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Zoie's Valentine


The dictionary defines Valentine- a sweetheart chosen or complimented on Valentine's Day. I'm not sentimental or for that matter sensitive. At least, that is what I've often been told. You are so closed off! Unreachable! I disagree. I happen to have had a perfectly good reason for keeping my heart locked up. The problem, in my opinion, was with the people who never tried to slip by the barriers. I mean... if it's worth doing, do it right. Right? Well anyway, all of that is, as they say, history. The barriers have been breached. Alert the heartless who would condemn me for the same crime! I have been delivered!

Time, and true friends have a way of eroding the past.


I was on my knees taking the cyberskin dildo that jade wore strapped around her hips as deeply as I could manage in my throat. This is called practicing my Velma's. Named for a dominatrix friend of jade's who taught her some tricks to desensitize the gag reflex. Encouraged frequently by jade as she stroked my hair and held the artificial Jared cock stiff for my manipulations, I was becoming quite adept at holding my nose against her pubis with my throat full of cyberskin. Just as we were stopping for the day Jared called.

"Hello?" jade answered while she stood absent-mindedly stroking the thick coat of saliva up and down the shaft of the strap-on.

"Hello, My sweet girl. Have My two little subs had a good day today?"

"Yes Sir! We miss You! When will You be home?" jade said with a bit of a pout.

"I'm on my way. I need you to pack. I have a surprise for you! The three of us are going away for the weekend. You'll need a couple of casual outfits and one little black dress each. Not a lot. You should both be able to pack in one suitcase. I'll need My small bag and you can pack for Me accordingly."

"Yes, Master! "

"Don't forget your collar, baby."

"Yes, Sir! Should i pack the silver hoop or the chain?

"No. I want the leather one."

"Yes, Master..."

"It's three thirty now, Our flight is at five forty. Get busy and I'll be there in twenty."

When jade said goodbye she stood holding the phone and looking a little perplexed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing is wrong... Jared is taking us away for the weekend... and He said for me to pack my collar."

"That's great! Did he say where we are going?"

"No... but the collar He wants me to take is this one," she said, pointing to her leather bound neck. "Not either of my publicly acceptable collars."

"So... He just wants it for when we are alone." I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly. I really didn't think otherwise.

A couple of hours later we were all on a flight to New Orleans. I was anxious and excited! I've been many places with Jared and jade but never as their other partner. I was always along to observe, but this trip I would be a part of the action and I couldn't wait to get started!

Jared let go of the book He read with His left hand and reached across jade to rest His hand on my bouncing knee. I looked over at Him and without looking away from the pages of the book He silently shh'd me. My knee stopped bouncing and my heart stopped pounding so hard. His effect on me with one trivial gesture both alarmed and astounded me. I remained still for the rest of the flight as I reflected on His power over me.

Our hotel was new, as were a lot of things in the city since Katrina, but it was expertly fashioned in old New Orleans style. The room was regally furnished with deep purples and gold and there was a bottle of champagne that sat nestled in an ice bucket next to the already bubbling Jacuzzi tub!

"Oh my gosh, jade!" I was giddy, "there is a jar of rose petals by the tub and... strawberries... and three glasses!"

"I didn't want My girls to have to wait for their delights." Jared said, as though all of it were commonplace. And maybe it was to some people, although judging from jade's sparkling eyes and speechless open mouth, I didn't think it was for them. I was more than a bit shocked at my own response to the romantic feel of it all, but everything that had happened in my life since Jared and jade had invited me into their bed astounded me on some level.

Jared stepped up and placed His hands on each of our lower backs, "Are you two going to stare until the water is cold and the champagne is hot, or can I get someone to take this damned tie off Me?"

We both giggled and turned into His arms and together we undressed our Master/Sir. When He stood naked He turned to Jade and kissed her deeply while I ran my hands over His warm skin.

"Don't go anywhere My precious jade," He said before turning to me and reaching for the buttons on my shirt. He took His time undressing me and kissing me on each newly exposed bit of flesh, and when I was completely nude and completely aroused I was gently nudged in the direction of the tub. The water was hot as I dipped my toes in but the chilly air in the room made a delightful balance.

When I settled in I set myself to the task of uncorking the bottle of bubbly while Jared undressed His beautiful slavegirl. Again, He took His time. This was about seduction and delight. He kissed her deep and hungry as He slid the straps of her dress down her shoulders. When she'd maneuvered her arms free He reached behind her and slid the zipper down her back as He licked and nibbled on her neck. When the dress hit the floor there was nothing left for her to do except slip the strappy heels off her feet. Jared took her hand and led her to the tub, helping her to step in and then easing in with her. I'd made a point to pour champagne while He undressed her, giving them their tender moment without an obvious audience.

We toasted and soaked, we touched and kissed and stroked and when the heat became too much we dried each other and headed for the bed. My cunt throbbed with need and I could tell by the way that jade breathed through her open mouth that she hungered to be used as well.

"Where are you two going?" Jared asked as He reached in His bag.

We looked at each other, not sure of our faux pas and turned to Jared with matching quizzical looks.

"Come here." A simple command but it thundered through my body as we hurried to stand in front of Him.

"Present up."

I knew the presentation commands well. It was one of the first things jade taught me. We both locked our fingers behind our heads and spread our legs apart with toes pointed forward.

Jared reached into His bag and pulled out two big egg shaped things, each with about a ten inch wire coming out of the narrow end. He stepped to jade first and used His left hand to feel between her legs.

"Ahhh, Master does so love a wet cunt!" He said, then He reached between her legs with the other hand and pushed the egg inside jade, big end first, leaving the wire hanging out of her puffy lips. Then it was my turn.

"Mmm, I should rephrase... I do so love TWO wet cunts!"

The egg felt huge going in but still I feared losing it with the deluge of juices that flowed so freely from my needy slit.

"Get dressed, were going out." Jared smiled a wicked smile and jade and I took our hungry bodies to the suitcase, not trying to hide the pouts that formed on our faces.

"Wear the skirts. I hope you didn't bother packing panties," He chuckled, "and jade, you may wear the halter I put in your bag so you don't need a bra."

jade pulled the deep green halter out that I'd seen her wear a couple of times before and the royal blue skirt she'd brought with her. I watched her mouth twist up then handed her my denim skirt and took the blue one from her hand. She thanked me with her eyes for not letting her go out in such miss matched colors and we dressed together, even helping each other. I worked bows but settled finally on square knots into the wide ties at her back and neck that supported her large breasts well enough that no bra was passable. My white shirt was cut low and the new bra I bought (front hook closure per Jared's instructions) accentuated my tits nicely but I couldn't get used to how tight my clothes felt. I knew it wasn't my weight. I hadn't gained but lost a couple of pounds in the past few weeks. It was the clothes. Not wearing them regularly made them feel tight and abrasive on my skin.

Finally we were primped and lipsticked and ready to go, so we slipped into our sanuks and met Jared in the sitting area of our suite. His big smile said we met with His approval so we headed out the door for a night in NOLA.

We ate light and walked a lot. Then we visited the piano bar at Pat O'Brien's and left with one hurricane each and walked some more. We slipped into a strip bar but left quickly because the dancers were just finishing a group number before a break. Novelty shops were everywhere and Jared couldn't resist a g-string for jade that read Master's little slut and a pair nipple tassels for me.

We had a great time and were getting close to calling it a night when jade asked Jared if we could stop at a little shop with sexy lingerie and costumes.

"You two go ahead, I'll wait for you right here."

He had been a perfect gentleman, letting us browse every little boutique that caught our eye, even holding bags and purses when the situation called for it, so there were no complaints when He wanted to sit this one out.

Inside, jade and I found lots of goodies to ooh and ahh over but the real surprise was when both our cunts started to throb at the same time! I'd been aware of the egg throughout the night but just considered it a tool for training my muscles. Oh boy was I mistaken! I thought my teeth would start to rattle if I tried to hold still so I found myself wandering around the shop, staying in motion and talking loudly to mask what I perceived to be the sound of a giant bee coming from inside me. jade appeared to suffer my same plight because she was shifting from foot to foot and humming a nonsensical tune. Just when I was ready to bolt for the door, Jared appeared, holding a small bag and a huge grin!

"Have my girls found a hidden treasure in here?" He asked slyly.

"we were just saying how we are ready to call it a night!" jade blurted out.

""Nonsense! I don't see any new packages in your hands... let's see what we can find, shall We?"

Jared led us around the store lifting this or that to ask our opinions, as though it would matter, if He truly liked whatever He was holding up He would get it regardless. The pulsing vibes in our cunts were making us crazy with need but Jared wasn't finished with His fun yet. He picked out a sheer black teddy for jade to try on, and for me, a corset of pink satin and black leather and steered us to the dressing room. When asked if we could be helped Jared stopped and held each of us by the hand and looked at the young girl who'd approached us.

"Yes, I assume the dressing rooms are provided so that the garments may be tried for fit before purchase?"

"Absolutely, Sir, we only ask that panties be left on when trying on our lingerie for sanitary reasons."

"Well that could be a problem. You see, I don't allow my girls to wear panties."

To her credit, the young lady never faltered while leading us to the fitting rooms.

"Well... that shouldn't be a problem with the things you've chosen, as neither of them has a... bottom?"

"Ah! So right! Thank you, miss. And will one fitting room for all of us be acceptable as well? I want to see how each fits, and I'm sure my girls would like to retain their modesty."

"Not a problem, Sir, I'll just put you in the larger room."

Jared thanked the clerk again and nudged us into the smallest larger room I'd ever had to change in while I tried desperately not to cum without permission!

Inside the dressing room Jared stood facing us with His little bag in one hand and the other in His pocket.

"Everything off." He said coolly and our vibes jumped up a notch from throb to pulse. We took off the skirts and tops and Jared reached over and unsnapped my bra while jade reached for the lingerie He'd chosen.

"No need jade, I'm sure they will both fit. I want zoie to suck your tits and stroke your clit for Me."

I swallowed hard. He was going to make us fuck in the dressing room of this little boutique. Could the clerk hear us? Would she throw us out? Could I really do this? Jared looked at me and I knew that I would do anything He wanted. That thought scared me enough to hesitate. What the hell am I doing raced through my mind. I have completely let go of all my defenses and that? That is something I just didn't do.

"Well, zoie? Will you serve your Sir? I realize that you are still establishing limits. It's My job to find out what they are. I need an answer. Will you serve your Sir? Do you trust Me?"

Do you trust Me? Do you trust Me? Do you trust Me? Do you trust Me?

It was ringing through my brain like deja'vu... Those four words... They were the reason for the walls around my heart. I had trusted. He had been unworthy.

Jared... Jared was worthy. Wasn't He? He'd never betrayed me. He'd never truly harmed me. But neither had the unworthy... until he did. And then it was done. No! Jared was not like the unworthy. That is why I was drawn to Him... to them... to this lifestyle... to give myself over completely to another and to trust in Him/Them to give me what I need... to keep and protect me... to love me. There could be no Master or Sir for me unless I trusted Him to be worthy of my unconditional love. I could never allow someone to have Dominion over me without love... or trust.

Yes... my Sir was worthy.

"It's alright, zoie... It's okay... don't cry! Let's get you dressed and go back to Our room, Shall We?"

OMG! I'd started crying and He thought it was because I didn't want to, when truly it was...

"No! Oh! S.. Sir! No Sir, I mean! Yes! Yes! Yes! I trust You! I do! I don't want to go... or stop... I mean... please! Please Sir... I want very much to serve YOU, Sir... because, I do. I do trust You."

Jared looked deep into my eyes until I felt His blue-green smolder illuminate inside me... "Alright, zoiegirl... but for this first time... I want you to understand clearly that you may stop at any point without fear of punishment or even disappointment. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir..." I smiled big and turned to jade who looked at me with true concern and yes... love... in her eyes, and I took her hands and nodded when I said, "I understand completely."

she smiled back at me and I leaned in to kiss her left nipple before taking it fully in my mouth to suck and tease it. I felt jade's fingers bury themselves in my hair and from that moment on, I was bliss. Jared, having stopped the pulsing in my cunt with His remote when He thought I was afraid, returned the pulsing inside. jade responded with a low moan that I couldn't muster while trying to put as much of her tit as I could manage in my mouth. Her big hard nipple seemed to grow impossibly bigger and I couldn't wait to make the other one respond to me too. she opened her legs for my roving fingers and I found her swollen bud and rubbed it in circles pressing it hard against her own body. I could feel her legs begin to shake as I moved to pull intensely on her other nipple with my hungry mouth. she trembled in my arms and I found myself pulling her tighter against me with my free arm. For a single moment I allowed myself to believe that she was mine... that if she came in response to my manipulations that she would belong to me... and then my mind opened up to the realization that we belonged to Him. Jared owned us. He owned our hearts and bodies and He owned our pleasure which He quickly proved.

"Stop, zoie. It's jade's turn."

Oh my god... If she so much as causes a breeze to pass over my clit, I'm a goner!

"JaredSir..? I... umm... "I bit my lip and whimpered loudly when her sweet mouth began pulling at my sensitive nipple.

"You will try, zoie. As long as you try, you have not willfully disobeyed."

"Ye... Yes Jared..."

jade's sweet mouth worked at my nipple like a hungry baby. Her mouth drew tight in suction surrounding it while her tongue worked it in a deep jerk. I put both hands in her hair and pushed my mound harder to her face.

Buzzzzz! No throb... no pulse... we were up to full on, feel it down to our toes, jackhammer vibrations! I dropped my head back, ready to give up the fight when I felt Jared's hot breath at my ear... I had no idea when He'd stepped behind me.

"Not yet, my sweet little zoiegirl... Your Sir has not given you permission, has He?"

"Nnno Sirr!"

"That's my good girl... you have been such a good girl tonight..."

"Than k You, S s Sir!"

I sensed more than felt jade's hand move and I knew she was about to have her way with my aching hungry clit.

"When she touches it... not until she touches it zoiegirl..."

The moment I felt the soft pad of jade's finger graze my hot bud I heard Jared's deep voice whisper...

"My zoiegirl may cum now."

A blinding white light flashed behind my eyes as a tsunami of sweet ecstasy rolled through my body claiming everything in its path. I think I screamed, I know gushed, and I collapsed against Jared letting Him hold me through my struggle to reach the surface. When I could hold myself up Jared put me in the tiny chair in the only space left in the little dressing room, and then He reached for jade. Turning her to the mirror behind my tiny chair He placed her hands on it just to either side of my head and pulled her hips back so that she was slightly bent at the waist and bracing herself against the mirrored wall. Then He reached between her legs and tugged the now silent egg from her dripping cunt. Vaguely I understood that one remote worked both eggs so if mine was off so was hers, not that it mattered because He'd already replaced it with His raging hard-on.

Jared put His hand over jade's mouth and pulled her head back against His shoulder making her arch her back while He slammed Himself home inside her. It was fast and hard and jade came through the entire thing, her orgasm rising and falling as the tide but never fully receding throughout Jared's savage pounding into her body. The slap slap slapping of their bodies together was loud and the sounds Jared made were primal and despite how thoroughly I'd been sated, the sight of them was making my tingling tushie ache with need again. Jared grunted one last time when jade's bliss peaked again and I was suddenly aware how familiar His scent had become to me. He was cumming deep inside jade and already I was imagining my mouth between her legs... cleaning her... tasting Him... devouring both of them.

Our eggs were returned to their nesting places, and after we dressed we met Jared at the door. He was holding another bag that contained the corset and teddy and a couple of other things He picked up to pad the commission of the clerk who managed somehow not to hear anything unusual in the fitting room. Then we made our way down the street toward our hotel.

The throbbing returned after a couple of blocks and by the time we entered the lobby we were pulsing again. In the elevator Jared handed jade the bags and reached under our skirts to cup each pubis and diddle our distended clits. The elevator stopped once and two young men stepped in and turned to face the doors. Jared released our clits and pulled us close to Him, kissing each of us in turn. Finally we were on our floor and the other two passengers stepped to each side to let us off and JaredSir put His arms around each of our waists to lead us to our room where He stopped at the door and looked at us.

"You were both beautiful and delightful tonight. Did you have a good time?"

"Yes, MasterJared!"

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