Listed below are the stories entered in the 2004 Halloween Contest. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

2004 Halloween Submissions
Moonlit MealBastetShadow
The Devil & Mewildcat1971_2000
Dinner Datesmillennium_bard
The Halloween WhoreJHyde
Death of the PartyLucifer_Carroll
Santa Babykinkyaugustacouple
Night Shift Ch. 01millennium_bard
Tricked & TreatedLustyLovers
A Samhain I'll Never ForgetValeryque
A Hallow E'enLucifer_Carroll
Caressing the Veillogophile
All Hallow's EveAmandaMI
The Nightmarelilith1979
Autumn in New YorkAngeline
The Invitecurious2c
Miranda the Witchoggbashan
I Knew There Was A ReasonAlex De Kok
Trick & Treat for Charity...panthers babe
Devil's Nightzod
NunsenseColleen Thomas
The Moth's Songdr_mabeuse
Halloween Nightlickablenipsddd
Sister Nunoggbashan
Trick or Treatgypsy palliser
Bonking for Britainneonlyte
God Bless You, Marianne DuquesneFrederick Carol
Casualty WardDanmanuk
Deb's Devilish DayMy Erotic Tail
Catwoman's Treatjessy19
Late October's Dreamchris_r_uk
A Halloween Talemilf26
Things That Go Hump in the NightStefan_J
The Taste of Her LipsThe Mutt
In the Pumpkin PatchSabledrake
Morose Monkoggbashan
Touch of a HandSabledrake
Immortal Ecstasyneonlyte
Facing Fears in Nightmaresmstrspet
Nasty Habit - A Halloween Talejuanwildone
All Hallow's EveLucifer_Carroll
Halloween AffairBoobert
To Boys, With Lovejmbasquiat_fan
Shaving Rupertneonlyte
Jack be Nimble: DessertTyler_H
Melanie & Me in the Haunted HouseBoxlicker101
Halloween Angelhroy2
Tricked or Treated?Black Tulip
Josh Henderson's HalloweenMy Erotic Tail
A Treat for Halloweenrgraham666
Halloween Party at Bennett'sSlickman
An Office Partybiggun76
Taking LibertiesNimrods Son
The House on Wilshire RoadWicked-N-Erotic
Hallow Eve's, Hallow's EveMy Erotic Tail
A Confluence of NeedsDeadly Joker
The MasqueradeTseran
Texas RedLady Lay
Happy Fucking Halloweensirhugs
Love StoryBetty Johnson
The Masksack
A DiscoveryVampire_Lady
Fated Destiny Ch. 01JohnEvans
Taylor's Taboo TreatGreen_Gem
After-Class, After-Life AffairRumple Foreskin
Witch of The BurrenThe Mutt
Netherworlds: Night of the HallowedSlaveMasterUK
Joker & the Queen of HeartsMy Erotic Tail
Reunion Under Halloween's Mooncrimson_angel
When a Witch is Not a WitchTwistedPlayr
Sleat HarbourGoldie Munro
One Lonely Night - Not My Time Yetmalo
Who Killed Lois Laynes?sack
Phantom Loversir_wenchalot
She Never Saw Him ComingMaster_Vassago
Don Juan With A Twistlushusboobs
Women in Whiteoggbashan
The Hobb's PlaceColleen Thomas
Jack be Nimble: Dinner with JillTyler_H
The Pumpkin PatchSINtilating
Halloween Masquekinpatsu

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