tagNonHumanZombies, Silos and Some Big Bangs Ch. 01

Zombies, Silos and Some Big Bangs Ch. 01


A/N: Zombie action doesn't break out right away. I like to drag things out when it comes to zombie stories... This is Chapter one. If you want to know what the entrance and a little ways into The Silos looks like, ask me and I'll share the link with you from a photographer who has been down there.

Alec's Point Of View: I never thought that the zombie apocalypse would really happen. Come on! It was just so unlikely... But here we are, in fuckin' DEER TRAIL! Even better, we are about five miles north east of Deer Trail, so we're pretty far from actual civilization. We're at the Titan I Missile Silos. From what I had researched, it was complex 2B, so it was only one of about six on this side of the state. Thank god the damn place has been abandoned for years! Since we're so far from civilization, the zombies won't get us too fast. But eventually they will get out to this area. And when they do, there are at least FIVE people I can think of waiting to blow and slice their ways to safety; Myself, Riff, Danny and Shadow. We're supposed to be meeting our friend Terry here... I wonder if she got out of Denver okay...

Chapter One: The Hunt For Terry

"And we're here... Complex 2B. Also known as The Silos," Riff announced as he pulled the black, blood and limb covered hyundai to a stop. Next to him, in the passenger seat, Alec had a book light lit, staring at a map of the area they were about to enter. Sure, they each had been at least once, Alec and Riff more than their friends Danny and Shadow, but maps were still safe. Alec climbed out of the car last and moved to the back of the car, watching his friends pull out bags and weaponry. Riff pulled out two twin swords, handing one to Alec, who took it and put it on his back, adjusting the strap as best as he could without making it too tight. He pulled out his messenger bag and slung it over his shoulder. Shadow and Danny pulled out their guns and just to be safe, their knives as well. Alec pulled out a holster with a knife safely tucked in it and quickly strapped it to his thigh. He raised it to his pant legs and tucked the bottoms of the legs in his boots. He grabbed the smallest knife and stuck it in the holster on the inside of his left boot. The male pulled four pairs of gloves from his pockets and handed three of them to his friends. He grabbed one of the four shoulder straps out and grabbed a mag light from the trunk, sliding it in the biggest holder.

Jet slung the sword over one shoulder and took out his messenger bag, throwing it over the other. He pulled a beanie on and took the gloves, pulling them on. He popped his neck and knuckles before grabbing one of the shoulder straps and another mag light, setting both up. Shadow and Danny repeated what their friends had done. Alec pulled out the walkie talkies and handed them to each of them, holding on to the extra one in case he ran into Terry. He handed them each headsets and a map of The Silos. He put his on the trunk and shined his mag light onto it.

"We're here," he said, pointing just outside their usual entrance, "There are about three different routes to get deep into The Silos. Danny and Shadow, you two take the one that goes forward. Riff, you take the one that goes to the left. As for me... I'm going right. Unless specified or you need to hear your surroundings, do NOT turn your walkie talkies off! I have them all set to channel four, so we should all be able to communicate through long distances. There twelve pairs of spare batteries in all of your bags. Mine has twenty-four, in case I am the one to run into Terry. If any of you do, keep her close and we'll meet up in the cafeteria area and I'll get her the walkie talkie and the batteries. If there are already people inside, ask them if they have seen her. Got it?"

"Yup!" They all said. Nerves were building up. Alec folded his map and put it in his pocket. He turned, "Let's go!" He exclaimed. They began to work their way down the muddy, weed-covered slope to the entrance they had all grown familiar with. They got down and climbed through the entrance, walking in.

"Keep in contact. Turn your walkie talkies on. Stay safe." Alec broke off into a balanced run and cut to the right, disappearing down the large tunnel. He pulled a hair tie from his wrist and tied dark indigo bangs into a topknot so they didn't get in his face. He hand his friends had escaped Denver to meet Terry in The Silos. It was their plan, even before the Zombie Apocalypse broke out. They had all decided that if one were to ever break out and they weren't with Terry that someone would drive all the way out there with the others to meet Terry there. Alec had his sword strapped to his back. He pressed his right hand against the wall for support as he slowly walked across the iron bars. He dared not step in the water. He had no idea what was in it, nor did he want to. If he needed though, he would trudge through it. He had the ear piece to the headset tucked safely in his ear, a walkie talkie latched to his belt. The only one who knew their way perfectly throughout the area was Terry. She could be anywhere at this point.

"*zzzcht* Alec? Do you read me?" Riff's voice echoed into the ear piece. Alec pressed a button on the walkie talkie.

"Yeah.. What's up?"

"There are other people here, a small group of three. They said they haven't seen Terry yet," Riff said calmly.

"Are you kidding me!?" Shadow's voice rung in Alec's ear piece, the female obviously annoyed.

"Nope. I've gained the same news, but from a single person..." Danny muttered softly

"But her car is outside. So we know she is somewhere in here... Shit! You guys, I'm turning off my walkie talkie for a bit, I heard someone..." Alec muttered.

"Rodger that..." Riff said. That was the last thing Alec heard buzzing in his ear. He turned his mag light off and continued to walk. His eyes were beginning to adjust to the pitch black. The slightest movement that was seen in the dark, he'd catch it. He pulled the cop light out again and held it tight, walking with slow steps along the bar as he watched the darkness for any sort of movement. He saw a light at the end of the tunnel and picked up his pace a bit, getting to the end before the light vanished. He stepped into the light and turned his own light on.

"Who the hell is that?!" He snapped. Alec was being blinded by the other persons light, so he couldn't tell.

"Alec? That you?" He recognized the voice. He turned his walkie talkie back on and pressed the receiver button.

"Guys. I found Terry."

Terry had mud smudged on her face. Alec approached her smirked.

"We split up to look for you. We're supposed to meet in the cafeteria after one of us found you," He opened his bag and pulled out the spare walkie talkie, head set and handed it to Terry, the batteries soon following suit. She latched the walkie talkie to her belt and took the batteries, shoving them in her bag.

"Head to the cafeteria. We'll be there soon," He said into the headset. Terry turned the walkie talkie on and plugged the headset in.

"Hey guys. Like he said, we'll be there soon. Don't get lost."

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