tagExhibitionist & VoyeurZoe's Lucid Imagination

Zoe's Lucid Imagination


Zoe is a strange sort of girl. She has long since been preoccupied with how the world could be if certain norms and morals were ignored, as opposed to how the world really is. She spends most days dreaming up just the most nightmarish of things, all of which bring her endless excitement.

She had a slender frame and weighed in a little over a hundred pounds. She was short in stature with dark brown hair. Her eyes were a sparkling blue that tended to get just a bit glassy when he was deep into her daydreams. Her body was blessed with a large, soft, yet perky pair of breasts that were clearly too big for her frame. She secretly loved the attention they brought in even though they tended to get in the way and make everything that much more challenging. She tends to dress in fairly typical clothing for her age.

She has always had a very vivid imagination... and a nearly insatiable lust for humiliation in all of it's various forms. She gets just as strong a physical reaction to watching someone being fast talked or conned as she does being touched. Sometimes her fantasies are so strong and so perverse that she has been known to spontaneously orgasm in the middle of her daydreaming.

The problem is she is also a little bit on the timid side, and definitely not about to go out and find people that are going to humiliate her... she does have some pride at least. She spent most of her youth locked away, hovering over a computer screen chatting with others. She always hoped to find someone as perverse as she is, someone that knew the buttons to push to make her squirm.

There were some creepers that got close, some that were just on the cusp of fulfilling her needs. But as close as they got they never managed to satisfy her. So over the course of her years exploring and playing on the internet she began developing some imaginary friends to interact with in the real world...

She tends to refer to those friends as "They" or "Them" depending on the context. If pressed further she sometimes refers to them as her friends. They really came into being the first time she worked up the guts to stumble out into her back yard with nothing on but some skimpy panties. She walked dutifully from one end of the back yard to the other with her arms rigid at her sides as if they were being held there. When her neighbor interrupted her walking with his astonished gasp and his lewd stare she went on to explain that "they" 'her friends" dared her to do it and she proceeded to plead with him not to tell her parents. That was the first time she externalized her desires to humiliate herself. That event would set the stage for her life now in ways she may have never imagined... or dreamed up.

The more she thought about her invisible assailants the more power they seemed to have over her. "They" started "making" her do things, from taking lewd pictures of herself and "accidentally" uploading them to websites... to picking out her clothing. The fact is that she was still in control.. but by blaming "them" for it she managed to avoid most consequences of her otherwise odd behavior. It was just so easy to climb out of the public pool sans bikini and blame some creep than admit she slipped out of her own bikini for the thrill of it.

She didn't see what she was doing as a problem, there were really no negative consequences besides some whispered rumors, but otherwise it was all good fun for her. The more she indulged these urges.... these requests from "them" the stronger they got. It was all in good fun though, so it was nothing to worry about. At least to begin with.

The first sign that something was REALLY going wrong in that brilliant, imaginative mind if hers was the first time one of "them" spoke to her. Spoke might not be the right word... insult might be more correct. It happened when she was trying on some dressed in a department store. Her skinny frame and otherwise lewdly large breasts were making it hard to find something that fit without feeling like she was going to fall out of it. The voice rang out like a gunshot in the silent changing room. "Aww poor cow can't find anything to cover her fat tits can she?." The voice sounded like a combination of the bitchiest cheerleader voice you can think of along with a hint of smug condescending. Zoe jumped and frantically looked around as she held a dress over her bra clad breasts. She even let out a meek little "hello?" as those words rattled around in her head.

As those words sunk in the front of her little panties soaked through, leaving a lovely dark wet spot on them. Never before had she thought someone could be so nasty to say something like that. She started frantically looking around for where the voice came from. After peeking her head out of the booth she just shook her head and went back what she was doing. She was a little shaken and terribly turned on she she soldiered on and went back to trying dresses on. After a moment she decided that it must have just been her imagination, as there was clearly no one else around.

It was with a little pink dress half way up her legs that she heard the voice again. This time the catty bitch was more direct "Take your bra off... i want to see your tits" Zoe squeaked and let out another shocked "Who's there!?" and as she started to look around she was immediately scolded by the voice "Stop looking around and do what i told you. Stare at yourself in the mirror, that's right. Look at how pathetic the girl in the mirror is as she takes her bra of."

Zoe was still in complete control of her body, but the voice in its cruel, demanding tone seemed to have forced her into action. She did watch the mirror as her hands slid back, and she exhaled sharply as she felt her fingers deftly pop the clasp of her bra. And just as she was about to slide the bra off her shoulders she was told "Stop." She let out a sharp breath that was a combination of relief and disappointment as she froze in place. "Open the door first" the voice whispered to her, almost seductively. Zoe could watch the color fade from her skin, and the burning red of her blush wash over her face. The girl pinned her bra to her chest with one hand and slowly pulled the lock open. She ever so timidly pushed the door open, peeking out as she pushed it further and further.

Right as the door reached its most open the voice screamed at her in an intense urgent sort of way "NOW! Get it off, FASTER get the bra off! Throw it! NOW throw it down the hall!" And in a flurry of movement she did just that. She yanked her bra off of her body and tossed it down past the rest of the changing booths, she then slammed the door of her own booth closed and locked it. Standing there with her back against that door, staring at her own form in the mirror. She was panting from the exertion and the shock of what she just did. She stood there for long moments, her eye fixed on the rising and falling of her soft, beautiful, and now bared breasts. It wasn't until she started to calm down that she realized that she could feel her juices running down her legs.

In the flurry of baring her breasts and flinging her bra down the hallway... In the pathetic submission to the demanding voice... in the wake of this new humiliation Zoe creamed in her panties. The voice was gone at that point, just as quickly as it came. Zoe was quickly convinced that the voice must have been someone else... but when no one came to claim her bra, and nothing else happened she began having confused doubts about the whole situation.

The next few days were spent masturbating about the scene in that changing room, and the images of her topless body panting against the door. As those images faded she slowly grew to accept whatever it was that happened there and she moved on. The next time that voice would begin talking to her was during an extremely boring staff meeting at her job. This time it was less demanding and more teasing. The whole time it talked to her about how filthy she was for wanting the fat balding man in front of her. It was at this point about 15 minutes into their argument that Zoe fully realized that the voice was in her head.

The moment this flash of insight washed over her the voice took on a mocking tone. "I can't believe you took this long to figure this out... that's just sad. Oh look the lights are off! you should get a little comfier.. wheel closer to the table... a little closer. Good! I bet no one can see now... open your legs. Yes I know you are in a skirt. wider.. WIDER!"

The blush on Zoe's cheeks would have been terribly noticeable were it not for the dimmed lights. But for sure the moment her legs were safely tucked under the big conference table they spread wide open. Her business skirt was forced up her thighs and before she could really think about it she could look between the table and herself and see panties.

The voice even started explaining the new lay of the land to her. that "They" were tired of her meek approach to the humiliation she so desperately wanted. She wanted so badly to be a little plaything, but never found a good partner. Now she had "Some" and she was going to suffer like she wanted to. Zoe silently asked in her head "Some?" The female voice just laughed and was replaced with what sounded like a half dozen different female voices, sounding like a gaggle of cheerleaders. Each one of them saying different cruel comment ranging from the way her tits stuck out against her top, or how her panties were clinging to her mound. They were merciless and just as she felt like she was going to come from the mocking... they were gone.

They left her breathing hard, panting even, red faced and on the verge of orgasm. They were gone long enough for her to compose herself in the dim light of the meeting. She jumped when a new voice came forward. This was a male voice. It carried the mocking tone of the cheerleaders but was rougher. It sounded like a more experienced boyfriend teasing his virgin girlfriend mixed with a brash biker sort. There was a condescending air to how "he" spoke. He explained a few more things to her.

This was when she had no doubt at all that she was in trouble. She knew they were in her head but he explained in his own way that they were in control, that anything they wanted from her she was going to give them. And if she tried to resist they would get stronger, and louder.... and eventually she WAS going to do what they wanted. He illustrated his point in the most direct way he could. A tingle spread across the sides of her breasts, brushing along to the front. Zoe's eyes went wide as she realizes what the tingle felt like. This voice in her head was... it was touching her! She knew it wasn't actual physical contact... but she could feel his fingers on her skin. She could feel brushes across her nipples. Whatever had given rise to the voices in her head was invasive enough to also force her to feel things.

She spent the rest of that meeting feeling those imaginary fingers fondling her breasts, and they were relentless. Every bit of her flesh was stimulated as the speech droned on and on. She was faced with a terrifying mix of emotions. While no one could see her being "Groped" as soon at the lights came back on the would see her blushing, possibly some beads of sweat forming on her, they might even notice how hard her nipples were as they pressed against her top. She knew it would make a scene so jumped when the voice offered a deal. It would 'let' her leave the meeting to go to the bathroom. But she was going to do something for him there.

Anything would be better than being forced to orgasm in that meeting so she took the option and slinked off to the bathroom. Once there she was urged into a stall where 'he' made her pull out her phone and order a few new toys. As she purchased the dildo with the suction cup on it he casually explained that he was going to use that to fuck her however and wherever he felt like.

Since he didn't have the equipment he needed yet he let her off easy. What he did bully her into doing was filling her cupped hand with the hand soap by the sinks. The stuff has a whitish silvery look to it. Zoe could swear she felt him smirking as he instructed her to lift her skirt... and then to hold her panties out.

If anyone walked in at that moment they would have seen Zoe with the bottom hem of her skirt in her mouth, keeping it raised up. One of her hands holding her panties forward while the other hand let the soap dribble into the gusset of her panties. Once the soft cotton was sagging with the weight of the soap she was released. She let the panties snap back against her skin and her skirt fall back into place. While she wasn't forced to orgasm she did spend the rest of the meeting walking around with what felt like a massive load of cum in her panties.

The feeling of it sloshing around and the mocking from the female voices on her drive home were enough to force her to pull over a couple times, as the humiliation induced orgasms washed over her.

She knew she was in trouble. For the first time in her life the games she had been playing now started feeling real... and even the fact that she knew these voices were all in her head... they had a power about them... a control over her that she was terrified by... and dreadfully excited for at the same time.

The voices became her constant companion in life. The female voices more than the male one. They weren't always abusive, sometimes they simply voiced what a less restrained Zoe might say about others. But more often than not they were teasing and bullying poor Zoe. Once those dildos arrived in the mail she was being 'forced' at least once a day. Often being 'taken' to a bathroom where the suction cup dildo was attached to the toilet seat and she was made to ride that cock all through her lunch break.

At one point after a nearly being walked in on with that dildo buried in her cunt she decided that this was going to far and it needed to stop. So for about a week she completely ignored the nagging urges of the voices. They threatened her, they mocked her mercilessly, but after a little while they faded. And at a full week she had thought she was finally rid of them and she was safe once more.

That was when she was introduced to the last of the voices... because you see while she was ignoring them the voices were getting all frustrated and pent up.. and Zoe quickly learned that when the voices were pissed... they turned into "This."

This voice introduced itself in the middle of her commute to work. Sitting in mild traffic thanks to some construction she let out a sigh of boredom. The voice sounded like a combination of Jigsaw from the saw movies, but a little more raw, almost like a constant growl. "Naughty little cunt thinks she can ignore us..." Zoe was shocked at this new voice, and the tiniest bit frightened, but she had ignored their orders all week so this would be no different.

As it turns out this voice WAS different. As it said to her "I don't think you get it zoe-hole. We control you, and when you are naughty and don't listen you have to be punished." She dismissed it's threat at first, before she glanced down and realized that HER hand was plucking the buttons of her shirt open. She wasn't moving her hand, and she couldn't stop it from moving. It felt like she was a witness as her body acted on its own. She started frantically pleading as she watched her hands open her top, peeling it back away from her breasts. The front clasp between her soft melons was an easy target and even as she hysterically pleaded, now out loud, the voice and its control of her body opened her bra and let her glorious tits out into the open air.

It wasn't content stopping there. "They" missed out on a week worth of fun and they were going to make up for every moment. Once her tits were out her hands started working on her pants. With a little wiggling and some popping of buttons her pants AND panties were down around her upper thighs. Her thighs up were bared, even her smooth shaved pussy was exposed. The last bit of control it exerted was to reach into her purse, pull out that dildo, and drive it into her. The rest of the ride to work was spent in that exposed state. She was damned lucky no one reported her and as she pulled into the back lot of work she finally found control of her arms and quickly pulled her clothes back into place. The voice left one parting word of advice. "Ignore us again and we will do this on the meeting room table"

She had no reason to doubt it... and this is her life now.. a slave to her own imagination. Being driven to more and more lewd acts and only barely avoiding being caught by others.

~~This story is mostly an introduction to a character that I both role play as, and one that I intend to write more stories about if there is any interest. I welcome any feedback on my somewhat eclectic method of storytelling. ~~

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