Listed below are the stories entered in the 2013 Earth Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2013 Earth Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner)::
The Dryad

by Armphid

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner)::
Bonsai Hunting

by eclare

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner)::

by slyc_willie

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2013 Earth Day Submissions
Dalliance of the Earth Goddess IsisRedHairedandFriendly
A Winter Hike with MomCavyConsultant
A Day in the ParkStaciRay79
Hipster Sister's Clothing BanHeyAll
The After DanceEuphonic
The HikeBeelzebub72
Eco-"Friendly" CleaningTx Tall Tales
A Date with Mother Naturechocolatecookie3
Cernunnos' Lessonihartekenny
Not What I ExpectedDG Hear
Save a Tree Become a Sex Slavesilkstockingslover
The DryadArmphid
The Most Beautiful ArtCndrlla69
Birth of the Burnt Sprigganvencuyot
The Chief DirectiveRutabaga72
Christie's College Funding Planmsgrant67
Trial 1717CatRun
A Father's DreamMSTarot
Green Fairy DreamMichaelWest
The OutdoorsmanBrettJ
A Backwoods AwakeningYDB95
Opposites Attracttk5555
The Devil and an AngelTxRad
By the LakeRjThoughts
A Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)theravenfox
Bird Manhoo_hoo_boo
Garden Romancerandibyrnes
For the Glory of the Earthsr71plt
That Hippy Chickxelliebabex
The Problem with MonsantoJagFarlane
A Seed Called Pygmalionsubwryter
The HikersAunay
"No Boundaries" Water Canoe Areacurlyspurs
Dalliance of Earth Goddess DurgaRedHairedandFriendly
In The RedwoodsLovefreely1993
Pirate DaysJasmynn_Brown
Caribbean Tales: Emma's Initiation Pt. 02AlwaysHungry
Bonsai Huntingeclare
The Good Samaritancarlieplum
Morgan's Canaleclare
Tree Hugger Loves Butt PluggerBrookMeier
Hiking NudeAshson
Feral Heartslyc_willie
Cleaning Cans and Bottles ToplessSusanJillParker
Earth, Wind, and DesireOpalEssence
My Brother, My Mastersilkstockingslover
Earth Day EncounterStacy469
May to December Earth Day RomanceJuanVato

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