be able to live your life. Then you will be letting whoever did this to you win."

Zoe sighed, she knew he was right, but she was not used to just talking to people. She sniffed, and looked around for her stuffed dog, finally finding him on the floor next to the bed. She pulled him into her arm, and hugged him tightly. This always made her feel better.

"Who is your friend?" Azriel asked with a big smile.

"Seth," she answered in a small voice. "I suppose you think I am a big baby for having him?" she continued glancing over at him.

"No," he said shaking his head. "Happy that you still have him, and that he comforts you."

Zoe looked at him completely confused.

"I gave him to you the day you were born," he explained.

"I used to have more." Zoe said in a blank voice. "Until my step dad threw them out on my fifteenth birthday. I came home and they were gone. He said I was too old for them. I was so depressed until I found Seth hiding under my bed. I do not know how he got there though."

"I put him there." Zoe looked at him waiting for him to explain. "Well you see, when I saw your step dad had thrown out your stuffed animals, I was furious with him. So furious in fact I went to him, and told him that if he ever hurt you again, I would rip him limb from limb. Then I secretly put Seth back. I would have put them all back, but I am not suppose to mettle in the lives of the townspeople, not even yours."

"So they are gone," she stated in an empty voice.

"Come with me," Azriel said, as he slid out of the bed, pulling her with him.

Zoe let out a huff of air, but let him pull her out of the bed, onto her feet, then out the door.

Azriel pulled her down the hallway, to the last door, and smiled brightly as he pulled it open.

It was magical the way Zoe's dim eyes filled with light, as she walked into a room filled with stuff animals.

Tears ran down her eyes as she picked up a stuffed donkey she made herself. She turned to Azriel, and then rushed at him, pulling him into the tightest hug she could give. "Thank you...," she choked out, and then looked up at him with red rimmed eyes. "Thank you so much."

"Anything for you," he replied as he wiped the tears from her eyes. She smiled, at him then stretched to kiss him lightly on the cheek. She pulled away slowly, looking him in the eyes.

He was so open, and warm looking, that she could not help but be pulled back, but this time to his lips.

They were soft against hers, fitting perfectly. He tasted sweet, and tangy, making her want more, but not knowing what to do she pulled back blushing as she did.

Azriel's heart skipped a beat when she kissed him. A tingle swept through his body, and he could not help, but smile when she pulled away from him blushing.

"You do not need to be embarrassed," he said softly, as he ran the palm of his hand over her hair.

"I do not know how to kiss really. In fact that was my second one...," she said softly.

Azriel's demon was pleased his mate knew no one before him. He chuckled a little, and smiled softly at her. "It's alright Zoe, you will learn."

Zoe looked up at him with a 'yea right' look. "Oh, and how will I do that?"

He grinned at her, "kissing is one of those things that you learn by doing"

Zoe rolled her eyes, and gave him a playful shove. "Such a charmer," she said in a teasing tone.

He chuckled lightly and bent down to kiss her cheek but she turned her head the last second, and captured his lips with hers.

Zoe just wanted to feel his lips against her once more. She felt wanted, and loved, when he kissed her, and she just needed to feel that again. The kiss was so wonderful that it sent a delicious shiver down her spine. It was in that moment she realized that she was not wearing any underwear, and pulled away unwillingly; she was too embarrassed to continue.

Azriel never suspected her to do something like that. 'She knows more then she realizes,' he thought to himself as she broke the kiss, He could not understand why she looked embarrassed, until the scent of her arousal hit his nose, and he remembered she did not have anything under that dress.

He groaned lightly at the thought. "Why don't you take a shower and change clothes?" he said, fighting his demon who wanted to take her.

Zoe smiled, and kissed him on the lips lightly. "I think I shall."

"Do you need someone to wash your back?" he asked with a goofy grin.

Zoe rolled her eyes, gave him a playful hit on the shoulder then walked out of the room.

Her skin felt like pins and needles, and she felt as light as air. For the first time in a long time, she was happy.

In the darkness, an evil laugh cackled. "Yes, fill her heart; make her strong...soon, soon."

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