tagLesbian SexZoey and Me Ch. 08

Zoey and Me Ch. 08


Hi again! It looks as if I've lost some of you as this story has dragged on. I feel bad about that I know my writing and proofreading is bad. I'm so sorry about that. For anyone still reading, I had a great remembering this. I think I got carried away describing it, I don't know. Anyway, if you take the time to read it and want to leave me a nice message that would be great because those really make me smile.


Lindsey went home after work on Friday, I had our dorm room to myself for the weekend and for the first time I felt lonely. It was an odd sensation because I like having time alone. It's not often I wished for a TV in my room but I think I would have enjoyed the noise. In the lobby of the dorm is a community room that had a TV. With nothing better to do, I played with my new blue toy and wore it downstairs but sitting in the community room watching mindless TV reminded me why I didn't care about TV. Determined to get used to my toy, I walked off campus to the coffee shop Lindsey and I had visited a few days ago. Again, walking around in public wearing a very intimate sex toy inside my panties was a thrill. By the time I reached the coffee shop I was a mess. I felt on the edge of an orgasm from doing nothing more than walking. How the hell did Lindsey ever do this?

I was leaving the tiny shop with my coffee in hand and I was thinking more about Kong waiting for me than anything else. That's when I heard someone say, "Well hey there, neighbor" and I glanced over my shoulder to see Beth sitting at one of the outdoor tables. She was sitting with a big sketchbook and nodded that I could sit with her if I wanted. Though I was in a state I didn't want to be rude and sat. "How's it going?"

"Good," I said though I felt like a wreck. Sitting had wiggled the toy deeper inside of me and it was driving me crazy. "Hiding out from the lovebirds?" I asked, immediately regretting it as being inappropriate but Beth laughed.

"The funny part is how Zoey thinks she's hiding it from me." Beth made a few pencil strokes on her sketchpad, frowned at them and rubbed the page with the side of her hand. "So, it's none of my business, but did Zoey dump you for Sam?"

I was stunned that she even knew. "We were never a couple," I managed and tried to hide behind my coffee cup. Was I blushing? I couldn't tell. I remember I squirmed because of that darn toy. Beth nodded and worked on her drawing. "How could you tell?"

"Please," Beth laughed never looking up from her drawing. "You don't remember that weekend Zoey spent with you and the two of you came into the room before going to lunch?"

"I guess we were pretty obvious," I laughed. That was the weekend when we met Sam and it felt funny thinking how that weekend was both a beginning and an ending. If I had known Sam was going to steal my girlfriend, would I have still wanted to go to lunch dressed like a prostitute? I remember having that thought because it was the first time I had thought about Zoey as my girlfriend. "How did you know she was spending the weekend with me?"

"It was just a guess. I didn't know for sure until I saw the two of you together that afternoon. Did you do Sam that evening?"

"Yes," I admitted, sure that I was blushing that time.

"It's not as if it's mystery," Beth explained. "That girl is loud as hell."

"Zoey hooked me up with her," I said, I don't know why.

"Interesting," Beth said, looking up from her drawing. "You know she spent a long time in the bathroom that night, right? I think she was listening." She went back to her drawing. "I thought she was jealous of Sam, but I guess I had it the wrong way around."

"Guess so," I agreed. I used a sip of my coffee to stop myself from explaining anything more. Beth's take on things wasn't how it felt for me but maybe she was right? I would have to think about it but I that was thinking that would have to wait until later.

"Are you seeing anyone new?" Beth asked, still working on her drawing, though she did glance up at me to see my reaction. She was assuming I preferred women and given my recent history, it didn't feel right to correct her.

"Not seriously," I said, unsure how to describe what was going on with Lindsey. I gave my answer before I had a second thought: was Beth hitting on me?

"You should let me draw you," she said and there was something about the way she said it that felt like it was a seduction line.

"Sure," I said without thinking about it.

"I only do life studies," she added. I didn't know what that meant. "Nudes," she amended. She turned her sketchbook around and showed me a few pages. Each page included a remarkable drawing of a nude woman, including the one she had been working on. I was as startled by her talent as I was by her subject matter. She flipped the pages too fast for me to study her drawings but each drawing looked more explicit than the last one. "Technically, erotic nudes," she amended again. In every drawing the girl was touching herself or posed in a very suggestive manner. "Still game?" she asked.

"Yes," I said in a small voice that felt the way Lindsey sometimes sounded. Agreeing sent a shiver through me that Beth noticed, too. She gave me a knowing smile but didn't comment on it. She wanted to work out the details and I mentioned how Lindsey was gone for the weekend. She asked if we could do it tomorrow and I quickly agreed. I think I would have agreed to anything because I was too excited. I needed to get back to my room and take care of myself.

I couldn't rush back to the dorm because walking faster made the toy wiggle more. I slowed and did my best to maintain an even gait. Most of the walk back to the dorm was a blur to me. If the elevator had been empty I might have started inside it. Instead, I had to waddle back to my room with an urgency that was tearing me apart. I made it as far as the opposite side of my door before shoving my hand inside my pants and gasping my way through an immediate orgasm. I stayed against the door sucking in deep lungful after lungful of breath as my heart raced. I pulled off my clothes, heading into the room and stayed on the bed until the fire inside of me had dimmed to nothing more than smoldering embers.

I cleaned up in the bathroom and stayed naked without using the toy. I had heard Sam's cries from Zoey and Beth's room and I tried applying Beth's logic to how things had gone down. Was Beth right? Was Zoey interested in Sam from the beginning? It didn't feel right to me. If Zoey wanted Sam to herself, then why had she pushed me and Sam together on that Sunday night? It made more sense that something had happened during that weekend when I went home. I shrugged away worrying about it. Whatever had happened had happened and thinking about it wasn't going to change things.

When I went to bed I thought about Lindsey. I thought about her being home and back in the arms of her boyfriend. Was she having fun? I tried to imagine Lindsey in the arms of a man and liked the mental image. I played with myself one more time imagining her bringing her boyfriend to school and watching them making love in the bed across from me.

I took a shower Saturday morning and went to breakfast. Sam was the only cashier. "How's it going?" I asked, giving her a smile.

"Good," she said, handing me back my card without swiping it. There was no one else in line behind me and as I tried taking the card from her, she held it tighter for just a moment. It was something she had done before we hooked up, too. "Do you hate me for stealing Zoey from you?"

"We were never a couple," I said and felt as if I had given that answer too many times. Why did everyone think she and I had ever been a couple? "I think she used me to get to you."

Sam blinked hard as if the world had turned upside down for a moment and she needed to right it by blinking. "Really?"

"Makes sense when you think about it," I said.

"We're going to get together when I get off work," Sam said. Was that an invitation or was she bragging? I couldn't be sure.

"Cool," I said, pocketing my card and I ate breakfast alone. Beth's theory did fit the facts but it still didn't feel right to me. Whatever Zoey and I had had together had felt honest and real and now it was gone in a way that felt odd. I no longer believed Zoey was avoiding me because we didn't have a lot of contact before we fell into bed together. Maybe Sam was trying to keep Zoey away from me but I couldn't be sure of that either. I shrugged away the idea from my mind and thought about Beth's drawings.

I went back to the dorm after breakfast and stopped at Beth and Zoey's door. Beth had told me to knock when I was ready to get started with our drawing session and I didn't know which door I should use. Since I was already in the hallway, that's the door I used and wasn't sure what to say when Zoey answered the door except the truth. "Is Beth home?" I asked.

When Zoey opened the door and saw me, her face it up in a big, happy smile. Her smiled faded when I asked for Beth. "Really?" she asked, looking confused. "I mean, yeah, she's here." She stepped aside and I walked past her into the room.

"Hey, how's it going?" Beth said with a big smile. "I need to grab my stuff." She picked up an olive green military surplus bag and began shoving pencils and her drawing pad inside of it. I nearly sat for a moment at Zoey's desk but thought better of it. With their beds positioned as bunk beds and Zoey sleeping on the bottom bunk, sitting on the bed didn't feel right, either. I leaned on the corner of the entryway into the room. Zoey walked around me and sat at her desk, still wearing a puzzled look on her face.

"Are you going to pose for her?" Zoey asked as if that meant something. I nodded. "Have you seen her drawings?" I had to assume Zoey had seen Beth's artwork because then her question made more sense.

"She showed me a few last night when I saw her at the coffee shop," I said. Zoey still looked confused and I saw her mouth open for a moment before she closed it without saying anything. "I saw your girlfriend at the caf," I said.

"We're not really girlfriends," Zoey corrected and Beth hooted a burst of laughter.

"You're a hell of a lot more than fuck-buddies," Beth said standing and turning off her computer before we left. Zoey looked as if she had been slapped in the face.

"And you're just going to draw Katie, right?" Zoey shot back. "Have you seen her pictures?"

"Yes," I reminded her.

"Ready?" Beth asked me, standing next to the bathroom door and we used the bathroom pass-thru to get to my room.

Before Zoey and I became lovers, I barely knew Zoey even though we were suitemates. It felt the same way with Beth, too. I knew Zoey thought Beth's lack of a filter was funny. Beth was the reason everyone in the suite was diligent about turning off their computers before they left the room, turned off all the lights in the room and she was militant about not heating or cooling our rooms if no one was home. I won't lie, Beth intimidated me. Maybe it was because she was tall or loud or so vocal about her urgency that we all needed to do our part to save Mother Earth, I don't know. I felt nervous around and that's not a sensation I often feel. I sat on my bed as she surveyed my room. I noticed a tiny smirk on her face when she noticed the three sex toys propped up on the refrigerator. "Interesting décor," she noted as her smirk turned into a more knowing grin. "Are you and Lindsey more than just roommates?"

"Mostly roommates," I said unsure how else to explain things between us.

"Well now I'm jealous," Beth said, still smiling. "I think she's hot as hell. You think she would ever let me draw her?"

"Maybe." Her openness surprised me.

"I like all the pillows," she said about my bed. "Those will be great for posing." She pulled out my desk chair, sat in it and began pulling things out of her bag. "Is it okay if I move these?" She was referring to the toys on top of the refrigerator. I nodded and watched as Beth moved them to the side to make room for her pencils and an eraser. "Nice," she said as she picked up Kong. "Can I draw this?"

"Sure," I said and I think I giggled because I nervous and I giggle a lot when I get nervous and I thought it was funny that she wanted to draw Lindsey's big sex toy. I could see her drawing pad from where I sat and I stared with fascination as she worked. I don't know anything about art or artists or drawing. I watched her make a couple faint, swooping lines and realized those lines were the drooping curve of Kong. She capped off the two lines with a big circle that became Kong's cockhead and I marveled how the toy began to take shape on her drawing board.

Beth kept talking as she worked. She told me how she had spent a summer working as a caricature artist and how she wanted to major in art except her parents wouldn't let her so she was majoring in business and still taking lots of art classes. She explained how working as a caricature artist has made her fast but she wanted to be good, too. I smiled when she said that because I already thought she was good. More importantly, her spending time drawing Lindsey's dildo relaxed me and I began to understand why Zoey liked Beth. She was fun and funny.

Beth was an all-natural girl and made me think of hippies from back in the day. She had long brown hair that was always shiny and healthy looking. When she started working her hair kept hanging like a curtain over the side of her face until she stopped drawing long enough to twist it into a bun and she stabbed that bun with an extra pencil to keep it in place. She was barefoot, wearing well-worn jeans and a loose fitting smock top that hugged her chest and billowed out from there. I could see her cleavage as she bent over her drawing pad and I tried not to stare.

She wasn't wearing a bra and I remember wondering if noticing that meant that I was more lesbian than I thought except I think I noticed lots of things about Beth while she drew. I noticed her bony fingers and short fingernails. I noticed the hemp friendship bracelets she wore on both arms and the one around her ankle, too. And she talked a lot with a sort of stream-of-consciousness patter that was sometimes aimed at me and sometimes aimed at her drawing and her comments flew out of her mouth without a filter. "It's too bad that toy doesn't have more veins. I like when a cock has big, bulging veins, don't you?"

"Yeah, those are nice," I said, laughing. "Are you into guys?"

"Oh yeah, I'm bi. I don't care if you're a chick or a dick as long as you're sexy and real. I think I'm going to add a few veins because I think they're sexy. I like to imagine that I can feel them when he's boning me. I know I can't really feel them but it's still nice thinking about it." She drew a snaking line into her drawing that wasn't part of the toy. After a few more pencil strokes and some shading, that snaky line turned into a bulging vein that looked life-like. She talked to the drawing as she worked on it, "Oh, you like that don't you, Mr. Cock. You like being all hard and bulgy like that."

"Kong," I corrected while still wrapping my head around how casually she had expressed her sexuality. "His name is Kong."

"Kong the dong! I love it!" she said with a big smile. I had never picked up on the potential rhyme to his name and I laughed. "So he's your toy? How did Lindsey feel when she first saw him? I bet she was shocked as hell, wasn't she?"

I laughed again because she never gave me a chance to answer her rapid-fire questions as she asked them. "Actually, he belongs to Lindsey and Zoey was the person who tricked Lindsey into showing it to us."

"Wait, Zoey got to tap you, Sam AND Lindsey? That little bitch! Is there anyone she hasn't done?"

"You?" I asked.

"Well, yeah, that's true," Beth said, smiling wistfully. "I asked her if we were going to have sex, like on our second day and she was all weird about it and now she's turning into a little slut." Beth shook her head and I didn't know her well enough to tell if she was mad or dismayed or what. I was glad Beth's version of the story matched Zoey's version because of all the lies Zoey had told when we were with Lindsey the first time. I still felt as if Zoey had tricked Lindsey into saying more than she wanted to say and sometimes I think that's why I was careful around Lindsey. I liked my roommate but I didn't want things to get out of control with her because I knew she had a boyfriend and I wasn't sure about my sexuality at the time and it just didn't feel like a good thing to do. It was sort of why I didn't think it was a good idea for Zoey and me to become roommates, either, because we would have kept having sex until we wore each other out. Like the saying goes, the brightest flames burns fastest.

Beth added her initials to the bottom of her drawing and turned it around to show it to me.

"Amazing," I said and I meant it.

"It's okay," she said, not accepting enough credit for her talent. "I never thought about drawing dildos and that's a good idea. Guys are funny about letting you draw them and the guys they get in the life study classes never get hard. But enough about me, are you ready to get naked?"

"I guess," I said feeling an unexpected bout of butterflies taking flight inside my stomach. I ignored the butterflies and pulled off my clothes while she sharpened pencils and kept up a steady barrage of little questions. She asked if I liked college and where I was from. She asked if I had posed for anyone before and reassured me any drawing she made of me would never go any farther than her portfolio unless I signed a modeling release. Once I was naked, I sat on the edge of my bed and waiting for instructions. Instead of giving any, she began drawing. "Shouldn't I pose or something?"

"You already are," she said holding the big drawing pad on her knee and making broad strokes. "I like to get warmed up with a couple test drawings, is that okay?" I said it was and she kept up her line of patter as she had while drawing the dildo. She talked about how much liked to draw the human form and how she preferred capturing the most intimate moments. Before I knew it, she was holding the pad away from her and looking at it. From the expression on her face, she didn't look happy.

"Can I see?" I asked.

"Sure," she said, turning the pad around and showing me something that looked like me in the face but the body looked like a stick figure with balloons circling around the arms, legs and torso.

"I don't get it," I said because it didn't look anything like the drawings she had showed me last night at the coffee shop.

"Sorry," Beth said, moving next to me on the bed. "If you never took an art class, this must look like a mess. See these lines?" She lightly traced the stick figure middle. "That's like a bone structure and these circles get turned into your arms and legs." She drew small sketch marks along one of the legs and I watched as it transformed from stick figure wearing balloons to a real leg. She did the same thing with one arm and stopped. "See here? I got it a bit wrong. Your elbow wasn't sticking out like that." As she sketched in the real lines she corrected her mistake. She added a few lines to the face. It seemed as if she had a difficult time holding her pencil still as she moved from one part of the drawing to another. With each extra stroke, the drawing became more lifelike. "Anyway, you get the idea," she said. She gave me a chance to look at the magic of her pencil before flipping the page.

She stared at me as she sat on the bed and I squirmed because I felt nervous again. I know my body is okay though I don't think it's great and having a real artist staring at me made me feel self-conscious which is why I think I was startled by what she said next. "You're absolutely beautiful," she said as she used the unsharpened end of her pencil to push my hair over my shoulder.

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