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Here is the rest of the installments. I hope that you all have enjoyed Jared and Olivia story. Thanks to MaaddMaaxx for all your hard work ~ CinderLaw * The guys got home to discover that the...

Second Chance Ch. 13-16 by CinderLaw

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My continuing thanks to ErikThread for his expert guidance and editing skills. Any errors are my own. Second Chance: Chapter 25: Bonnie walked briskly from the Dash 8 toward the small,...

Second Chance, Book 06 by coaster2

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Naomi and Sarah arrived in town and parked the wagon in front of the general store that also served as the local post office. They climbed down, chatting and laughing as they entered the...

Second Chances Ch. 15 by haremgirl

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Novels and Novellas Series

  1. Second Chanceby CinderLawJared meets Olivia.

  2. Second Chanceby coaster2Just what the hell was she thinking?



  3. Second Chancesby haremgirlNaomi gets a second chance at happiness.

  4. Secret Admirersby swingingpussHe suspects his wife of infidelity.



  5. Secret Sex-Fight Societyby markydaysaidWelcome to the twisted metropolis of Climax City.



  6. Secret Thrustby gottschalk0317th century duelist takes an errand he can't refuse.



  7. Secretary to Slut - Susan's Journeyby CiaoSteveShe let's her inhibitions drop at interview.

  8. Secrets of The Tea Roomby Redneck Woman56Dana Prentiss gets an interview with Jackson Emerly.

  9. Secrets Revealed Ptby strickland83Everyone has a secret. How long can you keep yours?



  10. Seducing Jenniferby jacktar48Desperate boyfriend chastised by girlfriend's mother.

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