tagGroup SexZoe and the Soccer Mates Ch. 02

Zoe and the Soccer Mates Ch. 02


Continued from Part 1...

Zoe had been at Liam's home for close to three hours. The afternoon had started normally, they had some drinks and some laughs. But the evening had taken a more interesting turn when Zoe had given in to her desires and kissed Liam. The kiss had turned to sex, and he had fucked her in his bathroom, up against the sink, hard and passionately.

They were not alone in the house. They both knew Liam's mate, Tony, was in the lounge room. Tony, of course, had heard the commotion coming from the bathroom and decided he didn't want to miss out. Surprisingly, Zoe had not been shy about the extra company.

The party had moved back to the lounge room, where Zoe and Tony were now making out on the couch. His hands were roaming her body while she searched his mouth with her tongue. Liam had grabbed another beer and was relaxing back in the arm chair, surveying the scene with a smile. Zoe climbed on top of Tony, kneeling either side of his legs. She held his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. Breaking the kiss, she smiled devilishly.

"God, I've never felt so hot in my life." She said, as she stuck out her chest, and ran her hands over her breasts through her t-shirt. "I've gotta take this off." She pulled off her shirt, revealing a white, thin-strapped bra. Tony leant forward and kissed her chest. Zoe tossed her head back and let him suck on the top of her breasts. He couldn't stand the restrictions and put his hands around and fiddled with the strap of her bra. She helped him and they let her tits free, bouncing in his face, ready to be suckled. Tony obliged and flicked the nipples with his tongue. He continued kissing her chest and neck as she put her hands in his hair.

"Mmmm' she said 'Suck my big tits. I like that, baby. Mmmm, I can't wait to fuck you."

At this Tony raised his head and kissed her mouth. He pushed his hips up, and she ground her pussy back down into him. Zoe broke the kiss and pushed herself off him, down to the floor, kneeling in front of him. She smiled as she unzipped his jeans.

"You want my lips on your cock?" She asked sweetly.

"Fuck yes!" Tony agreed enthusiastically. She pulled his underwear down, letting his penis out, already semi-erect. She moaned at the sight and bowed her head over his crotch. Kissing the head first she then moved down the shaft, kissing it lightly. It twitched on her lips. Zoe took it in her hands and stroked it lovingly. Opening her mouth, she let it slip between her lips, taking it inch by inch. Her hot breath on his dick made Tony groan and he pushed his hips a little toward her, wanting it all the way in her mouth. She closed her mouth on his cock and began to suck, moving up and down. It grew harder as Tony put his hands on the back of her head, guiding its movements. Zoe moaned into his groin. She began moving her head more rapidly up and down over him. Tony knew he was close to cumming, and not wanting to waste his load without fucking her first he gently pulled her head back and off his cock.

"Mmm, I want that beautiful cock in my pussy." Zoe declared. She stood up, pulled her panties off, tossed them across the floor and gathered her mini-skirt up around her hips. Climbing astride him on the couch again, she hovered above his erect dick, beginning her descent slowly. His cock pushed its way inside her gently, smoothly entering her wet pussy. They both groaned at the feeling, Zoe sitting down on Tony's lap, her ass touching his thighs. She closed her eyes, liking to concentrate on her pussy's contractions around his penis. His hips were pushing up into her, and she took the movement as encouragement, pushing back to him, then drawing away. She was rising and falling, his cock moving in and out. Her tits bounced in rhythm with her hips. She reached up and undid her ponytail, letting her hair fall down around her shoulders. Tony put his hands on her thin waist, holding her as she bounced. They were both breathing heavily, Zoe's naked top half glowing as she sweated with the activity.

As their movements grew more frantic, Tony suddenly took control, holding her on his cock but moving her so she was lying back on the couch, himself above her. Her legs around his waist, Tony continued to fuck her. His hips now moving more easily he pistoned in and out of her, his balls slapping her ass as they fucked. Zoe was loosing control, her orgasm building as his cock rammed her hard. She saw Liam watching out of the corner of her eye.

"Liam? Liam, come here, I want to taste you again." She asked, in the middle of her moans. Liam obeyed and walked across the room, undoing his jeans and dropping them on the floor. Zoe's head was near the end of the couch, so Liam stopped above her, bending his knees a little so his cock was level with her head. He slapped his ever-hardening cock across her face, making her mew with want for it. Liam moved the tip across her lips, making her tongue shoot out and lick it. Liam groaned and pushed it further into her mouth. He had to move slightly in time with Tony's fucking, as Zoe was getting pushed up the couch.

"More...' Zoe cried, so Liam obliged and put the length of his cock into her mouth. She was full from both ends now, two cocks pounding her. Her orgasm had been building for a while, and as Liam's cock hit the back of her throat she came hard. She clamped her mouth around Liam's dick and moaned loudly, her body trembling, one hand frantically rubbing her clit. Tony felt her cum, and it pushed him over the edge. He withdrew his cock from her pussy, eagerly shooting him warm semen over her pussy lips, letting it drip down her ass crack.

'Fuck!' Tony exclaimed as he fell back on the couch, satisfied. He watched Zoe's fingers moving over her pussy, mixing his cum in with her own juices, making her pussy and ass shine in the light. She was moaning softly, still taking Liam's cock roughly in her mouth. Liam looked at her glistening cunt.

'Geez, I need to fuck that again.' He said, as he pulled slowly out of her mouth. Zoe slid off the couch, getting on her hands and knees on the floor.

'Fuck me, baby, fuck me rough.' Zoe smiled back at Liam as he positioned himself behind her. He entered her easily, her lubricated cunt greedily accepting him. Kneeling behind her, Liam held onto her hips controlling the movement. Zoe rocked back and forth to meet Liam's cock, groaning every time it pushed inside her. They were in rhythm, Zoe's tits swinging with the action.

Tony watched the two fucking on the floor, his dick growing in his hands as he jerked it. It stiffened more as he saw Zoe close her eyes and bite her lip as Liam moved faster into her. They were both moaning loudly when Liam removed his cock from her pussy and positioned himself higher, over her asshole. He rubbed his cock, making sure it was well covered with their juices. He fingered her cunt, coating his hand with fluid then massaging her asshole.

'You have such a tight little ass. This is going to feel so good inside you, babe' Liam said, holding his dick and pushing it toward her hole. As Zoe felt the pressure around her asshole, she paused, thinking of Jason and how he always said her ass was his, and his alone. But right now she was so horny and so wet that she didn't care anymore, and just wanted a thick cock inside her again. She pushed her ass toward Liam, meeting his cock as it slowly tried to enter her.

'Oh, shit!' Zoe cried as it stabbed past her entry and began to fill her up. Liam spat down at her hole, rubbing his spit in with their juices, making it as lubricated as he could, before pushing slowly even further. His cock entered relatively easy and Liam knew she'd done this before. When he couldn't go any further, Liam pulled out a little before pushing back again. He continued, speeding up his pace as his cock slid more easily in and out of her.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.' Zoe mumbled, and Liam's hands came round to grab her tits. His pinched her nipples before holding on more tightly as he fucked her harder. He was now on his feet, using the strength in his legs to pump his dick faster, straight down into her asshole. They were fucking to another climax when Tony announced he needed to fuck Zoe again. Zoe looked around and saw Tony's bulging red cock and knew she needed it too. But Liam showed no intention of removing himself from inside her.

'Wait. I want both of you' Zoe cried. 'I want to be filled up like I've never been before.'

Liam pulled out grudgingly for a moment as he sat back on the couch. Zoe followed, turning her back on him and spreading her ass cheeks. Liam guided her down to his cock, pushing back into her asshole slowly until she was sitting spread eagled on his lap. Her pink, wet pussy lips were facing Tony, and Zoe smiled as she beckoned him to enter her again. She sat still on Liam as Tony positioned himself comfortably in front of her, his cock aimed at her cunt. He smiled back at her as in one swift movement he forced himself into her. Zoe let out a mighty moan as the two cocks filled her. She threw her head back onto Liam's shoulder and screamed to the ceiling as the two men proceeded to fuck her. They achieved a timing, so as Zoe would gasp with the feeling of one cock pulling back the other would piston in. She was in ecstasy, her orgasm rolling over her in seemingly never ending waves. Sandwiched between the two men, their hot breath on her neck, sweat dripping onto her, she wished it would never end; wished she could be fulfilled like this every day.

Liam started to cum first, Zoe feeling his cock spasm inside her as he let out a low moan and bit her shoulder gently. The feeling of two orgasming bodies beneath him set off Tony, and he pulled out of Zoe, letting his semen shoot across her stomach in an intermittent stream. Zoe held onto Tony's cock, rubbing it across her stomach and pussy lips as it softened. Tony kissed Zoe roughly on the mouth, while Liam kissed her shoulder where he bit her and moved his lips tenderly up her neck. They stayed together for a while, three sweaty, breathless bodies coming down from the high together. Tony eventually pulled away and went to the bathroom. Zoe stood shakily, Liam's dick slipping out of her ass. She turned around and sat on Liam's lap, cuddling into him as he wrapped her in his arms.

'That was amazing. I've never felt like that before' Zoe said, kissing Liam on the cheek.

'You'll have to hang around then. I'm sure we can get you feeling like that again.' Liam kissed her, and made her forget all about her boyfriend, Jason, back home, alone.

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