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Zoey and Me


I'm not used to writing all my thoughts like this and I really want to write about imaginary people, characters like everyone else, but I have to start somewhere and so I'm going to start with this story which is sort of mostly true and we'll see how this first story goes.

I wasn't a slut in high school but I was an idiot. I got pregnant, had my daughter my senior year and thought college was out of the question until my parents said they would keep my daughter while I went to college because they thought it was that important for me to go to college. So kissed my little baby good-bye and went off to college and it was really hard those first few weeks because I missed her so much but my mom was so cool about things. When I told her I wanted to drop out so I could be with my daughter she told me, "No, college is about more than what you learn in classes, it's also about what you learn outside of class. Go be a slut, just don't get pregnant again."

I know! It was crazy! My mom and me didn't have that kind of relationship where we talked about everything and were each other's best friends and all that crap like some girls seem to have with their mom. She was a good mom but seemed like just a mom to me and not a woman, if that makes sense. It makes more sense to me now that I'm older but back then it felt really strange. Telling me to be a slut wasn't the weirdest thing she said to me. The weirdest thing she said was "Girls can't get you pregnant."

I was shocked and remember asking her if she was telling me to become a lesbian and she said she wasn't. She said she was only telling me to have fun and lots of it and that was that. It was sort of the end of an odd and creepy conversation that changed my attitude about being away at college.

It's funny thinking backwards to that time because I wasn't a party girl back then. I never was. I was always a good girl, except for getting pregnant. Anyway, I didn't know what I was supposed to do with mom's advice. Just because I was a good girl didn't mean I wasn't still a girl, too. I think I would get as horny as anyone else. I was curious about stuff and I played with myself a lot and stuff. I had had boyfriends and just because I got pregnant does mean I was a slut because I wasn't I just made a stupid, dumb mistake that resulted in getting pregnant.

The freshman dorms were called suites and we had two small rooms that were connected by a shared bathroom for four girls. (I know!) I had a roommate in my room and in the room that was connected by the bathroom were two more girls that me and Lindsey didn't see a lot. (Lindsey was my roommate and no that's not her real name.) Lindsey was cool but quiet and she was gone a lot and I guess that was good because it felt as if I had the room to myself most of the time and I sort of liked and hated that at the same time.

Our suitemates were Beth and Zoey and it was Zoey who this story is about. Like I said, we didn't see a lot of our suitemates because they had their own room and schedule and stuff. We saw them in the hallway and sometimes in the bathroom or through the bathroom or whatever. I know I liked Zoey a lot more than Beth because Zoey was so petite and cute. She was really tiny. She was only four feet and eleven inches and blonde hair and boobs that looked really big on her but probably weren't any bigger than mine but looked that way because she was so much smaller than me. Oh, and she was really funny, too! I know some girls didn't like her because she was really bubbly and sort of loud and laughed a lot but those were all reasons why I liked her. She was nice and never mean about the girls and sort of churchy which I didn't like but then I found out that maybe that part of things didn't matter.

So I don't remember everyone's class schedule from way back then but I remember that we were at class most of the day because the day that things sort of changed was a day when I thought everyone was in class. Lindsey, my roommate, had a work study job and was gone like all day every day. I had a class at one o'clock except that one day when that class was cancelled because the professor was sick or something and so I went back to my room. Because I knew I would have the room to myself and I was sort of horny, I knew I was going to go back to my room to masturbate. There were a couple guys in the class that got cancelled who I liked to imagine doing stuff with and I was thinking about them when I got back to my room.

I went into my room and I had to pee. I remember that part really well because it's how things sort of started. The thermostat for our suite was in their room and Zoey and Beth used to leave the bathroom door open incase we needed to turn the air conditioning or heat up or down. We used to leave the door to our room open, too, though I don't know why. I guess because they left theirs open? I don't know. I never really thought about it.

So, I had to pee and because I thought I had the suite to myself I just went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet without shutting any doors. It didn't feel like a weird thing to do since we were all girls and like I said I thought the suite was empty. What I remember is sitting on the toilet and hearing a weird buzzing noise coming from Zoey and Beth's room. It sounded like an electric toothbrush and I think I only heard it because the rooms were so quiet with no one around. I just remember sitting there peeing and hearing that faint buzz and hearing how the sound kept changing and wondering why it was such a strange sound. It would get louder and softer, louder and softer and that didn't make sense to me. I could tell it was coming from their room, Zoey and Beth's room, but that was it.

If it wasn't because the thermostat was in their room and I sometimes adjusted it, I don't think I would have gone into Zoey and Beth's room. One of them had a habit of turning the heat or air conditioning off when we went to class to save energy. I know that was why I didn't flush after I wiped because Beth had made this big deal about "If it's yellow, let it mellow" as a way to save water. I also know because of what I was planning on doing, I didn't bother to pull my pants all the way back up. I sort of held my shorts and panties up without really pulling them back into place. I was really horny, I remember that. And I remember that the buzzing sound wasn't really my business, except I was curious and so I acted as if I was going to check the thermostat as an excuse to see what was buzzing.

So, I stood up and held my bottoms mostly up and walked into their room as if nothing was going on because I was so sure they were both in class and I didn't expect anything to be going on. Boy was I wrong!!!

As soon as I stepped into their room, I saw her. I couldn't NOT see her. Zoey was laying in the middle of her bed. She was completely naked. It's sort of funny remembering it now because the first thing I noticed about her being naked was her being naked. I know that sounds funny except I remember the first thing I noticed was how she didn't have any tan lines even though she had a very nice tan. Sometimes I think it's why other girls didn't like Zoey because she was cute, bubbly and had even though she was blonde she had always had a really nice tan. I knew it wasn't a tan that came from a tan though I always figured it was fake-baked. My grandma was Italian and I have that sort of general, olive-toned tan year round. Zoey, being blonde, had a real tan and it was the same color on her stomach as her thighs as her breasts. Her tan was a real tan color and not a sort of brown color like my tan gets to be.

I remember freezing in place as I stood in the sort of hallway that was right there. See, the way the rooms were laid out, when you walked in you walked past two long closets and it felt like a short hallway before you got the room where there were two beds, two desks and a refrigerator (and whatever else people brought to school). I stood there, frozen in place, holding my shorts and panties up, but not on. In front of me, on her bed, Zoey was naked. Her eyes were closed really tight and as I stood there for only a moment, I watched her digging her heels into the mattress and pushing her pussy up in the air.

So many things happened all at once for me. Like I said, the first thing I noticed was how pretty and evenly tanned her skin looked. I still think that it's funny that I noticed that first because of what she was doing. The next thing I noticed was the big, white, bullet-shaped vibrator she held against her pussy. She held the tapered tip of the old school toy directly against her clit and she was pressing really hard because I remember seeing how her labia was sort squished around it and how her labia was tan, too. Maybe that was why I noticed her tan? I don't know. But that wasn't the craziest part. The crazy part was her other hand and it confused me when I first saw it before I realized what she was doing. At first, I thought she was grabbing her ass and I thought that looked sexy and thought I should try that, too. Then I thought she was fingering her pussy from behind because I saw two fingers pressed deep inside of her hole and I thought she was fingering her pussy while rubbing her clit because sometimes I did that. And then I realized those two fingers I saw pressed inside her pussy weren't really pressed inside her pussy, they were pressed inside her butt! And she was working them in and out! And her fingers were really deep inside her butt!!! (And I noticed how the back of her hand was the same color of tan as the rest of her body, but I guess that doesn't really matter.)

I stood in their hallway, stuck on stupid. Everything happened fast, but it felt as if it was happening in slow motion. I heard the vibrator making that buzzing sound and how the buzzing sound changed because of the way she pressed it against herself and it was part of how I knew she was pressing hard against her clit because it was changing the sound. I saw her fingers poking her butt and they were two knuckles deep and I can even remember thinking, "Well, she does have small fingers" because she had two fingers inside her butt. I remember seeing her fingers were moving, pressing in and out.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she whispered to herself, pressing her fingers deep every time she said the word "yes!" She wasn't loud, but I was in the same room as her. Then she sort of froze and I remember the panic of guessing she saw me except her eyes were still closed and I hadn't made any noise. I watched her shiver and I knew she was having an orgasm. She quivered. Her hips moved up and down, as if she was waving them at me and then she relaxed, sort of sitting on her hand. Laying on it, I guess is more accurate because her fingers were still inside her butt when she put her butt back on the bed. And she moved the vibrator from being pressed against her clit to her pussy and pushed it inside. She moaned, a bit louder than her "yes's." Her fingers inside her backside were still in motion, too. I don't know how I knew that, but I did. I think I could tell because of the way her arm moved.

"Shit, sorry," I mumbled and I saw her eyes snap wide open as I darted back into the bathroom. I ran to my bedroom. I didn't shut doors behind me. I didn't know what to do. I ran into my room and stood there in the space between my bed and Lindsey's bed and wondered what the hell I was supposed to do. I turned around, watching the opened door between our rooms, still holding my shorts and panties up. I remember cupping my pussy. I don't know why I did it. I remember changing hands. I had been holding up my shorts and panties with right hand. I switched to my left hand and held my right hand over my pussy. I don't know if I was trying to hide my pussy or touch it. I really don't because all I can really remember was feeling so panicked, as if I was in trouble or something.

"Katie?" Zoey called.

"Yeah," I called back and I remember feeling my finger pressing against my clit as if that was why I was holding myself. "I was going to adjust the thermostat."

"How much did you see?" she asked and she sounded closer, as if maybe she was standing at the doorway to the bathroom in her room.

"Nothing," I said and I knew she knew I was lying. In my mind's eye, I was already replaying everything I did see. I was pressing my finger against my clit and rubbing and knew that was bad. I made myself stop and put my clothes on again. I pulled my panties on, but only held my shorts closed. I fastened the button on top of my shorts. Damn, I didn't want to get dressed. I wanted to play with myself, but could I still do that? Now? After what just happened?

"Liar," Zoey said and she giggled. "You saw everything, didn't you?"

"Maybe," I said, not sure what to make of her giggle. "It's okay, though. I do it, too."

"Can I watch you do it?" she asked and somehow I knew she was just on the other side of the open door to the bathroom. I guess it was the sound of her voice, I don't know. But just like how I knew she knew I was lying, I knew she had gotten out of her bed, walked to her door of the bathroom and had walked through the bathroom as far as my door.

"Can I just sort of do it?" I asked, meaning, without her watching. I wanted to do it, but I didn't want to be watched doing it. I guess I knew, if I did it and I left the doors open, she might look into my room and watch me do it, but I didn't really think it all the way through. I knew I wanted to do it. I still wanted to do it. In a lot of ways, I wanted to do it even more now than when I first got back to my room.

"Are you going to do it now?" she asked. Her voice was quieter. She didn't need to be loud. She was too close.

"Maybe," I said and I undid the top of my shorts and pushed my hand inside my panties. I was really wet and horny and needy. I really wanted to do it, not because of what I saw, but because I wanted to do it anyway.

"Do you want to borrow my toy?"

"No!" I said, stunned she would ask that question. It felt too personal, too intimate and at the same time, I knew my answer was wrong. I did want to try her toy. I did want to know how it felt to have something vibrating against my aching clit. And I wanted to play with my butt, too. Not because I really knew anything about playing with my butt, but because I had seen her doing it and now I was curious how it felt. I wasn't going to do it like she did, but maybe I would do it. Maybe I would touch back there and see how it felt and stuff.

Zoey giggled again. "It's really fun," she said. "Have you ever used a toy?"

"No," I said without admitting that I had used other things because that wasn't important.

"I bet you'd like it."

"Maybe," I admitted and that was when the whole thing began to feel sort of creepy and weird. I think I calmed down from my initial panic of catching her and her catching me and worrying about being in trouble. I was horny and maybe I owed her something but I didn't think it was the same thing she thought I owed her. "I think I'm just going to do it, okay?"

"Okay," she said and I wasn't sure what she meant by that. Did it mean it was okay for me to do it and she would leave me alone? I stood with my hand inside my panties for another long moment before I did anything else. I don't know what I was waiting on before I got down to it. I guess I was waiting on her to come into my room and do something. I don't know. I just remember standing in the middle of my room, holding my shorts with one hand while I tentatively caressed my aching clit with my other hand because I really wanted to get off. I wanted to get off by myself. I wanted to do it and maybe think about what I saw Zoey doing but that was it as far as I knew.

"Are you still there?" I asked.

"No," she said with another giggle and I saw her arm. Just her arm (and hand, LOL) as she put her toy into my room. She propped it up on its flat base in the hallway outside the door to the bathroom, but that was all she did.

I stood there and stared at the big, white toy standing in front of my and Lindsey's closet space. It was taller (longer?) than I thought it was and it looked like a big dick standing in the middle of the floor, that is, if a dick could be long, white and plastic. "I'm not going to use that," I said and I laughed, too. I pushed off my shorts, pulled off the t-shirt shirt I was wearing and undid my bra, too. I was in just my panties, which didn't feel too naked because all four of us would sometimes walk around in just our panties. But I had a hand inside my panties, too, which was different. And I was touching myself, which was different.

"How do you like to do it?" she asked.

"I just do it," I said, unsure how else to answer her question. What do I do? I lay on my back and I play with my clit until I have an orgasm. Sometimes I play with my tits, too. And sometimes I'll finger myself, but not very often. I've used things, like a hairbrush handle, inside of me, but mostly I just rub myself until I have an orgasm. Sometimes, I like to do it more than once. Sometimes, I like to tease myself a few times and get close to an orgasm before I finally give myself one. I like to read when I masturbate if I have a good book with some good, dirty parts to it. But I don't feel as if I was ever a freak about how I played with myself. I just sort of did it and that was that.

"Are you doing it now?"

"Not really," I said because I still had my panties on. That felt stupid because I was rubbing my clit and knew I was going to do it. I took off my panties. My nipples were really hard and I pulled on one of them because it felt good and because they were so hard they needed attention. I felt really naked. More naked than being naked. I think, because I was standing in the middle of my room and, in part, because I knew Zoey was right on the other side of that doorway. I don't know if I really thought she would come into my room to watch. I think I had decided she wasn't going to do that because she hadn't done it yet and because of the way she put that toy into my room without poking her head inside, too. I just remember standing in the middle of my room, being really horny, being really horny in part because I knew she was so close and probably still naked, and I was standing there with one hand on my tits and one hand between my legs and I knew I was going to do it. I was going to masturbate, even if I didn't want her to watch.

"You should finger your pussy," she said.

"Maybe I already am," I laughed, though I hadn't done that yet, I started to do it. Just one finger, my middle finger and I pushed it deep inside of me because she wanted me to do it. It felt good. Not as good as having my finger on my clitoris, but it still felt good in that way I think most girls know and understand. One finger doesn't do much for most women, at least I don't think it does. It's not so much how a finger feels inside of you, it's more about how the inside of you feels, if that makes sense. I felt how hot and wet my pussy was and it sort of reminded me how excited I was. It's a little bit like playing with our nipples. Playing with my nipples feels really good when I'm excited but it's not going to get me off no matter how good it feels. But I still like to do it because it makes everything else I am doing feel that much better.

"I'm going to do it, too," she said and I somehow knew she meant she was going to do it right where she was standing without going back to her bed. "It feels so good. I am so wet."

"Me too," I said.

"Are you sitting, standing or laying down?"

"Sitting," I said, moving to my desk chair. I spun it around so I still faced the hallway and the bathroom door. Sitting felt better than standing.

"On your bed?"

"In my chair," I said, feeling better because her question meant she wasn't watching me. I pinched my nipples pretty hard because I like that. My nipples get really hard and I have pronounced nipples that show really easily if I'm wearing the wrong kind of bra or no bra at all (and that's why I used to always wear a bra). If I'm not wearing a bra sometimes people think my nipples are hard even when they are not.

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