Zoe's Revenge


"Get off me you asshole!"

"Ah, come on Zoe, you know you want it. Open those legs a little."

Zoe kept her legs rammed tightly together while Junior tried to pry them apart.

"Don't even dream about putting your nasty cock in me! I hate your dumb ass! Get off of me right now!"

"You know you don't mean that. You really want me to fuck you. You're just playing a little game with me."

"Let me up, you stupid son of a bitch. No means no! If you rape me I'll have the cops on your ass so fast you'll think they're jet pilots!"

Junior hit her with a hard right cross. Zoe passed out. When she came to, Junior was fucking her hard. Her pussy was bleeding. She bucked him off just before he started spewing his foul seed. She stood up and kicked him in the nuts. He screamed and doubled over in pain. Zoe retrieved her panties and started for the door.

"You're gonna pay for this, mother fucker! When I get done with you, you won't be able to fuck a cotton ball!"

Junior's daddy owned the town, so when she reported him for raping her, just exactly nothing happened. She resolved to make him pay.

Two years had passed since the rape. Zoe, now twenty, had spent a major part of her time figuring out ways to reduce junior to dust.

Junior was away at college; his rape of Zoe was just a fading memory. He had convinced himself that she had fallen for his seduction. He came home every three or four months to visit his parents.

Zoe kept careful track of his movements. Her plan was set. On his next visit, she would exact payment from Junior.

Junior was about six foot two and weighed 230 pounds, so Zoe knew she would have to overcome his sheer bulk. She was only five feet two inches tall and weighed a hundred and fifteen pounds. She decided on a chemical solution to her problem. She bought some chloroform.

Junior was big, but he wasn't too bright. He spent most of his time at home drinking with his buddies and raising hell in the little town. August in Texas is the hottest season of the year and Junior was fighting the heat with copious quantities of beer. Zoe watched him from a hilltop near the party. She knew that it wouldn't be long until all the party goers either went home or passed out. Junior was forcing his attentions on another young girl. She managed to fight him off and hide in the bathroom. She was the only one still awake at the party.

Zoe crept up behind Junior and slapped a rag full of chloroform over his nose. He struggled briefly and passed out. She hauled him out into the desert where she had assembled her revenge machine.

Junior woke up. The hot sun was beating down on him. He tried to say, "Oh damn," but found he was gagged. He tried to knock the gag off but he was completely immobilized on an "X" frame.

Zoe walked up to him with a whip in her hands. "Remember me, asshole? You raped me and thought you got away with it. I am here to give you what you deserve. I'll remove the ball gag before I start your punishment so I can enjoy listening to you scream the way you listened to me!"

She released the ball gag. "You no good bitch! When I get loose, you're gonna get your ass beat and then I'm gonna fuck you like the whore you are!" he shouted.

She slapped his cock with the whip. "I don't think you know who is in charge here stupid. By the time I get done with you, you'll crawl across Texas just to lick my dirty asshole," Zoe whispered into his ear.

"No way, bitch," declared Junior. He noticed he had the beginnings of a hardon.

"Oh looky! Your little old pecker is starting to stand up. Here, let me help you," said Zoe. She reached out and gently jacked his cock. It rapidly rose in her hands. "Looks like you're ready for some serious sex," she whispered.

At first Junior thought she was going to give him a blow job. Then he saw the sandpaper in her hand. "What are you going to do with that bitch?"

"I'm gonna teach you some respect," she quietly remarked. She started jacking him off with the sandpaper. Surprisingly, his cock stayed hard as she turned it bright red. Junior was writhing in pain as most of the skin was removed from his pecker. "I know you want to cum for me. I'll stop if you cum," Zoe promised sweetly.

Junior couldn't cum. He struggled and struggled but he just couldn't produce. Zoe stopped jacking him off with the sandpaper. His cock had very little skin left on it and it burned like it was on fire. It was bright red. "I wonder how long it'll take to quit hurting?" Zoe asked. "It took my cunt a whole month to quit hurting and bleeding after you raped me. I'm not cruel. I don't want you to get infected."

She produced a rag and a bottle of alcohol.

"Please don't do that," Junior screamed.

She soaked the rag with the alcohol and rubbed Junior's cock with it. There are no words to describe the sounds that came out of his mouth before he passed out. When he came to, his cock was felt like it was on fire. He had to look to make sure it wasn't.

"In order for you to survive, from now on you will address me as Mistress Zoe. You will call me Mistress or ma'am. Anything else will cause me to punish you. Do you understand?"


THWACK, the whip landed on his aching cock. He screamed in pain.

"What did you say? I don't believe you said the right thing. Now, do you understand?"

"Yes mistress."

"I'm not sure I should allow you to breed. You're a mean sadistic son of a bitch."

He looked at the scissors in her hand.

"Please, mistress, don't hurt me anymore. I'll be good. I'll reform. I won't ever hurt anybody again ma'am."

She looked at him and smiled. "I've been thinking about snipping your nut sack open and whacking your balls off."

"No mistress, please don't do that. I'll do anything you want, but don't castrate me please ma'am, please," he begged.

"I don't know. I remember begging you not to jam your cock into my cunt but it didn't make any difference to you."

Junior was now weeping openly.

"Maybe I should let you go. You could be my obedient little slave. I've always wanted a slave. Problem is, if I let you go, you'll hunt me down and try to kill me. I need some insurance."

"What kind of insurance mistress. I'll do anything. Please don't castrate me ma'am."

Zoe produced a recorder. "I have a little speech I want you to give into this recorder. I promise that if you are not totally subservient and obedient to me, I'll release it on the internet and everybody will find out what a sick sorry motherfucker you are."

"Yes, yes mistress anything."

"Talk into the mic so all the people out there will know all about your dumb ass." She held up the speech she had prepared so he could read it.

"My name is Junior Workman. I am a rapist and a queer. I love sucking dick about better than anything. I love bringing pain to people, especially women because they are small and weak and can't fight back. I am a bully and a coward. I have raped half a dozen girls in this town. My daddy always bails me out of these jams because he has money and he owns the mayor. I have also broken several federal laws including interstate transportation of narcotics. You can't touch me! You're fucked."

"Gee, Junior, that's a nice confession. Now I'm going to go put it on my computer and set it to automatically transmit if I don't give it a password every day. Since I'm a little, weak woman, you're going to have to remind me to reset the timer every day or you will be instantly internationally famous."

"Yes mistress. Thank you mistress. I'll do anything you command ma'am."

Zoe left Junior tied to the X frame while she went home and loaded the recording into her computer. Then she put the tape in a safety deposit box and told her lawyer to open the box if anything bad happened to her.

Junior heard her car drive up. He was beet red from the sun. His cock felt like it was going to explode. He cringed in fear as Zoe approached him. She touched his shoulder and he pissed all over everything. She untied him. He stood up and said, "What do you want me to do ma'am?"

"Get in the trunk of my car. But before you do that, I took a shit when I went home and my ass is still dirty. Get down there and lick it clean."

Junior got down on his hands and knees like a dog and licked her ass clean. Then he snuggled up in the trunk of her car.

It was late when Zoe got back to town. There was nobody on the streets. She opened her trunk and let Junior out. "Get on the ground," she ordered.

Junior immediately went to the ground. Zoe got out her BDSM kit and hog tied him. She jammed an electric dildo up his ass, turned it on and left him there.

Luckily the cops found Junior before anybody else did. They untied him and took him to the station. They laughed at his bright red cock. Then they took him to the hospital. Junior never told them a thing about how he got to where he was found. His cock was in a dressing for eight weeks while the skin grew back. They kept his nuts packed in ice so he wouldn't get an erection.

He remembered to call Zoe every day. He was at a party one night when Zoe showed up. "Well, it's my slave. How are you, slave?"

"I'm fine Mistress Zoe. Thank you for asking ma'am. Can I get you anything?"

"My feet are tired. Follow me into the living room so you can lick them."

"Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am."

As Junior was licking her feet, she looked at him and said, "Payback's a motherfucker."

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