Listed below are the stories entered in the 2005 Halloween Contest. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

2005 Halloween Submissions
Spooky Halloweenmysteriousquill
A Demon, A Witch and Frankensteingeronimo_appleby
The Old Black HouseLaccramos
The Wolf's PetGabbycat
Samhain's Witchwishfulthinking
Halloween Dreamscapricious_chic
La CabanaJohnEvans
Lick or EatLustyLee77
The Wormsack
Tricks and TreatsTrue North
School Days Ch. 04Marly_Evans
A Stranger Pays a VisitJordannaCG
The Sorceressmoonlight elf
Witches on Gallows Fieldoggbashan
Thanks a LotJakeRivers
The Portal to the Vixen PlanetMy Erotic Tale
The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 03LuciousBi-Writes4U
Party HardTexguy84
Eviscerated Lovedarkgoddess2478
The MasqueradeExtreme Bohunk
My Maten2anal78
My Brother's Whoren2anal78
The New SlaveBloatedCorpse
Wolf Trap Ch. 01Matadore
Vampires on a Traindr_mabeuse
An Evening to RememberTony155
Bad Weathersechum
Scold's BridleBlackShanglan
Little Red Riding Whoresuitep
Tea with Dr. RickmanCole Black
Zuzie's Amazing Triple GrockBoxlicker101
Kinky PartyTxdelicatablegrl
Thing That Go Bump in the NightCalibetsy
The Teaching AssistantSegue Cabaret
Halloween with the BossAries77
The Magician's AssistantPenelope Street
What Are Friends ForCunfucus
Frankenstein's CastlePJLOVEFIRE
Teenage Witch Gets Poked in RearPreeny
Halloween Revisitedsack
Halloween Break-up Mix-Upn2anal78
Bad Moon Risin'Blue Dolphin
Decent into Darknesscheerful_deviant
The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 01LuciousBi-Writes4U
Inductions Ch. 02Fallen Savior
A Boo-boo for Daddysarahhh
The Halloween that HauntedLuciousBi-Writes4U
Halloween Dare Ch. 02n2anal78
Halloween Dare Ch. 03n2anal78
Straight From the Horse's Mouth!champ wilson
A Killer Little PrequelE.P.M.
The Devil Buys My Soul Ch. 01-02JoeDreamer
What Have U Done?AbsyntheLo
Fifteen times Fiftyoggbashan
The GraveyardDG Hear
The Lady's Wishlady_cat13
After the Halloween PartySirRian
Down the Long Empty NightsColleen Thomas
The WishH Dean
A Year and A Dayoggbashan
Haunted House Fun Ch. 02n2anal78
Sally: Trick or Treatcaprine
The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 02LuciousBi-Writes4U
Amore de los MuertosDarkLittleFetish
The Porcelain SoulE.P.M.
Halloween Night of FirstsTxdelicatablegrl
Halloween GothicC_Lakewood
Ben & Jerry's Halloween SurpriseSchwingprose
Trick and TreatMike Franklin
The Trail of Don JuanSolitary_Thinker
Freddy and LaraSean Renaud
Halloween Partybindmetotruth
Halloween Tutor / Elvira's RevengeBarb36D
Carol's Perfect Costumezenmackie
Halloween Dress-upsirhugs
The Talisman is the Longest ManDJBlax
A Victorian Masquerade Ch. 01KAY776969
Intercourse BuffetLittleWhiteWolf
Dark Ritualsnotnaive
Feast of Lifecymry
InductionsFallen Savior
Birth and Deathoggbashan
Magic in America: Fatesweetnpetite
Manchester Mansionangel_in_disguise
The Devil Buys My Soul Ch. 03-04JoeDreamer
Trick or TreatJoseki Ko
Not Englishoggbashan
The Wrong Partyn2anal78
The ExecutionerAltEnergy
The Bad PlaceEdge23
The Divorce Chronicles Ch. 06cuninglinguist61
A Scary Halloween StoryTongueInCheek
Ghost RidersMike Franklin
Alien AbductionLazarus
Another Halloween Partydreampilot79
Murderous Tricks, Erotic TreatsAliyahlovinsex
A Halloween Legend is Bornainu
The Princess and the FrogDG Hear
Evil Empire Strikes HalloweenFishnet
Serial Hunterkromen
Orgy CovenDaisyDuke
Treat for Trick?Wildestthang
An Offering of the FleshDracona
Halloween Dare Ch. 01n2anal78
Till We Meet AgainRumple Foreskin
Mirror Imagekinky shy girl
Halloween Dare Ch. 04n2anal78
Halloween Delightbedtymelover2
A Trance in the Cellarflamekitten
It Waitsentitled
So WarmTheEarl
Red Riding Hoodgeronimo_appleby
Haunted House Funn2anal78
Do You Dream About Me?neonlyte
A Date with DelilahQuince
A Fissure in the IceUnsung Muse
Twins in College Ch. 08WFEATHER
Voice of Hopedizzylia
Pigtails and PumpkinsEnglish Lady
Do You Feel Lucky?britbaby19
A Nasty Trick for a Sweet TreatScornDrake
The Last Piece of AssBoxlicker101
White WomenBlack Tulip
Demonology: The ChurchyardAlex756
The Best Halloween Dance EverNeedYou

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