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Challenging Times --------------- Friday, 5 June --------------- Fay re-read the words on her screen with a heady mixture of excitement and anxiety. Up until now, his challenges had...

Another Year at St Cat’s Ch. 07 by nightvoice2

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I hope you have enjoyed the story of Josh and Katrina, and all the people that got entangled around their tale of love. All the towns named in this tale are actual places that can be found around...

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 20 by shandal

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Rachel lay back naked on the sofa, her legs still spread. Anya knelt before her and I still sat on the armchair. I let Rachel take her time to recover before I said anything else. She was in my power...

Anya Ch. 09 by RumboldSpyker

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Novels and Novellas Series

  1. Another Year at St Cat’sby nightvoice2Can a young journalist expose the secrets of St Cat's?



  2. Any Opportunity Will Doby shandalKatrina runs into her rescuer, literally.

  3. Anyaby RumboldSpykerMy adventures with Anya... and others.



  4. Aphrodite's Giftby cluedNorah negotiates with Aphrodite.



  5. Aphrodite's Shellby markydaysaidA lucky loser is invited on an erotic cruise by his girl.



  6. Appleby Blushby hal_teeSandra Wilson tackles a new case.

  7. April in Texasby SLC-OhioA happy couple rekindles romance in the bluebonnet state.

  8. Are You My Dominatrixby missmoaneyA girl gets chosen to be a dominatrix sex slave.



  9. Art, Part Twoby art4realHe struggles to make a new life after a strange happening.

  10. Art, The Storyby art4realAccident puts a young man's life in the hands of women.

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