Zombie Soldiers


She paused, moving her fingers from his wrist to his neck. She pressed against the carotid artery. She knew that she was wasting precious time, but the scientist in her could not help but marvel at this seemingly suspended state of animation. She counted again, three breaths and just eight heart beats per minute. She stored the data in her mind for later examination.

She drew the large bore syringe from the pocket on the side of the suit. She swapped the fold of his arm. She did not even know his name. Since Corporal Winters, she taken special measures to avoid that field on the files she studied. It was her own way of trying to keep them impersonalized. She did not want to know their names, their rank. Did they have families? Wives and children who would be lied to by the government, pushed to the side, never to know the truth of what happened to their loved ones?

Her hands trembled as she pushed the needle into the dark blue vein. She held her breath as she pulled back the plunger and watched the deep red liquid spurt into the syringe. She swallowed as she pulled back on the needle. A single drop of red pooled at the spot where it had been. She reached down for a cotton swap and Band-Aid, replacing the syringe in the pocket of her suit.

Then she felt it the strong, almost brutal, grasp of his hand on her arm. Her squealed as she looked up into the dense, dark eyes of her subject. They were open wide. His nostrils flared and an almost painful expression on his face that once must have been very handsome.

Everything happened so quickly then that she never was to figure it all out. The shrill sound of the alarm echoed in her mind as the creature pulled her against his chest. His gaze held hers as he drew in a deep breath. "Ripe," was his only words as he ripped the thick material of the hazmat suit as if it were nothing more than tissue paper on a Christmas present.

She was naked beneath the suit and the cool air of the positive pressure environment caressed her skin. Her nipples hardened instantly. It had been months since she had masturbated. Not since before that night. Her bodily need seemed indecent, inconsequential somehow in light of all that was happening. The PTSD too had played havoc with her normally high sex drive, which suddenly seemed to be in over drive.

She felt blood rush to her womb, her clitoris throbbed against the rough material, begging to be freed as her breasts now were. She heard something click and for a moment feared it might be her sanity fleeing her addled brain. Then she heard the clang of metal as the door flew open.

The guard burst into the room, his gun raised towards the man's head, ready for the kill shot. Her heart stopped. She cried out at the injustice. The young Petty Officer forced to kill not an enemy insurgent but a comrade. Her stomach churned.

But it was too late. The creature with its super human speed was upon the man in the flash of an eye. She bent over, emptying the contents of her stomach on the floor as she heard the sick thud of human flesh against solid concrete. She forced herself to look over. The doctor in her determined to go to him, to help the man, who had risked his life to save her from her own stupidity. But the odd angle of his neck as it fell towards his chest, the blank stare in those eyes that had interrogated her, told her that it was futile. The man was gone.

Just as quickly the creature was upon her, ripping the rest of the suit form her body. The hood still obscured her face, blocking her view of her assailant as everything took on some odd ethereal feel. Her whole body went limp as the man/creature kneaded and squeezed her large breasts. She cried out, but even she was uncertain if it was from pain or pleasure.

Her body that had been denied any release in so long was on fire. Her nipples burned as she thrusts her chest out, seeking more of his touch. Her clit throbbed between her legs as she felt a rush of liquid flow down her inner thighs.

The creature lifted her above its head until her breasts were level with his mouth. He jerked her against him as his mouth covered her hard nipple. He made no preliminaries, no soft licks or kisses as he bit down hard on the puckered pink flesh. She cried out again as her hips bucked against the hard plains of his abdomen. As if sensing what she needed the creature used its other hand to spread her legs. His thick fingers found her wet channel and thrust deep inside them.

Megan screamed as she felt her body convulse around his fingers. She threw back her head and gave into the most powerful orgasm of her life. She felt liquid shot from between her legs. Not run gently down the man's fingers but actually spurt from her body. Her cheeks glowed red and she felt the heat of the blush spread down her neck and across her chest as she feared that she had wetted herself.

She listened as the creature snarled. It was a sound more animal than man. Cold fear and hot desire warred in her mind and heart as her eyes flew open at the sound. She stared once more into those hazy eyes that might have once been a soft chocolate brown. The air froze in her lungs as she swallowed hard, watching the creature bring his fingers to his mouth. He sucked her fluids off of them and moaned almost in pain. "Mine."

Megan felt herself thrown onto the thin mattress. One of his large hands pressed her head into the rough cotton sheets as his other arm wrapped about her waist, lifting her lower body until her ass was high in the air. Her heart stopped as she realized how vulnerable she was in this position.

But the creature gave her no time to ponder that thought further as she heard the ripping once more of material. Then he was upon her. Inside of her. She cried out as she felt her tight hole stretched as it never had been. She struggled beneath the creature, trying to evade the thick cock that was plunged deeper and deeper inside of her. She stilled though when she felt the powerful sting of his hand on her ass, a half dozen or more solid blows landing on them in quick succession.

"No," he growled as he yanked the hood from her head. Her hair had fallen out of its normally tight bun sometime during the struggle. The creature winded its fingers through its long red tresses and jerked her head back. He bent over, until his nose almost touched hers. Again, he growled a single word, "Mine," as his body increased the tempo.

He held her there, staring into those eyes that were half animal, half man in the throes of desire. His hard cock rammed and battered her tender folds until she feared that he would rip her to pieces. While it was painful, it was the other sensation that startled Megan most...desire. Need. Although she had just had the most powerful orgasm of her life on his fingers, she felt the tension coiling and building in the pit of her stomach once more.

Then it burst upon her. If the other had felt like a tsunami, breaking against the shore, sweeping everything in its path away, this was the mega earthquake that caused it. She screamed as she threw back her head. Her whole body shook and trembled beneath the creature as she felt the muscles between her legs squeeze around his invading tool, milking him, drawing forth his own release.

She felt his pull on her hair once more as he drew her back towards him. His mouth captured her cries of pleasure as his thick tongue plunged down her throat sucking the very air from her lungs. Just as the darkness threatened to overcome her, her lungs burning for oxygen, he breathed into her. His breath, his life, as she felt his body tense, the rush of heat and wetness filling her womb.

Her body answered his call, her orgasm reaching a new plateau as her tender pussy clenched around him, drawing him deeper and pleading for more. She felt him stiffen behind her and turned. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the full security detail rush into the room. Six men, guns raised and aimed at her lover.

Then he collapsed on the floor behind her. She cried out as she fell next to him. Her hands caressed his face, unaware of her nakedness, uncaring that the guards stood staring at them. At first, she thought that he had been shoot. Her fingers trembled as she sought any sign of a bullet wound, her eyes too clouded with tears for the job.

Then she felt the soft caress of a calloused finger against the corner of her eyes. She looked down, her vision cleared for a moment. Clear soft chocolate eyes greeted hers. She smiled at him, her own fingers mimicking his, brushing a single tears from the crinkled corner of those breath-taking eyes.

She bent forward, straining closer to him as he whispered a single word. "Mine." Then those beautiful eyes rolled back into his head, his whole body stiffened, then he began to jerk violently in her arms.

Two of the security detail rushed forward, grabbing her beneath the arms and pulling her back. They passed her off to another man, who wrapped his arm about her waist and held her back. Her body thrashed and fought him as frantically as her lover's on the cold, concrete floor. She screamed and pleaded with them to release her. She begged to go to him. She cried out for them to lower their guns.

There was no cracking bang. No gun fire. No smell of powder. But suddenly his body stiffened once more then went completely limp. She cried out and with a super human burst of energy that she would never know from where it came she broke free of her guard. She rushed to him and lifted his still body in her arms.

The doctor in her felt for a pulse at the coratid artery once more as her cheek against his nose felt for a breath, watched for the rise and fall of his chest. But none of it came. No soft beat of his heart, no hot breath of life.

"Fucking, do something," she screamed at the men, who stood back watching them. "Call somebody you fucking assholes," she cursed as she pounded on his broad chest, trying to restart his heart, even as her own broke.

She felt a gentle hand on her shoulders as she fought desperately to save his life. She looked up into a darker face, dark brown eyes pleaded with her. "Ma'am, he's gone. There's nothing anyone can do. Let him go. Please let him find whatever peace there is."

Her hand flew to her mouth as the man's words registered in her shattered mind. "Oh my god, what have I done," she cried as she realized the enormity of her sins. Two men were dead. Six others would likely be in a matter of weeks.

For what? The name of science? A crazy hypothesis? To assuage her guilty conscious? None of it was fair. Nothing in this fucked up world made sense anymore. She felt strong arms gently wrap about her. A warm blanket appeared out of no where as she collapsed against a warm body. But warm for how long? How long until this horrible disease claimed his warmth, his mind, his life.

For the first time, she felt the true human toll of this war. And it was a war. The enemy might be some invisible microbe or airborne chemical, but that did not matter. It was taking lives, robbing futures and claiming the brave men that served and protected their country. It was not fair. It was not right. Anymore than any other enemy that they faced with valor and dedication.

She watched as one of them walked over to the bunk. He pulled off the white sheets that was still damp with the fluids of their lovemaking. He strode over to their fallen comrade, so still and quiet on the hard floor. He placed the sheet over the fallen warrior. He and the others lifted their hands to their brows and saluted. Megan clutched her hands over her heart and cried at what she had done to all of them.

October 31, 201X, Halloween

Halloween. Megan trembled as she held the thin white stick in her numb fingers. Looking at the two blue lines, her heart pounded so loud that it drowned out all other sounds. "More like fucking April Fools," she whispered as she dropped it into the waste basket with the other five.

She had been out of quarantine just three days. She had a renewed appreciation for all that these men, subjects, specimens, whatever demeaning and degrading term was currently in vogue with command. Her every movement had been watched on the surveillance cameras in her own positive pressure eight by ten room. She had had lots of time to think.

There was not much else she could do. Well, other than answer their intrusive questions. She had been debriefed at least a dozen times. Repeating her story each time until she was too numb to feel any thing. Then crying herself to sleep each night. But she never managed to stay asleep for long.

Corporal Jason Winters, US Army. Petty Officer Damian Gomez, US Navy SEAL. Sergeant First Class Dwayne Jackson, USMC. Chief Petty Officer Kyle Campbell, US Navy SEAL. Corporal James Wright, US Army Delta Force. Lieutenant David Stephens, US Army Paratroopers. Master Petty Officer of the Navy John Majors, US Navy SEAL. Staff Sergeant Patrick O'Malley, USMC. And Major Steve Rogers, US Army Paratrooper, her lover and her baby's father.

Over the past two weeks, she had dug her head out of the sand. She had learned their names, all their names. Including Lieutenant Stacy McGraw, USMC, whom she had always known simply as Jane Doe. They all held special place in her mind and heart. The men whom she had murdered.

Her hand went protectively to her flat stomach. She had never considered herself the maternal type. She had long ago decided that her career would be her baby. Her life's work with PTSD her legacy consumed so much of her time and energy that it did not seem fair to bring a child into it all.

But the world was spiraling out of control. Everything was changing. Including this tiny flicker of cells that was no more than a blob at the moment. But that blob was all that was left in this world of Steve Rogers. She laughed at the irony of his name and shook her head.

She was not sure she was up to this job. Motherhood had always seemed a scary thing, but single parenthood seemed even more daunting. Especially when the mind of a scientist took over, questioning what her child would be like. It was not like she could just waltz into Fort Detrick and ask...so how does this disease effect spermatozoa?

She frowned. After two weeks of being poked and prodded, it was not a life she would wish on anyone, especially a baby. Her baby. But over those two weeks, her every bodily function had been monitored. Blood drawn. Urine taken. Even fecal samples. Fuck. They had her blood and her urine. If they did not know already, it was certain that they would soon.

She trembled as her other hand came up to cover her mouth. It proved futile to stifle the small gasp that escaped at the thought. Her baby. They would take her baby. Experiment on it. She shook her head and pressed her hand more tightly over her stomach. "No, not as long as I have life left in me. I won't let them get this baby. It's the least I owe them...for all they did for this country."

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