Zubway Zip Up


Zubway Zip Up © Literocat 2012


You'd think the trains would be empty at 2:00 a.m., yet there were at least thirty commuters with me. Where were they all coming from? Much too late to be desk jockies. I don't remember ANY of them being in the sleazy strip club I just left. Damn, those women know how to tease! Mostly young and average looking late-night commuters, an obvious, drooling perv or two among them, balanced the few older couples. Nearly all were dressed formally, as if coming from an opera or even clubbing. Here I was, in the overly bight, garish lights, maintaining the balance of the universe in my sport shorts and sweaty T-shirt.

Just ten minutes into my ninety minute ride and I was already bored to tears. Luckily, that changed at the next stop of the limited service train when a mid-thirties, elegantly dressed couple moved from the far end of my car right against the doors adjoining my short bench in the middle of the car. Though wearing a light, open trench coat, SHE was obviously very pretty with well matched full C-cups and a small waist. In fact, she was a near clone to the very beautiful Kate Beckingsale with her long hair over one shoulder and pert ski slope nose. Yum!

She turned to face the door, oddly choosing to stand despite the many free seats, and presented a sweet view of her high, plump ass. I relished seeing that ass without its cover up. My dick would have twitched as much even if I were coming from church. Her husband paid very little attention to her. He kept his distance and barely looked at her. Shortly, she shrugged off the annoying trench and folded it over her left arm. As the coat fell away, my eyes feasted on her black, snug, tailored, strapless finery.

It was an enchanting ass, slightly larger and rounder than Kate's sexy buns! She kept her balance by leaning her left hand on the door, her right on a vertical, stainless steel pole next to me and her legs spread as wide as her calf-length restraint allowed. Her penguin-clad husband ignored her, but everyone else admired her svelte figure. Her bright reflection in the door glass clearly showed how turbulent the ride was since the train jostled and heaved her encumbered breasts, swelling them to perfectly smooth roundness, in their attempted escape's apogee. While her rounded rear cheeks rebounded slightly, I watched her boobs leap, mostly straight up, and wondered how . . . Then I saw . . . She pinched her dress against her sides with both elbows and made them fuller and vertically energetic.

Her foolish husband just stared out into the darkness of the tunnel. As I admired her shapely calves and studied higher, I noted her dress was actually midnight blue and held a subtle tension on her body. Suddenly a paradox slapped me. The dull, brushed silver streak down the FULL length of her back was actually a wide zipper with large teeth. The new trend for big and obvious zippers down the full front or back wasn't the surprise. But this one seemed to be inverted. The tang was at the bottom! Maybe it wasn't uncommon, but it was the first I'd seen, and it made sense.

It was open to her knees, about eight inches, to allow her to walk. My middle leg turning to stone alerted me as profoundly as an air raid siren that danger, and Eros, were imminent. When she leaned lightly against my handrail, I lightly stroked her calf several times. She tensed briefly, then relaxed, but never looked my way. With some difficulty, I slid my hand up to her thigh. She leaned and whispered something to her husband.

A few others watched my hand disappear under her frock. Encouraged by her stoicism, and playing to the crowd, I lightly pet her fetching, firm buns over her smooth attire. She whispered something to her husband. Growing bolder, I gripped her hem and, as stealthily as possible, slowly zipped UP her sexy dress. As the dress split open farther, several passengers moved closer to better watch the show. When I wound the zip over her curvaceous keister and exposed her lower cheeks, I was surprised to see the dangling clips of a garter belt since she wore no stockings.

I pulled the zipper higher and exposed beautifully bare, fleshy ass cheeks that felt soft and velvety due to the invisible fine fuzz evenly coating them. She whispered something to her husband. I saw the edge of the barest smile on his lips. I moved the compliant zipper above the highest curves of her toothsome ass and beyond the swell of her small waist. As I peeled the lax textile away and exposed her beauty to the clustered riders, I was surprised again.

At her bared waist was the garter, but over it was a thin line that connected to a thinner line that quickly vanished into her spectacular split cheeks. She whispered something more to her husband. He inhaled deeply and rubbed his dick. I rolled the beauty's cheeks apart and admired how relaxed she still was and how supple her seat was. The dizzying spectacle wrested my face closer. Eyes half closed, my lips blissfully contacted her sweet, velvety rear. In a daze, I lightly kissed her bare bewitching bun then licked it. She whispered something to her husband and he unzipped his pants and pulled out a massive, stiff cock.

I pulled the zipper UP as far as it would go without separating. With her frock barely clinging to her body, I peeled the other half away from her sweet, sweet ass leaving her exposed from mid back to shoes. I followed the contours of her incredible raphe south and slowly caressed her swollen labia. Her tiny thong triangle was thoroughly soaked. With my index and middle fingers, I searched and quickly found her tumescent clit. As I nudged it gently side to side, my thumb followed the thin string back into her ass crack and pulled it out as my other hand pulled the thong's waist down.

My nose sucked in a sweet, musky, intoxicating aroma as I watched her pale pink rosebud pulse open. Mesmerized, I followed the fragrance with my tongue and happily licked the source. As I scratched her labia thru the sheer bit of fabric, I writhed the thong over her resplendent rump and down her well-toned legs. I slipped my fingers into her slick slit and blindly spread her lips. As soon as she stepped out of her panty, she spread her feet apart before I asked her to. She whispered something to her husband and nodded at his dick. He let his slacks fall and firmly gripped his stiff pole. Either in profile or in his reflection, the shocked, gawking riders watched him pump his prick, but only when they could stop staring at his gorgeous wife.

I jerked the zipper UP the last notch of the dress and it sprung open, whipped to her front and fell onto her arm with the coat. Now free, her breasts collided and danced a jig before settling into a becharming, train-induced rhythm. Her buttocks elegantly stiffened and shifted as she folded the dress neatly over her arm. The beaming beauty stood with feet wide apart and totally, radiantly naked, except for a garter belt and shoes, still facing the doors.

I put her garments on the bench and ignored the other riders completely as I kneeled behind her and slid my fingers, deeper than earlier, back into her wet box. Pulling her hips, ass and fragrant crinkled muscle close to my face, I pressed on her back and pocketed her panty. Her face was slightly flushed as she turned it toward her husband.

She gasped as she realized a red head was sitting near her husband with her top off and her hand between his legs. As she watched, another woman stood against his ass, forcing red to shift her hand to his front. I wrapped one hand around her chest and twisted and plied her swelling nipples on her dangling, beguiling boobs while I tasted her nectar on my fingers. Her husband turned his back to her so he could feed his stiff dick to the seated, busty red head.

I pressed my beauty to bend farther so I could visually feast on her hairless quim. It was beautiful! Even her clit stood up and unfolded her inner lips as if designed and carved by the great maker as a model of genital perfection. I tasted her elixir, spread her lips for deeper access and used two fingers to coax more of her heavenly nectar from her. She moaned and bent lower. While still eating her fleshy folds, I finally freed my anxious dick from its prison and rubbed it against my captive's leg.

Her chest was red, her breathing deep and fitful as I finger pummeled and drank her sweetness. My breathing was rapid as blood ran from my brain to my dick. I so wanted to suck her tits and fill each of her holes with my cream! With a quick check on her husband, who was deep in red's throat, I assumed permission to drill deep into one of her lower portals. After spreading a large bead of Cowper's across my glans, I fed my wet thumb to 'Kate'. She attacked it ravenously. When she wrapped her warm tongue around it and sucked it strenuously, my eyes crossed and my knees buckled. I braced myself on her supple ass.

As she twisted slightly and pinched her man's ass, I pulled my thumb back. He struggled a moment to pull his weapon out of red's mouth then turned around and fed it to his wife. He reached into a pocket and pulled out a foil wrapper for 'Kate'. Red pulled her nipples and tugged his sac as he rigorously stuffed his wife's throat and pinched her nipples. I decided I wanted her to cum hard and chose to stuff her supple hole. After taking a last, longing look at her perfect, pretty pussy, I dragged my raging hardness toward her steamy snatch and paused - barely.

'Kate' passed the condom to me, but the blonde intercepted it. She held it in her mouth as she reached back and unzipped her strapless, yellow mini dress. Her eyes twinkled in lust and giddiness as she tossed the dress on a bench and, except for shoes, stood naked before the crowd. I only had seconds to admire her beauty, especially her bald pussy, when she knelt, sucking the condom past her teeth. She pulled my dick away from Kate and sucked it into the condom. Her rolling and wrapping the sheath around me with her tongue was enough to make me pop if not for my intense self control. Someone pulled her soft ass up and away from me and filled another of her holes.

'Kate's' perfect pussy expected me and I couldn't wait to fill her. As I pushed deeply into her velvet glove, I vaguely heard a distant groan and grunt - mine. Just seconds after filling her pussy, I was gripped firmly, snugly against her warm, musky ass and I heard her whisper to red to 'Please, dahling, fill his ass with two fingers and squeeze his pro-ztat when he eez deep in my troat again.' When he reentered her throat, I felt her release her strong, internal grip on my cock. As I began to primally pound her puda, I forced a thought of how to rub her G-spot when I was ready to cum. The harder I slammed her, the more she moaned and the greater her musky fanny aromas extended.

Quickly approaching climax, I angled my stiff cock so it bumped her G. Her reaction was immediate and intense. She tried screaming around her husband's cock as she orgasmed. Her contractions pounded my cock incessantly until I could not stop the roiling stream of cream from charging up my stiffness and deep into her cunt.

Red found the man's prostate and he exploded into 'Kate's' throat within seconds of our orgasms. She shuddered and collapsed as I caught her and guided her to a seat. That's when the forgotten crowd broke into a slow clap and applause.

The three of us sat gasping for air and staring unfocused into the onlookers. 'Kate's' garter belt neatly framed her perfect, gaping pussy and added an air of smuttiness. Her puffy, chaffed, reddened and lusty inner lips jutted obscenely from her soggy snatch. She licked her lips as she stared at four men directly across the way who were panting and madly jerking their exposed cocks. When she spread her knees wider until they touched me and her husband, he slipped two fingers into his wife and watched the other men react. She moaned as he wiped her dessert bowl and tasted the fruits of her arousal. When he dug in for more, he nodded at me to join him and I eagerly did.

When my fingers joined his inside his wife, the wet, fleshy cavern became warmly snug and comforting. 'Kate' gasped and slid to the edge of the bench. Our fingers moved in tandem then randomly which, I'm sure, created a firestorm of fireworks inside a perfect, roiling pussy. Her navel to her chin turned bright, mottled crimson. When hubby removed his fingers, I had room to find and tattoo her G and she screamed an explosion of ecstacy. Red knelt and licked clean the man's still stiff dick. When she was satisfied, she moved to me and licked 'Kate's' and my cum off my condom and wilting cock.

While 'Kate' gasped to recovery, the blonde beauty took over sucking my bared cock until I lurched deep as possible into her throat and painted it with my sperm. Red and the blonde then got busy sucking face, sharing my brew and fingering each other on the floor before us.

I turned to the couple and thanked them for a fantasy come true. THEY thanked ME for helping their exhibitionist/sex-with-a-stranger-in-public fantasy. Providing a condom reassured me that they were somewhat cautious since I was sure this wasn't their first time fucking in public. "I'm happy you had a condom and only wish we had more time so I could fill her other holes publically - or in private." I hoped my hint wasn't too subtle.

Like both of them, my legs were spread wide open for the audience. The man smiled at 'Kate' and she nodded. He reached into his jacket and handed me a card. It read 'Will and Kate Prince invite you to visit' and their address. Her name WAS Kate - PRINCE? Smirking, with breasts heaving, she said "You may call on us any time and return my thong on your next visit!" SO! I could plan on another visit! She invited me to suck and play with her impressive boobs until they had to leave. I also stole the opportunity to savor and delight in her gymnastic French tongue.


Le mari:

"Sweetheart, here comes a likely chump heading for the subway. At least he looks clean. Let him get a little closer and we'll let him 'follow' us. You know how to swing those sexy, delicious buns to get his attention and make his dick instantly hard. He'll be helpless, just like all the others. I'm happy you already removed your stockings and I'm curious how long he will take to start touching you. I challenge you to be a speechless mannequin and let him move you as he wishes. Let's go!"

La femme:

"Must ve use le zubway again? Eet is zo dirtee! I don't vant to soil mes vetments. I hope he eez a gentleman. A mannequin? Could bee interesante."



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====7/16/12 seminal image: stripping woman on train, husband and others watch

[Notes with my muse: Lois, is this tale your permission or forewarning that you think I'm ready to write the quad+ NYE delta?]

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