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Selene leads me down a flight of stairs and down a long earthen hallway lined with oaken doors, she then turns a corner and stops in front of a bit of wall with a crossed spear and bow upon it. She...

Games of Elfkind Ch. 03 by Wild_Abandon

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Greetings to all my readers. I got a lot of feedback after my request, so I'm keeping my word and putting my story into words. It's interesting, as I write this, Rachel from the previous chapter is...

Gene Therapy - Dose 06 by Dr_Zephyr

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It was a rainy night as I stood in front of the doorstep. The rain was just pouring down so heavily, but I didn't care. I would strip off my clothes and dance in it right now if I wanted to. But I...

Genesis: The Master and Her Slave by panther1282

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series

  1. Games of Elfkindby Wild_AbandonI make a choice, And she teaches me what it will mean.



  2. Gene Therapy - Doseby Dr_ZephyrA story of the changes resulting from a lab accident.



  3. Genesisby panther1282Two Transgender women with different abilities.



  4. Genesis Projectby Mr. MarvelSomething has be hidden beneath the ground, waiting.

  5. Genie Chroniclesby Joe BrollyJack solves a puzzle box & is rewarded.

  6. Genie Chronicles - Geminiby BarbarianLoverLonely guy gets a mystery object

  7. Genie Chronicles - Make a Wishby BebopJetLesbian librarian finds an unusual genie lamp.



  8. Geran and Nicoleby Guyver23First chapter of their adventure. Twins discover each other.

  9. Ghost in the Machineby Blind_JusticeA hacker gets a new toy and finds more than he expected.

  10. Ghost Storyby JaedenKatherineA female ghost needs sex to feel alive.



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