tagNonHumanZoe Ch. 05

Zoe Ch. 05


*** I would like to thank everyone for reading, I would also would like to thank SleeperyJim for helping me out and editing this chapter so that people may enjoy the story even more. *****


Zoe woke up the next morning, sore but strangely satisfied. She groaned as she moved her body, especially when she moved her legs. Azriel shifted next to her, still asleep. Zoe smiled and took this moment to slip out of the bed onto wobbly legs. She felt like she was on the ocean as she walked to the bathroom.

Azriel awoke at the shift of the bed. He groaned and stretched, looking over to see the bathroom door shut and Zoe missing from the bed. He let out a loud yawn and sat up, then realizing he was still naked he decided it might be better to put something on before Zoe got out of the bathroom.

He moved over to his closet, pulled out a pair of jeans and pulled them on.

He had just pulled them up when Zoe came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She smiled at him and held the towel firmly, turning slightly red as she looked at his half naked body. "Did you sleep well?"

Azriel was amused by her shyness, "Very. Are you hungry?"

"Starving!" she exclaimed with a slight laugh. "Let me go get dressed, and I shall meet you in the dining room."

She disappeared out of the room before Azriel could even say a word. He shook his head and put on a grey button-down shirt and went to the dining room to wait for her.

Zoe felt awkward at breakfast, unsure how they were to interact now that they had slept together. The very thought made her blush. She knew it was silly to feel so shy, but she did.

She spent the rest of the day on the edge of being too shy to do anything bolder then draw Azriel into passionate kisses, that made her relax and forget about everything else until they ended. Then she would remember what had happened and she would feel embarrassed all over again.

Late that night, while Azriel read to her in front of the fireplace of the library, she grew sleepy.

"You're falling asleep," Azriel said softly as he put down the book and picked her up. Zoe felt herself melt into him as she leaned her head against his chest and breathed in his scent, and then saw that he was heading towards her room. She was confused.

"Why are you taking me to my room?"

Azriel paused and looked down at her. He had watched her all day and noticed how bashful she was around him. He did not want to make her uncomfortable. "I thought you may want to be alone."

Zoe shook her head realizing she had been silly. She had nothing to be embarrassed about - Azriel loved her. "I want to sleep next to you,"

Azriel's heart leapt for joy at the words. "Are you sure?"

"Please," she said, looking up at him with a shy smile. Azriel smiled, then kissed her softly, and began walking to his room.

"Wait, my pajamas!" Zoe exclaimed, reaching back to her door as if she could open it with the gesture,

Azriel laughed, "You can borrow one of my shirts."

He moved into his room swiftly, placed her gently on the bed and kissed her softly, before moving to his closet, and throwing her a large, blue t-shirt.

Zoe caught it and then slipped past him into the bathroom to change, not quite over her shyness. As he undressed, Azriel chuckled to himself at how funny she was, before pulling on a pair of sweat pants. He normally slept naked but he did not want to scare Zoe back to her room by being too bold. He laid down on the bed as bathroom door opened and turned his head to look.

Zoe sauntered out with a nervous smile on her face. The large shirt hung to her knees, and the sleeves came down to her elbows. Azriel growled lightly at the sight of her in his shirt. She was never so intoxicating than in that moment and he felt himself stir.

Zoe blushed and moved under the blankets, pulling them up to her neck.

"Maybe someday you will not be so shy," he whispered as he pulled her close, his semi-hard length pressed against her leg. Zoe was shocked to feel him like this and it made her pleased to know she had such an effect on him.

"I doubt it," she said, turning to him, kissing him softly. "Good night."

"Good night, my love." With that, he settled into the bed with her in his arms, never happier than that moment, and fell into a deep sleep.

Zoe tried to get to sleep but found herself slightly turned on just by the thought of him next to her, and knowing he wanted her sexually. She found that she wanted him as well and became slightly wet at the erotic thoughts that roamed in her mind. She was finally able to fall into a fitful sleep, wishing he would wake up and ravage her.


Zoe woke the next morning and snuggled into Azriel's warmth. She had never felt so happy and safe. She sighed happily and opened her eyes but instead of seeing Azriel there was a large black scaly creature next to her. Glowing blue eyes peered at her with cold menace; long, threatening fangs glistened downward from its upper jaw; and two long pointed silver horns menaced from the top of its head.

Zoe screamed as she tried to retreat from the fangs that lunged at her, threatening to drag her down into eternal darkness.

Zoe sat straight up, still screaming. "It's going to kill me!"

Azriel bolted upright. "Zoe!"

His eyes darted around the room looking for any intruders until, realizing they were alone, he looked over to Zoe. She was pale and panting hard. He felt for her and pulled her into his chest, rubbing her back gently, soothing her. "You're safe."

Zoe took in sharp breaths, her eyes darting around to make sure the monster was not there and trying to catch her breath. "There was a horrible monster, with glowing blue eyes, and dark scaly skin... It had horrible fangs, and it tried to attack me." Azriel's breath hitched as he listened to her description. She was describing his demon form.

"Sounds like you had a nightmare. It cannot hurt you.," he whispered softly, kissing the top of her head. He tried to make that last part sound convincing, mostly for his benefit.

Zoe took in a last, deep breath as she finally calmed down and leaned into him, taking in the warmth and comfort he offered.

"You're right." She looked around and realized that although it was still early in the morning, there was no way she was going to be able to go back to sleep after such a disturbing nightmare.

Zoe breathed in Azriel's scent and was enjoying how they were pressed up against each other, the feeling making her lower regions feel warm and tingly. Her fingers moved over his back and she relished in how warm and soft his skin was over strong, hard muscles.

It made the feeling inside her intensify and she felt herself becoming wet. She knew what she wanted, but was too afraid to ask, and since she knew that he would be able to smell her arousal she did not want to tease him with it.

"I'm going to take a shower." She untangled herself from his arms and slipped out of the bed, moving to the bathroom. She wanted to wash herself before he could smell her need.

Azriel watched her body move away from him, her scent floated from her to caress his senses and he breathed it in deeply, appreciating how wet she was. He licked his lips, wanting to go after her, but held back. She would tell him that she wanted him, right?

In the bathroom, Zoe stripped off the shirt and turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature before stepping into the streaming water. She let out a sigh as she let the water cascade over her body and let her hands slowly roam down over her body. She was still turned on and her body needed to be touched, even if it was by her own hands. She brushed her nipples lightly with her hands and groaned slightly at the touch, then moved down her flat stomach to the apex of her thighs. She had learned a little about what her body enjoyed when she and Azriel had used each other's hands to please one another.

Zoe's finger found the sensitive button, buried in the folds of her womanhood, and began to circle it slowly, then moved the finger lower and penetrated her own body, her finger quickly becoming slick with her own juices.

Azriel could smell Zoe's arousal increase and could not help himself as he moved towards the bathroom, finding the door was not completely closed.

He breathed in deeply and all he could smell was Zoe's lust, and it filled him with hunger for her. He opened the door and moved into the steam-filled bathroom. His sharp eyes could easily make out her slim body through the mists. His hungry eyes moved down her body, saw that she was pleasuring herself, and felt himself harden at the sight. He could not let his mate suffer when she clearly needed him. He stripped off his pants and silently moved in behind her.

Zoe was lost in her own pleasure, her finger moving in and out of her tight hole - it felt good, but not as good as when Azriel touched her.

A large hand moved across her hips and touched her pussy seductively. Zoe looked over her shoulder and saw Azriel staring at her with lust filled eyes.

"I was just thinking about you." She pulled her hand away from herself, slightly embarrassed to be caught.

Azriel leaned down and kissed the base of her neck, as a finger found her clit, rubbing it in slow circles while he bit down gently on her shoulder. "You should have said something, I would have given you pleasure if you wanted it."

Zoe let out a soft moan and leaned lightly into him, blushing slightly. "Well, I am still allowed to be a bit shy."

Azriel watched the water pour down her breasts and cupped one with his free hand, brushing the nipple with his thumb.

"May the Gods help me when you do gain confidence.,"

Zoe groaned, wanting to touch him. She turned around in his arms, only to have his hardened organ press into her stomach.

Azriel gently put his finger under her chin, tilting her head until his lips were on hers in a slow passionate kiss. Zoe relaxed and put her arms around his shoulders, pulling herself into him.

Azriel's hand went back down to her silken mound, his finger combing the hair lightly before dipping into the hot wetness of her tight hole. He growled at the feeling of her - so wet and hot for him. His finger moved in and out and she let out soft moans, her hand trailing down his body.

Zoe grabbed his hardened length, her finger and thumb not even reaching each other as she did. Azriel let out a soft groan as she moved her hand up and down his shaft, then dipped down to gently play with his balls. She fondled them for a moment then moved to slide her hand back to his penis to continue her previous motions.

Azriel pushed her back against the tiled wall of the shower and pressed up against her, his passionate kisses to her lips earning him a soft groan from Zoe. He trailed his kisses down her neck, nipping lightly with his teeth as he did so, enjoying the taste of her skin as his tongue danced lightly over her.

Azriel moved his lips down to capture one of her breasts, sucking it into his mouth, teasing the nipple until it hardened against his tongue, then moving to the other one and doing the same thing.

Zoe arched her body towards him, her body feeling as if it was on fire, and Azriel only made it burn more fiercely with each kiss and touch of his fingers. She only knew one way to quench this fire within her.

"Take me!" Zoe exclaimed breathlessly.

Azriel unlatched himself from her breast with a growl and picked her up, cupping her ass with his strong hands and pressing and pinning her against the wall.

Zoe let out a giggle and wrapped her legs around him, placing her arms around his neck and drawing him to her for a deep kiss. She could feel the tip of his member rubbing along her wet slit, and simply wanted him to enter her.

"You plan on keeping me here?" she asked, moving her hips against him with an evil smile.

Azriel smiled and rubbed himself along her slickness. She was so wet it made him crazy, but he also wanted to tease her a bit more, it was too much fun not to. "I can. I am pretty strong."

He watched her move her hips again, trying to pull him in. Azriel shuddered as she moved along him, her heat making him shiver with want as well.

"Please Azriel, I need you," Zoe groaned, moving her hips and sinking her nails into his arms.

Azriel broke with that statement. He aligned his tip to her hot hole and thrust into her, burying himself deep inside her until their hips met. They both shivered with relief as they joined together. Azriel took a moment before he began moving in and out of her.

Zoe moaned and closed her eyes, her hands clinging to his shoulders, her body moving against his as the water rained down around them, and the steam rose around them as if trying to melt them together.

Azriel pumped himself in and out of her, her tightness gripping his cock. He tried to enjoy the feeling but could feel his demon clawing its way to the surface and he had to concentrate on holding it back, especially after her nightmare the previous night.

Zoe felt like her very soul was rising above her as she felt a pressure build within. She let out a loud yell as she felt the bubble reach its peak and burst, sending wonderful shivers throughout her body.

Azriel felt her insides quiver from her orgasm, and it triggered his in turn. He let out a loud groan as he released himself into her, pumping hot cum far inside her.

Zoe breathed heavily and opened her eyes to see Azriel's silver horns. They were longer this time, slowly curling back away from him. The skin on his arms and chest was all black, and the blue markings glowed brightly against it. His face was contorted as if he was in pain, his eyes shut tightly.

Azriel pulled out of her carefully and moved his arms down so she could place her feet on the floor. Zoe steadied herself, her eyes never leaving his face.

He felt his demon so close to the edge, it was practically roaring, hammering at the wall he had constructed in his mind to keep that part of him at bay. He concentrated on the water falling over him as he tried to calm himself down. not wanting Zoe to see him, not wanting to scare her.

Zoe could tell he was trying to gain composure. "You know, if we are to be lovers you must realize I am going to see the other side of you sooner or later."

She touched her hand lightly to his face. "I am not afraid of you Azriel; no part of you would never hurt me. You know this."

Azriel nodded, knowing that she was right, but not wanting to face her. He was too fearful of her reaction.

"Azriel, please open your eyes," she pleaded softly. "I am not going anywhere, I promise."

Azriel sighed, and decided that he would have to face this, and opened his eyes, looking down at Zoe with glowing. pupil less blue eyes.

Zoe suck in her breath, realizing they were the same eyes from her dream. Azriel cringed slightly at her reaction and turned away. "I am sorry I scared you."

Zoe shook her head. "I am not scared, only surprised. You have the same eyes as the ones in my nightmare last night."

Azriel sighed, his shoulder sagging slightly "I know. I am not sure how but somehow you saw my demon."

Zoe placed her hand on the side of his face and made him look at her with those demonic eyes. Even though they were unnatural, she could still see Azriel within them, and right now they only showed how hurt he was. She smiled at him warmly. "It was only a dream. Dreams cannot hurt me, and neither will you."

He nodded, although the demon refused to subside this time and continued its barrage.

"I am so close to losing control," he whispered in a raspy voice. "I do not know what will happen if I do."

He moved away from her and walked out of the bathroom, water dripping from him. He had to put some distance between them.

Zoe watched him go and quickly followed without a second thought.

"What does your demon side want?"

Azriel stopped at the door of the bedroom. "He wants to mate with you."

Zoe looked at him confused. "I thought we did that."

Azriel shook his head, "Not completely, I have to take you in my demon form and claim you as mine, before we are truly mated."

"I am not scared Azriel, I will gladly be with you, in every way. I love you," she declared, her eyes full of adoration and caring.

Azriel gripped the handle of the door, his control slipping further away every second Zoe was near him. If he stayed a moment more the demon would break free and do who knew what to Zoe.

"I can't." With that, Azriel moved through the house as he felt himself lose control. He knew he had to get away from her, he knew he would hurt her, and he could not bear to do that.

He opened the large front doors and disappeared into the purple haze of the nether just outside his domain.

Zoe stopped at the edge of the doorway and yelling to him to come back. A firm hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back into the main part of the house. The door slammed shut in front of her. She turned her head to see it was the same servant she had met the first night she arrived: Bayard.

"The Master would not want you to go out there," he said firmly, as he made sure the door was fully closed. "There are many dangers out there, but I assure you he will be back soon. Come, we should get you dressed."

She looked at him in confusion, then realized she was still naked and dripping wet from the shower. She turned a dark shade of pink and ran to her bedroom to get dressed.


Zoe sat on the bottom step of the foyer stairs looking longingly at the front doors willing them to open and Azriel to step through them so she could yell at him for leaving the way he did.

Hours had gone by as she waited for Azriel to return. Bayard came up to her. "Mistress, it is getting late and you really should go to bed. I do not know when the Master will return - it could be days."

Zoe shook her head. "I am going to wait right here for him to return, even if it does take days."

Bayard sighed. "Please Mistress? Master will be angry at me for letting you stay here. If you do not move I may have to force you to do so"

Zoe glared at him with venom in her eyes. "You can try to move me Bayard, but I can assure you it will not go well for you. Besides, if he gets mad at you, I will tell him it was my idea and not yours."

Bayard sighed again, realizing he was not going to win this battle and instead brought her a blanket and a large pillow.

Zoe took the items and arranged the pillow so that she was a bit more comfortable. She had been so consumed with worry and anger that she had not realized how sore her body had become until she moved it. "Thank you, Bayard!"

She wrapped the blanket around her shoulders, leaned against the banister and turned her attention back to the door. "Does he normally do this?"

"He has not done this in a long time," he replied. "The last time this happened he almost destroyed the house in his rage. It would be wise to be careful around him when he is like this - he could easily kill you."

Zoe looked over at him in disbelief. "The demon would never hurt his mate!"

Bayard shrugged. "Maybe not on purpose, but demons are not gentle by nature, and he could easily hurt you greatly with just a touch that it may deem light."

Zoe's eyes went wide at that statement. She knew deep down that she had nothing to fear from Azriel; she trusted him with her very soul. Yet the demon's power might be something she would have to respect.

"Are you alright, Mistress?" Bayard's face and voice were full of concern

Zoe nodded, slowly. "I am fine Bayard. I just need a moment alone."

Bayard bowed deeply to her "Call if you need anything, Mistress."

With that, he turned on his heel and left her to her thoughts.

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