Listed below are the stories entered in the 2005 Halloween Contest. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

2005 Halloween Submissions
Tricks and TreatsTrue North
Twins in College Ch. 08WFEATHER
Halloween Dare Ch. 03n2anal78
Do You Dream About Me?neonlyte
Halloween Dreamscapricious_chic
Teenage Witch Gets Poked in RearPreeny
Halloween Night of FirstsTxdelicatablegrl
The GraveyardDG Hear
InductionsFallen Savior
What Have U Done?AbsyntheLo
A Scary Halloween StoryTongueInCheek
Mirror Imagekinky shy girl
The Bad PlaceEdge23
A Boo-boo for Daddysarahhh
Halloween with the BossAries77
Not Englishoggbashan
The Princess and the FrogDG Hear
Halloween Tutor / Elvira's RevengeBarb36D
La CabanaJohnEvans
Inductions Ch. 02Fallen Savior
Pigtails and PumpkinsEnglish Lady
Witches on Gallows Fieldoggbashan
A Stranger Pays a VisitJordannaCG
Wolf Trap Ch. 01Matadore
Fifteen times Fiftyoggbashan
School Days Ch. 04Marly_Evans
Feast of Lifecymry
It Waitsentitled
Halloween Partybindmetotruth
Manchester Mansionangel_in_disguise
What Are Friends ForCunfucus
Bad Weathersechum
Little Red Riding Whoresuitep
Spooky Halloweenmysteriousquill
An Offering of the FleshDracona
The WishH Dean
The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 01LuciousBi-Writes4U
Sally: Trick or Treatcaprine
A Date with DelilahQuince
White WomenBlack Tulip
The Devil Buys My Soul Ch. 03-04JoeDreamer
A Victorian Masquerade Ch. 01KAY776969
Ghost RidersMike Franklin
Ben & Jerry's Halloween SurpriseSchwingprose
Lick or EatLustyLee77
Decent into Darknesscheerful_deviant
Bad Moon Risin'Blue Dolphin
My Brother's Whoren2anal78
The New SlaveBloatedCorpse
Eviscerated Lovedarkgoddess2478
Murderous Tricks, Erotic TreatsAliyahlovinsex
Dark Ritualsnotnaive
The Lady's Wishlady_cat13
So WarmTheEarl
A Year and A Dayoggbashan
Haunted House Funn2anal78
A Killer Little PrequelE.P.M.
Another Halloween Partydreampilot79
Scold's BridleBlackShanglan
A Nasty Trick for a Sweet TreatScornDrake
Straight From the Horse's Mouth!champ wilson
My Maten2anal78
Carol's Perfect Costumezenmackie
Birth and Deathoggbashan
Haunted House Fun Ch. 02n2anal78
Do You Feel Lucky?britbaby19
Halloween Break-up Mix-Upn2anal78
Treat for Trick?Wildestthang
Frankenstein's CastlePJLOVEFIRE
The ExecutionerAltEnergy
Trick or TreatJoseki Ko
Party HardTexguy84
The Trail of Don JuanSolitary_Thinker
The Talisman is the Longest ManDJBlax
Zuzie's Amazing Triple GrockBoxlicker101
Halloween Dare Ch. 04n2anal78
Halloween Dress-upsirhugs
The Teaching AssistantSegue Cabaret
The Wormsack
Intercourse BuffetLittleWhiteWolf
A Halloween Legend is Bornainu
Halloween Dare Ch. 02n2anal78
Demonology: The ChurchyardAlex756
The Wrong Partyn2anal78
The Halloween that HauntedLuciousBi-Writes4U
Freddy and LaraSean Renaud
Amore de los MuertosDarkLittleFetish
The Wolf's PetGabbycat
An Evening to RememberTony155
The Porcelain SoulE.P.M.
A Demon, A Witch and Frankensteingeronimo_appleby
A Fissure in the IceUnsung Muse
After the Halloween PartySirRian
Till We Meet AgainRumple Foreskin
The Devil Buys My Soul Ch. 01-02JoeDreamer
Evil Empire Strikes HalloweenFishnet
A Trance in the Cellarflamekitten
The Old Black HouseLaccramos
Halloween Delightbedtymelover2
The Portal to the Vixen PlanetMy Erotic Tale
Orgy CovenDaisyDuke
The Best Halloween Dance EverNeedYou
Voice of Hopedizzylia
Halloween GothicC_Lakewood
The Magician's AssistantPenelope Street
Halloween Dare Ch. 01n2anal78
The Sorceressmoonlight elf
Magic in America: Fatesweetnpetite
The MasqueradeExtreme Bohunk
Tea with Dr. RickmanCole Black
The Divorce Chronicles Ch. 06cuninglinguist61
The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 02LuciousBi-Writes4U
Vampires on a Traindr_mabeuse
The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 03LuciousBi-Writes4U
Trick and TreatMike Franklin
Alien AbductionLazarus
Halloween Revisitedsack
Down the Long Empty NightsColleen Thomas
Red Riding Hoodgeronimo_appleby
The Last Piece of AssBoxlicker101
Kinky PartyTxdelicatablegrl
Thing That Go Bump in the NightCalibetsy
Thanks a LotJakeRivers
Serial Hunterkromen
Samhain's Witchwishfulthinking

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