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Where do I start? We've been gone a long time, I know, Jared and jenna and I... and there have been a lot of changes. The first, I'm sure you'll notice, is that I'm saying we. I guess if you've ever read any of the exploits of Jared and jenna you'll know that I've always been a part of their lives... as a friend and a confidant... but our relationship has changed. I am... let's just say, more involved... for now.

I suppose I should start with jenna's "Outing." That's when everything started to change. I noticed it immediately. They spent more and more time with Sir Phillip and marthagirl and the other friends they made that night. jenna even introduced me to Skyhawk and His angel and told them that I am a writer. Their story is fascinating and they have agreed to let me tell it! Anyway, they spent the whole weekend there that Halloween and this year, they are planning on hosting the costume ball! I never dreamed that either of them would change how they felt about sharing their lives so intimately but I guess I was wrong! It wasn't the first time and it definitely wasn't the last! Take me, for instance. If anyone had asked me when I first started this if any part of this lifestyle was for me? I would have said 'Not no, but Hell no! No man is going to take a whip to me!' But I've learned a lot over the past few years with Jared and jenna. Like the fact that I have hidden behind my keyboard and notepad for far too long. Each day as I watched them grow in their relationship I was more acutely aware of how desperately I want a love like theirs. I'm not talking about lifestyle now... just the complete and utter devotion that they have for one another.

Back to the stars of our show... Jared and jenna explored the lifestyle staying true to their one steadfast vow. Only each other. jenna became more and more submissive to her MasterJared, which brought out His dominance in a whole new way. she even requested that He give her a new name. I was visiting that day and making notes on the party from the night before when I heard jenna ask... so I grabbed my recorder and this is what took place:


"Yes, jenna?"

"Has Your jenna been a good girl?"

"Yes, jenna! you've been very good!"

"Then will my JaredMaster consider a request?"

Jared put down His book and looked down at jenna who was kneeling at His

feet. He sighed deeply and smiled at her. It was no secret How proud He was of how she

served Him!

"Yes, jenna! Ask me anything and I will consider it very carefully because I can see that this is a serious request by the look in my sweet slave's eyes."

jenna fidgeted about on her knees, biting her lip as she carefully thought through how to phrase her question.

"Would it please You... umm... would You consider...giving me a new name? A name that is mine by my Master?"

Jared's brow furrowed."You'll have to tell me why this is on your heart jenna. I love your name... I am quite fond of how our initials are the same and... It's the name I spoke when I first told you that I love you."

jenna's resolve faltered at her JaredMaster's words. Love of those things... His love, and hers now that He'd put it that way, had not been on her mind when she started down this path.


"Just tell me, jenna, what is on your mind about a new name?"

"i was thinking i would like to have a name that signified my... life with You. Like a representation of Your ownership and my servitude. You took me as Yours, You gave me a collar that makes me a new and different person altogether, and I thought that a new name would... bring it all together. It made much more sense to me before You professed Your love for my given name."

"I'll tell you what... I'll give you a couple of stipulations. I will not compromise on these, when you give me a name. IF I like it, and IF it fits well enough in My mouth when I say it... then you may have a new name."

jenna smiled at her Master.

"Don't get too excited yet, you haven't heard the rest of My stipulations."

her smile faltered, but only a little.

"First, your new name must be one that I can use in the vanilla world as well as in Our world. When I become accustomed to using it, I don't want to have to consider where We are at that moment. Second, I would prefer it represent who and what you are to Me. I realize this will make it difficult but I am perfectly happy with the name you have."

"Third, and most important, it must start with j. The significance in that is something I'm too fond of to just let it vanish. Not to mention, you have a necklace that I love to see around your neck that cost me a small fortune!"

"Thank You my Sweet Possessor!"

"you are welcome, now... since you are already so conveniently on your knees, why don't you show your JaredMaster how grateful you are by sucking Me!"

Jared pulled His soft cock out of His shorts and pulled His jenna up by her hair to suck Him. jenna went to work like a starved animal on her Master's slowly awakening member. her soft lips slid up and down while she sucked it to life, her tongue dancing over it wildly. Jared leaned His head back and moaned low in His chest as His fingers wound more fully in jenna's hair.

"Take off the dress."

jenna reached up and untied the halter strings on her flimsy dress and slid it all the way down to her knees without ever missing a beat with her mouth. she wore nothing under the dress so her breasts rested heavily between her Master's thighs and her ass was in the air jerking about in search of... anything to sate the fire between her legs.

I was watching them, fully engrossed as I always am when it dawned on me that I'd heard my name.


There it was again! I looked up and found Jared looking straight... at me! I think my mouth was open but I didn't speak. As it turns out, I didn't have to. Now that He had my attention He didn't need a reply.

"Could I trouble you to bring me that crop on the chair next to you?"

Oh. My. God. They don't talk to me during... that! I'm just here to observe! And write! In spite of that, I reached for the crop and felt myself moving across the room. It would be impolite to refuse, right? He thanked me, I think, when I handed it to Him and I turned and walked back to my chair, as I became aware of the deafening sound of my heart pounding in my ears! That was the first time I actively participated. I know it isn't much, just handing Him the crop, but it marked the beginning of something new for all of us.

Jared used the crop on jenna's ass and each snap against her pale skin seemed to increase the flow of honey from her cunt. When the position wasn't satisfying Him any longer JaredMaster pulled jenna off His cock with a loud slurping sound. He moved her to the back of the couch popping her tits with the crop as they made their way to where He would use her. He leaned her over the back of the couch and kicked her feet wide apart while He stretched her arms out along the length of the sofa back.

"Don't move."

And then He left the room tossing the crop on the table where I was sitting. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. What was wrong with me? All I did was hand Him the damned thing! You'd think it was going to bite me the way I was acting! Was I scared? Embarrassed? What the hell? I was sweating!

When Jared returned He had the long thick whip that He used to use for punishment, but jenna was long past needing that type of whipping and the big whip actually made her moan with delight when she caught a glimpse of it over her shoulder. Jared whipped His jennaslave over and over while she squirmed and humped at the air. she was loving every lash even as the pools of black slid down her face from her eyes. The tears mixed with the mascara gave her the wild look of something not fully human.

Jared threw down the whip and swung His hand up hard between her legs, slapping her soaking wet pussy so hard she screamed... and came so fiercely that she shook from head to feet. she was thanking her Master profusely through clenched teeth as He was working the head of His long hard cock into her ass while her thighs still jerked and convulsed. jenna screamed again when the head of His dick popped into her tight hole, but this one was a guttural half scream half growl as she dug her fingers into the couch and braced herself for the rest of Him. Jared hesitated only a moment, losing the battle inside Himself, He slammed His hips against her flaming red ass and jenna's head snapped up in a silent cry of pain while juices from her thumping pussy slid down the inside of her thighs.

I was looking at them in a whole new way. I had watched them in action hundreds of times over the past couple of years but today...? Today what was happening wasn't just a movie playing out in front of me... Today they were as real as that evil, black crop that sat there taunting me! From the moment I touched it, from the moment Jared had spoken to me while His jenna was sucking Him off, something had changed. It was like my senses were hyper-alert. Every grunt was like a roar in my ears! I could see the entire path that a bead of sweat made down Jared's arm before it fell with tiny splash on jenna's ass, and I swear I could smell the difference in the leather of the whip now that it had been warmed by jenna's flesh! And... and when I breathed through my open mouth I could almost taste that honey inside her thighs!

Jared was close now... He let go of her hair and reached underneath her to grab a tit in each hand. jenna wasn't just receiving His cock now, she was meeting each thrust halfway, slamming and grinding against her Master's hips when He paused deep within her. she was grunting and sometimes there was a mad giggling that escaped her. Jared's balls tightened and He released her tits to hook His arms under her and lay over her back so that He could rut inside her more fully. When He came He was biting the crescent tattoo on her shoulder and mumbling...

"Cum! Cum jen! Cum!"

He'd slid one hand down her torso to her cunt and was feverishly fucking it with His fingers when His hot silky seed pushed jenna over the edge. A gush of liquid from her cunt filled and spilled from His hand as they struggled to stay on their feet.

I sat there fully aware of the reality of the things I'd written about without truly knowing any of it... without ever having truly experienced it and... I came.

I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. I've had orgasms before. I've even had them with partners, though it was usually a memory of these two and the thing they share between them that got me over. And okay, I say partners but there have literally been two men that I've gone out with in the past five years. I fucked the first one on the first night and refused to see him again. I liked the second one but stopped seeing Him when, after three weeks of "losing his wallet," wishing he had a "home cooked meal," and being a "victim of credit card fraud," he asked if he could move in with me until he "got back on his feet." Good sex, bum of a guy.

Anyway, I grabbed my recorder and ran out like an idiot. I went home and masturbated to the recording over and over that weekend and when I had to stop because I'd beaten my clit until it swelled to three times its normal size, I decided I would just tell them I wouldn't be writing about them anymore.

I wanted what they have... unconditional love and trust. Deep down I knew that's why I'd followed them around for so long. As long as I was on the outside looking in, I was safe. I could live through them and never have to take the risk myself. I was curious about the life they led but now I had to admit the curiosity was long gone. I wanted it. I wanted all of it and now, one innocent passing of the crop later, the reality was... I wanted them. .............

On Monday, there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find jenna. she'd consumed me all weekend and now, here she was on my doorstep looking... confused? Or was that... worry? she was truly worried about me.

"Zoie! i've been trying to call since you left Friday! What happened? Are you okay? Did we do something wrong? Is your phone dead or just off? Why did you leave like that? Are you mad at us?"

"Slow down, j. I'm fine. I just had to go. I... remembered I had an appointment and I was late."

"An appointment?" her eyebrow went up.

I love that thing she does that lets you know she doesn't believe a word you're saying. How could I have never noticed that gold tint in the brown of her eyes?

"What about the phone?"

"Okay, look j, there isn't anything wrong. You're just going to have to believe me and let it go, okay? It's personal and... well... I'll stay out of yours and you stay out of mine, okay?"

I kept moving away from her and she kept stepping into my space forcing me to look at her... to smell that damned Dona Karan perfume she always wears... and the soft delicious smell of the lavender and vanilla shampoo that Jared buys her all the time.

Crap. I was hopeless.


That's what she calls me when she's being serious.

"You're in big trouble!"

god, don't I know it.

"You are as deep into my personal stuff," she made quotes in the air with her fingers! "as you can be! And besides that...,"

her lip quivered! Oh my god! How am I supposed to handle that?

"...we're... i thought we were friends?"

Crap! Crap! Crap!

"We are friends, j. Jeez... Okay, could you be satisfied with the fact that I'm just not ready to talk about it with you?"

There was an infinitely long pause.

"K," she grinned a crooked grin around the still pooched out lip.

And then she stepped in and hugged me. Aw, hell! Her skin felt like a rose petal it was so soft, and I'd been privy to her being stripped naked enough to know that there was absolutely nothing underneath that smocked sundress.

"So... You'll come to dinner with us tonight? I've picked out a name and Jared is taking me to the fondue place i love, so i can tell Him!"

"Actually, I have a lot to wri..."


What is with the lip? How can anybody say no to that?

"Yeah, okay."

"Thank you, Zoie! It wouldn't feel right without you there. You are such a big part of O/our lives that W/we feel like something is missing when you aren't around."

she gave me another quick hug and headed for the door while my head was still swimming in her smell. "Our reservation is at seven-thirty so W/we'll pick you up at seven?" "Sure," I think I managed a smile with no traces of anguish.

And then she was gone, leaving behind her delicious scent to torment me a bit longer. Crap. Crap. Crap. How did you do this Zoie? How did you let this happen?

I asked myself that question all afternoon. I'm not gay. At least... I never thought I was until... no. I'm definitely not gay. I've never in my life been attracted to another woman. Until jenna. But... that wasn't all of it. Because I was fairly certain that if Jared had been the one to come to the apartment that afternoon I'd have felt the same way. I would need to test that theory. Surely I would be in His presence alone at some point during the night. I wracked my brain for a time when I had ever been completely alone with Jared.

I went to the bathroom to take my shower and remembered something so I stopped at the linen closet in the hallway and opened the door. There were a few towels, and some aspirin, hair clips... and then I saw it. Over to the side of a shelf was a dark purple bottle. jenna gave it to me with my other birthday presents from them. It was a bottle of that shampoo... lavender and vanilla. Needless to say, I took a very long shower.

And just as long to do my hair. And makeup. And pick out my clothes. I think I changed fifty times. In the end, I chose a pair of khaki pants and a pale pink cap sleeve cotton top that showed off my tits. Of course, my tits show off no matter what I'm wearing. They are definitely a prominent feature on me. I'm a lot like jenna in that way.

That, however is where our similarities end. While jenna has that wonderfully rich chocolate brown hair, mine is red. I've played around with color before but it is always some version of red, not by choice but because it just refuses to hide it's light under a bushel... so to speak. It doesn't glow like some "carrot tops" but there is no denying the Irish heritage in my blood. My skin is very fair like most true redheads and I don't tan like most people but I do get sort of coppery. My father used to say that his great-grandmother kissed me from the spirit world and blessed me with the riches of her Choctaw land. She is the only member of my family tree who wasn't Irish. Jenna always says my skin looks "slightly sun-kissed." Sometimes I wish I were the typical pale skinned redhead because that would make my nipples less obvious. Of course, pale skin

wouldn't hide the fact that they are puffy but it would camouflage the fact that my areolas are so pale they look white perched on my coppery hued tits. I'm average in height, about 5'5", my eyes are green, and while I've worked hard not to let the extra

pounds creep on, my hips have a natural flare to them. I'm not a good judge of my own beauty but I have been complimented sincerely enough to know that I'm at least "pretty."

When the bell rang, I immediately felt my palms get damp. It was like I was going on a blind date or something! Jeez!

"You go out with them all the time, Zo! Get a grip!" I was talking to myself when I answered the door.

"Excuse me?" It was Jared.

"Oh! Hey! I was just talking to myself. I... say things out loud sometimes to try and make myself remember them..." Was I... blushing? O. M. G. this was going to be a long night.

"Well did you tell yourself to wear shoes? Or... do we need to make a stop along the way?"


"I'll be right back..."

The whole time I was fidgeting with the buckle on the outside of my ankle (why do shoemakers do that?) my fingers were trembling. God he is handsome! He is so tall that I've never understood why everyone doesn't automatically call him "Sir." His presence is so... commanding. I've heard that expression a thousand times but never understood it until I met Jared.

"Damnit!" I was cursing the tiny buckle when Jared knelt in front of me.

"Here, let me help?" He took my ankle and I swear I felt an electrical current race up my leg straight into my clit!

I slowly let my eyes rise up to examine his face. Oh god! My legs trembled.

"Are you okay?

"Yes! Just... hungry... haven't eaten today."

"Well we need to get some food in you then. There. How does that feel?" He meant my shoes but I was thinking about the charge in my clit.



We were seated in a tiny booth with Jared and jenna across from me. jenna was very excited. she giggled a lot and teased Jared. It was so different with them in the

vanilla world. He doted on her. she was His princess and He treated her as though she were made of precious crystal. jenna revealed her name choice over the first glass of champagne. Jared liked it very much and agreed to try it in His mouth for the rest of the evening until He'd made His decision.

she'd chosen jade. she told Him all that she'd found out and I listened intently though I already knew most of what she was telling Him. First, it's a precious stone revered by the Chinese. My mind was lost in the way her mouth moved as she went into detail of the history of the love the culture has for this revered stone. Second, one of the definitions for jade is slut. This bit of information drew my attention to Jared and the way His body language gave an almost imperceptible shift when she talked about how much she adored being His slut. And finally, it started with j. she was His slut and yet she was so very precious to Him. It was a presentable vanilla name, and it started with j.

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