Listed below are the stories entered in the 2002 Halloween Contest. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2002 Halloween Contest Winners *

A Young Witch Meets Her Maker

by BadBoyBobbie


by D Fiant

Love At First Bite?

by sachiaiko

Halloween Hypnosis

by masterhypnotist

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2002 Halloween Submissions
Under Her SpellSexy Lil Deviliss
A Ghostly ReturnSoft_N_Sweet
The Bitch's OvenSteelhand
Halloween Love Storythemosnar
A Seedy HalloweenNaughtyMike
Haunted Fatewilderness
The Halloween That Changed My Lifeitisme
House of TerrorsScarcrow
Living In The Dead Of NightUlyssa
Harriet Hotter Ch. 12Couture
For Eternitykara24
Green Eyed Stranger~¤MzJones¤~
A Halloween Treat to Rememberfantasylover 43
Until the Morning Comes, My LoveSvenskaflicka
Sarah's Visitmicrowave oeuvren
The House That Haunts Oliviakari ann
The Redhead From WoolworthSoftstone
Halloween Funandros14
The Monkwegoodfellow
Halloween Sex Partysex4u4647
No Tricks, But Here Cum the Treatsstockcarchick
After Our Halloween TreatCurious917
Soul Matescherrylips_au
Brainwave of Horror Ch. 2Jafar
A Surprise at a Partysexycat
Clothes Make the ManBob Waters
Ghost StoryClohi
Wanton HalloweenSinful
Like Father Like SonBrandy Chase
The BlessingRoke
The Vampire of Halloweenlilangel200001
I'll Cum Againjuanwildone
Horny Halloweenlaabaa
Master Finds His TreatMaster_Vassago
The Ravishing of Claragingerfx
The Castle Swordsagezinder
The Bride Goes TrollingRusher
A Phantastic Memorylizthewizz2000
Brainwave of Horror Ch. 1Jafar
A Halloween TaleGlenalk
Mists of TimeAradia Zayn
InfusionCalpurnius Erex
A Haunted Houseqqnforyou6
Of Dark Blood and FuckingGothic Kitten
The Pumpkinstoryguy2
Haunted House Tricks & TreatsWickedOne
Halloween RendezvousRocket1010
Halloween Hypnosismasterhypnotist
A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 4IceKitten
Trick or Treatgoodsweetnnocent
The Boss's Halloween Costume BallV.Rich
Excerpt of a Halloween Night PartyBloatedCorpse
The Group Ch. 3susurrus
Evil SpiritsCantSayNo
Lady CharlotteBrandy Chase
Me, My Wife, & My Old Girlfriendsambones88
A Young Witch Meets Her MakerBadBoyBobbie
Halloween Storyicebaby
Two Treats for Halloweenkittygopurr
An Unforgettable Halloweenkittygopurr
The Best Halloweenbighoney
The Minotaur's RoarGalanthrius
Stuck in the Middle with Youoolala
Enough With Trek Already, Guys!Pirate Tregare
Dark Passionscurious2c
Lacretia, Queen of My SoulJAYCE73
Just Another Costume PartyDovima
Addie's HandBlueDaisy
OtherWorldD Fiant
My Angel Marciaupupanawy
Halloween Funcybaby78
Halloween Experiment...babylon
The Religious RiteMagicWand
Brainwave of Horror Ch. 3Jafar
Lifting the Curse on Halloweenyoubadboy
The Succubus of Blackburn Houseronde
Love At First Bite?sachiaiko

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