Listed below are the stories entered in the 2004 Nude Day Contest. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

2004 Nude Day Submissions
The SunbathersV.Rich
Danger! Naked Woman Ch. 01oggbashan
Training GamesJoseki Ko
Uni's Annual Clothing Drivewishfulthinking
Fellatio Isn't Incest, Is It?neonlyte
Life Drawing ClassThe Mutt
Pass the Possum, PleaseTheScribe
Her Secret Crushprincessjennie
Fantasies Can Cum Truesirhugs
Homecoming Ch. 07mtnman2003
We're Over-dressed?Frederick Carol
Jerry Springer: National Nude Dayjessy19
Merry Adventures of Puck No. 01Lucifer_Carroll
Forbidden Passionswingingpuss
Summer Night in the Citybare oneness
Crab Island Ch. 02book_man_03
Walking in the SunshineSSobotkaJr
Food, Rude, Nude & WooedDingus Guy
National Nude Day 2004Transfix
Sis Doesn't Know He's Watchingsack
Moonlight Serenadecheeryorchid
What Did You Expect?psychocatblah
This Time, Forevermagicalmouse
Good MorningSeaCat
Virgin's Sisteroggbashan
Nude Beach Sex PartyKenJames
Hottest, Nude,Couple Competition 2004MR. Gibson
Crab Islandbook_man_03
The Sculptor Ch. 01cantdog
Public Sexual IntoxicationEroticWhizpers
Saskia's Skinny Dipping Adventureangelfeathers
National Nude Day Cancelled Ch. 02Transfix
A Cumming of Age Nude Weddingsirhugs
Performance Related Payjoeqt
Pie FillingC
Assignment: Nude Day 2004My Erotic Tail
Mom, You're Gorgeous!book_man_03
French Kissing for Girls - & BoysAlex De Kok
A Day At The Faircomet123
Stripped of DignityWills
I Wasn't Supposed to See Her Nakedsirhugs
Undressed for SuccessGreen_Gem
The Big Webcast of 2004thebullet
Tacitus SalutemBlack Tulip
A Sexy National Nude DaySimonSays1
Nude Day "Streak-a-thon" 2004My Erotic Tail
Making the A TeamJoseki Ko
Bobby Sees Everythingneonlyte
Muslim Rolesoggbashan
National Nude Day CancelledTransfix
Danger! Naked Woman Ch. 02oggbashan
Gym Adventurekinky shy girl
The Camera Never Lies Like I Dopsychocatblah
A Weekend at the LakeJoseki Ko
Excel for Dummiessimply_cyn
In The Right Placeruminator
National Nude Day Cancelled Ch. 03Transfix
Superstitions Ch. 09simply_cyn
Exploration in the BushesDana Gallagher
The Emperor's New Clothesgauchecritic
Al Naturalbrunorivera
Nude Day NewsTransfix
Hot Kisses Hotter SexEroticWhizpers
Randi Comes Home Ch. 02Rumple Foreskin
Fly A Flag For National Nude DayTransfix
Dani Undressedrockandroller
Artemis BathingLucifer_Carroll
French Kissing for GirlsAlex De Kok

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