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Zoey's Story


My friend Zoey told me about a true event that happened to her. It's an interesting story and I will never look at a playground the same way again.

Zoey is a petite girl. She just turned 18 about a month ago. She has dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She's always wearing dresses. She says it gives her easy access. Most people would call Zoey a 'free spirit. She lives in a small neighborhood that happens to have an elementary school in the middle of it.  That school is where her adventure took place.

Zoey had just gotten back from California. She was living there for a while to sort some stuff out. But now she was back. And she was sick of unpacking. She decided to go for a walk before it got too dark out. As she was walking she felt like someone was watching her. She started feeling a little scared and headed for the safety of the school buildings. She was halfway there when she heard her name being called. It sounded like one of her old friends. It was one of her old friends. His name was Jude. Let me take a minute to tell ya about Jude, he has short hair with blonde curly tips and baby blue eyes.

As Zoey turned toward him she could feel herself get all tingly. Jude had always made her feel this way. But he had always seemed so shy that nothing had ever happened between them. It was the first time she'd seen him in 9 months. And she still had those damn feelings for him. As he walked up to her he had one of his crooked smiles ready for her and her heart skipped a beat. They started talking about how her little trip was and how he had been while she was gone. She told him she had missed him and he told her he'd just been moping around waiting for her to come back. She looked into his eyes and noticed he had changed. It was a small change but it seemed he had turned into the man she had always seen him as becoming. She smiled at him and put her hand to his cheek. He turned his face and kissed her palm.

She was shocked. Here her very shy, very sexy, and hot best friend was slowly kissing her hand. She was starting to get lightheaded and he had only kissed her hand so far!

She slowly pulled her hand away. He took his hand and caressed her cheek and tilted her chin up. He looked deep into her eyes as he lowered his mouth to devour hers.

As she pulls back to catch her breath he moans and pulls her body roughly against his. She can feel his length pressing against her thigh. She tilts her head back and his tongue traces her neckline. She groans and pulls fully away from him. Here was someone she's known all her life and has wanted for half that time welcoming her home in the best way possible. She leaned over and ran her hand along his shaft. He gasps and she decides she's going to have him. And now.

She grabs his hand and pulls him toward the playground. When they get there she slides his shirt over his head and runs her hands all over his finely chiseled chest. He starts to try to take her clothes off but she stops him. She pulls him to the swings and has him sit on one of them.

She bends down with her ass towards him and her skirt goes up. She pulls off his shoes as he runs his hands over her perfectly heart shaped ass. He leans over and grabs her thong with his teeth and yanks them down. He now has access but she moves quicker than him and turns around. She leans over again giving him a great look at her voluptuous breasts swinging in their freedom. He pulls one out while she undoes his belt and pulls his jeans and boxers down. She cries out as he takes her nipple in his hot damp mouth. She gets on her knees in front of him. She sees the drop of pre-cum and her tongue slides out and grabs it. She rolls her head back and closes her eyes, savoring the taste of him. She opens her eyes and looks up at him. Their eyes connect and she dips her head down and takes him in her mouth. She can't get all 8 inches in so she starts to work him with her hands as she bobs her head and lets out soft moans from around his cock. He feels that he is about to cum and warns her. She doubles her efforts and when she feels him shoot the first strand she pulls back and covers the head with her lips and swallows every drop.

She stands up to pull her dress and her thong off. She grabs his hand and they cross the playground naked. He stops her as he gets an idea. He tells her he wants to do something for her that he's never done for anyone. He wants to eat her out. She says I know just the place. They go back toward the main part of the playground.

In the middle of the series of tree houses there is a wooden bridge. Zoey gets on the bridge and leans back so that her sweet juicy cunt is spread open for him. Jude looks at her pussy lips and his mouth waters. He heads for her like a man possessed. He kneels down and starts his feast. All Zoey could think was that this man was a natural born sex fiend. He knew exactly where to lick, suck, bite, and tease. He could tell she was getting close and so he concentrated his efforts on her clit. He would circle it a few times then go back and circle in reverse then he'd nibble the skin around it till she was begging for him to stick his tongue in her hot honeyhole. As he spears his tongue into her she grabs his head and screams as she floods his face with fluid.

After she comes down he keeps on licking till she's clean. Zoey's gotten a little angry because she wants his cock. She wants it buried deep inside her. She sits up and kisses him licking herself from his face. They lean back and grin at each other. It's a race. They both run for the slide at the same time. Jude gets there first and is already lying down when Zoey gets there. She kneels, one leg on each side of him and lowers herself onto his massive tool. She slides down till he's in to the hilt and when she's adjusted she starts to ride. Jude can't believe it! Here is his best friend riding him like a fucking bronco. He could feel her slick velvetyness enveloping him. He had one thought in his head, he was home. He started to buck his hips up to meet her downward thrusts. He placed his hands under her soft and firm ass and pumped her onto his cock. Up and down. Up and down. Over and over again. Zoey felt like she was going to burst. She felt it start and she just went with it, she refused to hold back. Jude could feel her climax. She started gripping his cock and slammed herself down as far as she could go then she became a bundle of convulsing nerves. He closed his eyes and followed her on a journey of pleasure.

When they were down she climbed off of him and kissed him so tenderly he thought his heart would break. He loved her. His best friend. His lover. But loving her meant knowing you can't keep a wild creature like her in a cage or she would wither and die. So he smiled up at her and understood that he had to give her, her freedom. Zoey knew about his decision and it made her want to love him even more. This is her story. His story. Their story. I hope you will treasure it as she has. -K8e

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