Listed below are the stories entered in the 2012 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2012 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Tricked with a Treat

by Goldeniangel

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):

by Lien_Geller

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2012 Halloween Submissions
Cinderella's BallsLegman173
You Will Welcome Deathwantsomefun1951
The Halloween Wager49greg
I'm In ChargeAllyTara
My Trick or Your TreatSexcess
Why Don't You Do Right?QueenOfTheNile
Zombie SoldiersTara_Neale
Busted in the AlleyoOScarletWingsOo
Halloween SwapHarveyMarcus
Made to FitKeithD
Trick or Treatjustins961
Laine Goes to the BallTinyBeth
A GOR-y Halloween PartyTx Tall Tales
Ways to Break a Good Man, No. 2manyeyedhydra
A Kitty for Santamonamante
A Taste of MidnightCorpse_rider
Unmasked and ExposedLaRascasse
Vindictive RomanceTipson
Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty?CianPerrel
When Worlds Collideboneams
Lust in the City of the Deadmadam_noe
Halloween Role-play with Work Wifehermes25
The Desperate School OutfitEsotericNiceGuy
Raynie's Fantasy FulfilledTSienna
Homecoming at the Witch's Academymsgrant67
A Halloween MishapSaucyEroticProductions
Trick or TreborOdysseyker
A Samhainn TaleSouthCoastSurfer
Monster FeverArmphid
Dead Things Need Love TooDarkestkiss
The ChangeLycandope
Unexpected GuestsCinner
Car TroubleIgnoble
No Tricks, Just TreatsChloeCallie
Pauletta Defends His TitleBoxlicker101
The Bucks MansionYDB95
Arkham Hospital for the Insanerot_teufel
Marine for Halloweenkimbelina
Lust Like a Piraterandibyrnes
A Mother's Love Never Dieslovecraft68
The Angel and The DevilCianPerrel
Holy Halloween Batman 2012kj6669
ChubbyDG Hear
Charmed to DeathJasmynn_Brown
Ridden by Red Riding HoodLegman173
Brendan's Last LayEesomeBeastie
Tricked with a TreatGoldeniangel
The Third Apprenticewet_special
Thirteenth SeductionIroniclaconic
Orgasmic Orbital OdysseyMiss_Guided
The Half Demon has Halloween...!itachidark27
Be Careful What You Wish ForStangStar06
A Bestiary of Monster GirlsMatthewVett
Mom's Halloween CostumeDaddyJack
The She-WolfLycandope
All the Tricks were TreatsBothWorld
Something Wicked This Way Camemadam_noe
Debbie gets Halloween'dsnakebyte
Cody. Ryan. LeoJohanJohnson
The Wicked Witchmrpuk2u
The PhantomPrincessErin
Pet Training: A Journey 2 Submissionsilkstockingslover
Halloween PartyHawthorneVixen
The Great Pumpkin, Charlie BrownTrue North
A Good Kind of Scarelittlebirdstory
Halloween and MeRedHairedandFriendly
Open QuestionKurokami
Beautiful Corpsebienheureuse
Dawn's Very Special Halloween PartyTE999
The Taking of Amy JohnsonPlatypusJones
Hawthorn ManorCianPerrel
A Ghoul, A Nectarine, and Pancakesflamekitten
A Ritual PromiseDeviouSquirrel
Halloween WitchPandora33103
Halloween WishPrincessS85
We Have to Win!CharlieGG
The Doorslopoke1012000
il DiablaThe_Technician
Taken in the GarageCianPerrel
Bob the BlobThe_Unicorn
Ashley's HumiliationCianPerrel
The Defiled OneThe_Technician
Witches in the MoonlightTiffy1
Journey Through the Rabbit HoleNymphWriter
The Haunting in Hollow Brooketurner1116
See You Guys Next Yearrunningonblade
Creature FeaturesTamLin01
Pleasing KelseyPanthergirl
Witch's Curse: Bitch Becomes a Slutsilkstockingslover
M&M KissesTx Tall Tales
Fairies, Ghosts, and the G-SpotUntameable_Guy
Old Times' SakeYDB95
My First Halloween PartyMalomar
Horny Halloweencurlyspurs
Death and the MaidenBrandie69
Better than Trick or Treating?regularguy13
Ghost of MeJohanJohnson
The Halloween Hazinglaffalot
So You Want to Be in Moviessr71plt
Night of the WitchesSPEN STERLING
The Strength a Costume BringsRedHairedandFriendly
Costume PartyMirage
My Night as a Night ElfCianPerrel
Memoirs of a MenagenaughtEgirl
Sideshow SylvieSecondCircle
Dirty Harry PotterStultus
Hallowed Evesleeplessgurl
Oktoberfest Sex-Geschichtecbsummers
Heather's Halloween House Partymsgrant67
All Hallows' Evesun_sea_sky
Intergalactic IntimacyMiss_Guided
Halloween MasqueradeTE999
Shell GameIroniclaconic
Mother's Halloween Trick Treats SonSusanJillParker
Guillotine Shawloggbashan
Perfect PictureOupa99
The Thirteenth Virginwantsomefun1951
Aphrodite's Palacesweet_lusciousdesire
So I Fucked a Zombie, So What?Dream_Operator
Doctor Dee is Deadoggbashan
Coed VampireBoxlicker101
You'll Huff and Puff, and I'll BlowCianPerrel
Final Breathdrteetho
An Aria for Anniecrystalspring
Teen Titans, Go!CianPerrel
Red Riding 'HoodSweetestThing

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