Listed below are the stories entered in the 2006 How-To Contest Contest. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

2006 How-To Contest Submissions
The Art of Writing SmutBoxlicker101
How To F*** Your Daddysarahhh
Can You Kiss Me Like This?RedHairedandFriendly
Everyman's Handy Guide to CunnilingusJazzManJim
Miscues and MistakesDG Hear
Understand Breasts & Bra Sizeselfin_odalisque
How to Find Mr. Right Nowlindiana
Toys 4 Us: Women Only!sexygodess06
Vanilla into Butterscotch RippleNightSpirit
Dominating a Man for the First Timemissveronica
How to Pick Up Chicks in 14 DepartmentsTxRad
Three Ways to Avoid Heartachebewindsor
How to Give Characters Random Namescheetah83
Intimate Watersangelicminx
How to Charm Panties offleggydragonlady
How To Write a Fifty-Word Storyoggbashan
A Girl's Guide to Bush Confidencesophia jane
How to Survive in a Foreign CountryAurora Black
Get Lucky & Score On Your Way Homeneonlyte
Want To Get Laid On Your Travels?Munachi
How to Appreciate a ManSelena_Kitt
A Tongue Lashing: An Essayrrickgauer
How to Ruin a MarriageMissBri
How To: Female Ejaculationblack saphire
How (Not) to Dirty Talk in GermanMunachi
Are You Fishing...My Erotic Trail
My Thoughts on Writing Eroticaepiphany65
How To Appreciate A WomanSex and Death
How to Enjoy Anal SexMayhemLass

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