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Richard had finally finished going through his messages and making the necessary calls. He had also received a call from Hank, Lisa's boyfriend, and was not surprised, after talking to Deirdre, that...

The Bi-Product Ch. 22 by JacksonBentley

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(NOTE: The Bi-Product is a sequel to a previous story, The Product, and can best be understood by reading the original story first.) * Tom left the commissary and headed back upstairs toward...

The Bi-Product Ch. 14 by JacksonBentley

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Lately, I had been having dreams about this woman that was so vivid that I felt it was real. She was gorgeous and voluptuous. In my dreams, this woman and I have incredible sex at various exotic...

The Black Book Of The Nature Boy 25 by HarlemKnight

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Novels and Novellas Series

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Novels and Novellas Series

  1. The Bi-Productby JacksonBentleyVirgin daughter becomes new object of revenge.

  2. The Bi-Productby darkdeceptionsVirgin daughter becomes new object of revenge.

  3. The Black Book Of The Nature Boyby HarlemKnightEntry 1: Pursuit & Capture

  4. The Black Seasby JoeBarnoskyDemons and pirates on the high seas.

  5. The Blameless Bystanderby AutumnWriterMan at a crossroads changes an old life for a new one.

  6. The Book of Jamesby OldKingClancy


  7. The Bordunesby OrpheusDescendingThe scandals and passions of a Gilded Age family.



  8. The Boys in Blueby RobinLaneWar and romance.

  9. The Brass Butterflyby Black SatinLessons in life, love, karma, and sexuality in a box.



  10. The Brass Ringby coaster2Meet JoJo and Mint.



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