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Zombie Apocalypse


Dear Readers: I apologize for the delay in my writing. Life doesn't like to wait. I know some of you probably want me to finish my other stories, and I'll try to get to it soon. This story is something different from the type I usually write, but I hope you'll like it. If you'd like me to continue it, please let me know. This chapter doesn't contain a lot of sex, but I promise to make it juicier as I go. As always, please vote and comment!


I shifted in my chair. I could feel his eyes on me, making it hard to focus on what Jessie and Jason were saying. The hair-raising sensation of being watched had goose bumps popping up on my skin. I looked around until I saw him. My stomach flip-flopped even as I tried to ignore him. Finnegan Kendrick: college nemesis. Okay, so he wasn't exactly my nemesis, but mentally I thought of him that way. I still held a grudge for the almost date we had two months ago...


I noticed him the first day of our European Lit class. He was easily the most handsome guy in the room. His auburn hair was short, and his pale blue eyes were striking in their intensity. His face was angular with a slim nose that fit his face well. I would guess he was about 6 feet tall; five or so inches taller than me. A baby blue polo and jeans couldn't quite disguise his muscular frame. He was drop dead gorgeous.

As for myself, I would admit to being attractive, although I definitely felt I was slightly out of Finn's league. At 5'7", weighing in at 130 I had a decent figure. Full hips, a round ass, and a 34D chest weren't bad to have. Dark brown, almost black hair fell halfway down my back in soft curls, and my big hazel eyes had a habit of changing with the weather. Usually they were a mixture of brown and green.

He sat right next to me that first day. Even then I would feel his eyes on me every so often. As the professor called names for attendance, I caught him looking once and smiled, one of those "aren't first days awkward, but nice to meet you" smiles, but he didn't smile back. The moment got slightly more awkward and I turned back to our overweight professor.

That evening when I got back to my dorm, I flopped onto my purple bed and tried to relax. My roommate Jessie, also my best friend from high school, came in ten minutes later with a huge smile. She jumped onto my bed with me. "Hey Logan, how's it goin'? she asked.

I sighed. "I miss winter vacation."

"Awe, come on. There are a ton of hot guys here this semester. One of them is in my anatomy class. You wouldn't have to ask me twice to check out his anatomy," she wiggled her blonde eyebrows suggestively.

I grabbed a pillow and threw it at her playfully. "You're ridiculous."

"C'mon Lo, don't tell me there wasn't at least one hot guy in all of your classes."

Immediately I thought of the guy from my English class. The teacher had called him Finn. He was hot, but there was something about him that made him seem... intense. I looked up at Jess, and my silence must have given me away because she had a huge grin on her face.

"So there was a hot guy," she prodded.

"Yes, he was hot, gorgeous actually. But he just kept staring like some brooding Edward Cullen. His name is Finn. He probably wouldn't be interested. Maybe I just had something in my teeth."

"Honey, you're sexy and he was staring, of course he was interested. When was the last time you got laid anyway?" she asked. This time instead of throwing a pillow, I threw my slippers instead.

"Hey!" she shouted playfully.

"Well if you weren't such a perv," I said with a smile, "I wouldn't have to throw things at you. I'm not even into the Edward type. Besides, my goal is to get a 4.0 this semester, and a boyfriend would probably just interfere."

"Whatever you say girlie, but I swear he's into you."


For a week I tried to ignore his stare, but it was driving me crazy. I didn't want to admit it, even to myself, but I was developing a crush on a guy I had never even spoken to. I had even turned down a lot of offers from hot guys on campus because the only guy I could think of was him. How was a smart girl like me falling for some brooding college guy? It seemed slightly reminiscent of Bella and Edward, and that thought alone made me cringe.

Finally one day I slid into my desk next to him, and when I felt his blue eyes on me I stared right back.

"Why do you keep staring at me?" I demanded to know. My question seemed to take him by surprise, I could see his brows furrow as he thought of a response. "Well?" I insisted.

"I don't know," he answered. The answer frustrated me, but the look on his face said that he was telling the truth and that he didn't necessarily like it.

The conversation ended there, and I turned and tried to pay attention to the professor. I felt his eyes roam over my body, and it almost felt like they were caressing me. It was difficult to sit still when my mind kept wondering exactly how much it would take to shake his calm. Wait a minute. What was I thinking? This guy had heartache written all over him, and I wasn't going to let some guy keep me from keeping my spot on the Dean's list. Periodically I would check the clock, impatient to get to my next class, away from his stare. As soon as English was over, I grabbed my book bag and headed for the door. I made it a few yards before I heard his deep voice call out.

"Logan, wait!"

I took a few more steps, debating, before I stopped and waited for him to catch up. He must have paid close attention in class to have learned my name. Either that or he had asked someone about me. I wondered which it was, and found both possibilities to mean that he was interested. My heart thumped at the thought, but I mentally scolded myself. I should stay away from the jerk.

I raised a brow and looked at him expectantly. He really tries my usual good humor.

"Would you go get coffee with me tomorrow morning?"

The question was unexpected and it took me a moment to think about it. The intelligent portion of me said no, I definitely shouldn't go. But the butterflies in my stomach told me that I wanted to. Before I could change my mind, I answered him.

"Okay, where?"

For the first time, I saw him smile, "The school café. I'll meet you there around 8:30?"

"Ummm, I have a class at 8:40, maybe 8 o'clock or 8:15?" I countered a little bit nervous.

"Okay, I'll see you then."

He smiled one last time, then turned and walked away. I couldn't decide if I felt excitement or regret. I decided to throw caution to the wind for just a little bit and be excited. I couldn't wait to finish up my classes so I could chat with Jessie. I pulled out my iPhone to send her a text.

'Girl talk later, I have news!'

My phone dinged a few moments later with her response. 'Finally!'

That evening I waited impatiently for Jess to get back. Her classes ran later than mine. The first thing I heard when she opened the door was "Alright, spill it sister."

"He asked me out!" I said happily.

"I told you he was into you! Are you going out to dinner?" she asked.

"Not dinner, coffee."

"Oh. Well coffee is nice, but not as good as dinner. Maybe he wants to feel you out before he asks you on a real date. It's easy to escape coffee if things go badly, but at dinner, you're stuck. At least if he ends up being a jerk you can flee more easily," Jess added. Her response left me slightly less excited and I think she noticed. "Don't worry Logan, you're smart and funny and gorgeous, and he's definitely going to like you."

I smiled at that. "Thanks Jess, now you have to help me pick out and outfit for tomorrow!"

The next morning I showed up to the College Union Café at 8:05. I wore dark blue skinny jeans, a cream colored V-neck under a brown leather jacket and some sexy brown boots. The outfit showed off my curves while giving me the hint of a wild edge. I tried to look calm instead of nervous, but I was looking forward to hearing more than a sentence from him.

I scanned the coffee shop, and at first I didn't see Finn. After a second glance I stopped cold. There he was, standing against the counter, with some stupid blonde plastered against him, looking like she was trying to give him bedroom CPR.

I didn't need to see any more. I turned on my heel and walked out of the building. Dejected, I sunk to the steps of Strosacker Hall. What the fuck? How did I agree to get coffee with a guy who wasn't only a player, but a bad one at that. Forget dinner one night. Seeing him in class would be bad enough. Thankfully, I only had English on Mondays and Wednesdays. That gave me four days to prepare myself for seeing him again. Only four days to try and figure out a way to keep from punching him in the face on Monday for being such a dick.


At 8 o'clock sharp Finn was at the café. He wasn't sure why he was so fascinated with Logan Hartley, but that didn't negate the fact that he was. The obvious reason was because she looked like a green eyed goddess, but it was more than that. There was something about her, maybe her smile, or her quiet intelligence, or possibly something else altogether. Whatever it was, it was captivating. He knew he stared, but he couldn't help it.

Finn was used to studying hard for his classes and pushing himself to excel in cross-country. He was determined to get a good education and a good job so he didn't end up like his father, a drunk who never kept a decent job. If not for his wonderful mother, he probably wouldn't even be in college right now. Luckily, his deadbeat father had passed away some years ago. Too bad memories didn't pass so easily.

Despite his determination, he found he couldn't ignore his attraction to Logan. So after a week he had given in and asked her out. Kind of. He could work on his social skills a little.

He checked his watch, only 8:01. Finn had just decided to go pick a table to wait at when Carina walked up to him. Cari was some blonde idiot his brother Tristan, a senior at the same college, had set him up on a date with last fall. Despite his brother's good intentions, the date had been a failure. Well, to Finn anyway. Carina was an airhead and completely annoying. She had that clingy air that made him grateful when it was over. And even though it had been a long dry spell for him, he declined when she offered to go home with him. Since then, she texted him non-stop and wasn't dissuaded by his lack of reply.

"Hey Finn, I've missed you handsome," she cooed, wrapping her arms around his neck. He groaned inwardly in misery.

"Well I didn't miss you Carina," he said back, hoping she would get the picture. Instead, she chuckled.

"Always such the joker. You don't have to be all macho, you can admit to missing me too," she responded happily. Finn put his hands to push her away, knowing that he had to get rid of her before Logan arrived. Without physically hurting her, there was nothing he could do. Cari had a death grip and was only getting in closer. She even leaned in farther, and all of the sudden her lips were on his. Her tongue probed the seam of his lips, seeking entrance.

Out of the corner of his eye, Finn saw Logan. The look on her face when her eyes found him made his stomach drop. Finally he pushed Carina hard enough to get her to back up, but Logan was already walking away. Finn looked back to Cari.

"Don't ever kiss me again. Stay away from me, and stop texting me you psycho!" With that said, he started walking away.

"You don't mean that Finn! Don't walk away from me! FINN!"

Finn didn't care, he had to get away from that crazy bitch before he slapped her. His mother would hunt him down if he ever hurt a woman. He also knew it wouldn't do any good to look for Logan. She wouldn't believe him even if he did try to explain. Hell, he wouldn't believe it if he were her. He probably never had a chance with her again. Well, at least he had four days to prepare before he had to face her. Somehow he didn't think it would be enough.


I waited outside of Jessie's class. I was in desperate need of a girl talk, and it couldn't wait. Jess could tell something was wrong when she came out.

"Uh oh. Tell me everyting."

And so I did. I told her about the stupid slutty blonde and Finn kissing her. "I liked him Jess. How could I like a guy like that?" I asked her seriously.

"Babe, most guys aren't that stupid. I don't see why he would have asked you out only to French some chick in front of you. But, I could be wrong. Men are pigs, right?"

"Right," I sighed. But I hadn't wanted this one to be a pig too. "He didn't even try to explain. He didn't come after me either."

"Men, ay."


Heat pooled between my thighs. Strong hands cupped my full breasts. Deft fingers tugged on my hard nipples. It felt so good I moaned. My hands gripped the sheets as soft lips traveled from my throat to my breasts, a tongue licking the valley between them. My eyes were shut against the ecstasy. I rubbed my thighs together, restless and needy. One of those strong hands slid down over the soft plane of my stomach to my silky wetness. One finger flicked my clit and I cried out in pleasure. I didn't want it to stop.

"Please," I begged, not sure what I was begging for, but wanting it all the same. I spread my legs farther apart, inviting the hand to touch me some more. Two fingers slid inside my pussy and my back bowed off the bed. I couldn't keep quiet and my head was thrashing on my pillow.

So long, it had been so long since I felt pleasure like this. And whoever was giving me said pleasure was exceptionally good at it. Teeth started biting my nipple, gently at first, then harder, until the pain mixed with the wonderful sensations jolting to my core. The hand between my legs must have been covered in my juices. I was getting closer to that peak, I needed it so badly. The hand slid out of me and I groaned in disappointment.

I wasn't disappointed for long. I felt him settle in the vee of my legs. He? My eyes flew open to see Finn above me. His intense blue stare trained on my face. Without warning, his cock slid into me. He filled me up completely in that one thrust, and I shouted when I felt the fullness. I was so tight that it hurt a little, but I craved every inch of him.

His usually stoic face showed his arousal, he looked like some Greek God above me, muscles straining, hips pumping. His dick was glistening with our juices as it sawed in and out of my hot pussy.

"Finn! Make me cum Finn, I need you, please!!" I was nearly screaming with the need to cum. His thick dick bumped my cervix each time he slid in, and I was so close. Just a little more, almost there.

He seemed to know exactly what I needed. He supported himself on one arm while he slid one hand to my pussy. He pinched and flicked my clit and I shattered around him, coming on his cock with a scream. My release triggered his, and as I felt his cock shoot his cum deep in me, I heard him shout my name...

"LOGAN! Wake up! I don't know what kind of dream you're having, but I can't sleep with you moaning like that!" Jess yelled at me. She threw a pillow at me, then grumpily rolled back over.

I tried to slow the racing of my heart. It was just a dream? Of course it was just a dream. I wasn't going to let some womanizer like Finn fuck me. No way! He was sexy and all, and if he hadn't been kissing that bimbo... No! No what ifs, and no Finn. Geez!


Two months later, Logan still wouldn't speak a word to him. The Monday morning after, he had attempted to talk to her, but she ignored him, and she had ignored him every day since. He didn't know what to do. So he tried his best not to think of her, except when she was right next to him. English was torture, smelling her fruity perfume, hearing her sexy voice. He was being punished for that episode with Carina by being put so close to something, someone that he couldn't have. He never lingered long in that room once class was over.

After class one day Finn went to the student union to relax and study. He was doing an assignment for his advanced biology class. From his table he saw Logan walk in with a skinny girl with strawberry blonde hair and some tall guy with brown hair. The trio chose a table not too far from his. He didn't like the way the guy was checking Logan out, but he had no place being jealous or territorial.

Finn tried to do his homework, but he was slower than usual. He spent half of his time watching Logan, and the one time their eyes met she scowled and looked quickly away. He didn't blame her, but he still wished he could explain. About ten minutes later, some techie started shouting.

"Hey! Everybody come here, you won't believe this video!! COME ON!"

His excitement drew you in, and everyone in the café gathered around him to see what the video was, including Logan. With all of the jostling, she ended up right next to Finn, even though she didn't look happy about it. Once everyone was quiet the techie turned on the video. There was some sort of news anchor on the screen. Before long everyone were stunned.

"Hello, this is an emergency broadcast from Vancouver, Canada. I am inside, as you can tell. Outside there are people, human beings, attacking other people. Men, women and children and turning into savage beasts, and tearing apart anything in their paths. They seem to have turned into cannibalistic animals," her voice was shaking, and we saw why. Some little girl in a pink sundress and white jacket had a chunk of her skull missing while she chewed on some fallen man's intestines. Growling could be heard from the creatures, as well as screams from the people running on the streets outside. "We caution you to remain indoors if you are in the area. Be aware of anyone that looks pale, won't speak, and has obvious injuries without being affected. If you are absolutely sure that this hasn't spread where you are, hurry to somewhere safe. Take food and weapons, and do not come out. Shoot them in the..."

Then there were screams and static as the video cut out. They were all stunned into silence. Could this really be happening? Those things looked like... zombies. But zombies couldn't be real, could they? Resident Evil was fiction, and so was The Walking Dead, right?

Finn felt a hand grip his, and looked to see Logan holding on tightly as she watched the screen. The techie scrolled down the page and found more videos from all over Europe and Asia. All posted within the past three days. He went to CNN.com and saw videos from the west coast. CNN wouldn't joke, or show edited videos to scare people. There were too many videos, it couldn't be a joke. All of the news channels were showing videos and warning alerts showed up on all of the other channels. This was real.

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