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Chapter 17: Empty Victory The sun moved ever so slowly that day as it inched its way across the sky, slower than usual it seemed. It fought and clawed, reluctantly giving up each and every inch of...

Brian's Adventures Ch. 17 by tempter

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All content copyright 2012 Ted Szabo This is part 9 of a longer work, "Brick House." Chapter 11 The flukish fall heat wave continued unabated into October; a stubborn, grasping presence....

Brick House Pt. 09 Ch. 11 by tedszabopub

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KENT UNIVERSITY Alia and I have switched towns like mad. Endlessly even. Since I met Alve two years ago, we have relocated more than fifteen times. At least seven times in a distinct and separate...

Bride Who Murdered Her Groom Ch. 02 by livebeornwulf

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Novels and Novellas Series

  1. Brian's Adventuresby tempterNaive young man sets out into the world.

  2. Brian's Sleepwalking Adventureby SirBosk1The God; The Pervert; The Assault.



  3. Brick Houseby tedszabopubA couple of college kids get thrown out of a gallery show.

  4. Bride Who Murdered Her Groomby livebeornwulfA girl is cursed so as not to fall in love...but she does!



  5. Bridget's Daysby patricia51An elderly woman remembers her life.

  6. Bridget's Nightsby patricia51She's an intelligence agent, a seductress and something else.

  7. Brobdingnagby oggbashanGulliver's unexpurgated travels.



  8. Brockway Mountain Doveby KieranSoaresA young werewolf and his yearning for his decade-long love.



  9. Bromfield's Temptationsby sealawyerOlder couple seduces younger couple.

  10. Build the Moonby dollfacedpandaloverShe's stuck in a reinarnation cycle and hot vampires?



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