Listed below are the stories entered in the 2017 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

2017 Halloween Submissions
Haunted Manoroggbashan
Masks That We WearAlexClayton
Trick or Treat Dublin StyleSamScribble
The Wrong NoteMagicaPractica
Voodoo Seductionsilkstockingslover
Halloween RedTenderBottom
Marcie's ProblemBradCarpenter
I'm Wonder Womanpetskunk
28 - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
Bad Cop, Worse CopVoboy
Auctioning Natalie: Tied & SoldHeyAll
You Left Your Door OpenJulianDelacourt
Train Drain TeamKeithD
A REALLY Scary HalloweenJoe_Doe_Stories
Haunted Tricksmattmatthews
Life Drinkerregularguy13
Christie's GoneYDB95
For the First Erotic SceneHeyAll
Salt's Quest for CharismaJasonClearwater
Love's Embraceblondsubles
Of Monsters and EmotionsFleecewy
Revenge of the NerdKennaColrite
Halloween Damsel in DistressJjonest
Devilish Partydpz9
A Quickie in the Commodore's OfficeVoboy
Confronting an AlpJ_R_Ashunwhy
Virgin SacrificeTamLin01
The Night Zoe & Michele Raised HellTamLin01
Fucking Mom: A Son's Virginity Lostsilkstockingslover
There's An App For Thatjman_bigdaddy
The Endeavors of Costume Shoppingheyperkynipples
Halloween in the Hollow4glory6
Switched and BewitchedPMDlite
Which Witch?oggbashan
Dropping Her MaskPTWinters
Bell Rockoggbashan
In the Arms of the Succubusmilliedynamite
The Clay ManAspernEssling
A Contrast in Appetitesmgringo
A Dark HeartBurntRedstone
A Queen in Need - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
Under Her SpellArmphid
I am PleasureLanceQuiver
Matthew's Choice - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
Close Encounters of the 7th KindDream_Operator
A Shadow at The BiographAlexandreDolce
Halloween DelightRlyan
Enter of Your Own Free WillYoureWet
Costume Shoppingacromago
Mrs Sucubus - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
Office Wish, Gangbang FantasyHeyAll
Pussy TRICK for Anal TREATSueDanym
Halloween SurpriseThors_Fist
The Halloween Parade Transformationrutger5
Adult, XXX-rated, Fantasy Fun HouseSusanJillParker
Bargain with a Devilrarmons
Courage and CautionBetty_Rage
Hitchhiker's Guide to HalloweenSandman_Nightmares
Clown Carcvillerook
Welcome to Nockatunga StationChloeTzang
Looking UpAhazura
A Naughty Bit of Halloween FunTX_Redhead
Happy Halloweensszreads
Kate The Rare Books LibrarianZachDocEight
Magic Leads to Out of Body IncestJBEdwards
The Recording of Helena CraineJ_R_Ashunwhy
Halloween with Mom49greg
A Sexual HauntingGlaze72
Full Moon RitesAura_Lee
Redheads Have No Soulsregularguy13
Halloween Costumed RoleplayingSusanJillParker
Horny GhostLeenysman
An Erotic HauntingGeminine
Fertility Temple, Impregnating MomHeyAll
Her Trick, My Treatstoryteller19
A Pale Court in Beauty and DecayDragonCobolt
Trick and Treatpheacock

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