Listed below are the stories entered in the 2011 Nude Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2011 Nude Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Tribal Unity

by D_Lynn

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Lavender and Love

by LunaEroticaMystica

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2011 Nude Day Submissions
Spanked to Submission: A Novellasilkstockingslover
Worth the Wait & Someakai21
Hero's Nude HousecleanerBoxlicker101
Deer Pathinfructescence
Pretending to be Gay for Nude DaySuperHeroRalph
My In-Family Fantasy to Remembergonnagetchu
Streakers and StreakingBoxlicker101
Stripping SummerLuscious_Lane
Key West Hospitalitykromen
Song of the MagicicadaSweetWitch
Tribal UnityD_Lynn
Memories of our First Nude DayTxRad
Pool DaysBethyboo
Angels CumethDeikin
Caribbean Tales: Spy on MeAlwaysHungry
National Clothing Dayfoolstop
My Next Door Neighborkromen
An Affair I'll RememberDG Hear
Let's Go Out to the Lobbyjackvick
Spanky's Birthday PartyGuyIncognito619
An Unusual GymCM22now
Secret Nudists and a Family SecretMatthewVett
The Carnal Clubs AuctionBethyboo
Nude Day, A Celebration of FlashingSuperHeroRalph
Cousin Rocks My World on Nude DaySuperHeroRalph
Clothing Optional Day at the BeachSPEN STERLING
The Day the Earth Stood NudeMatthewVett
Cocksucking College Sistersilkstockingslover
A Day at the BeachBakeboss
Rescuing Sophieoggbashan
Double DipRejectReality
Alicia at the Nudist Clubsimaddict
Have You Been Flashed or Flashed?SuperHeroRalph
Bank Holiday-Nude Day Naked RevengeSuperHeroRalph
Opposites Attract, Then Recoil BackSuperHeroRalph
Day of the GoddessAlex De Kok
Mother's Nude Day Sexual FantasySuperHeroRalph
Naked HousecleaningBoxlicker101
Nude Day-A Pervert's Anal Field DaySuperHeroRalph
Final CeremonyKaishaku
Happy Lewd, Crude and Rude Nude DaySuperHeroRalph
A Nude Vacation in Francedave110256
Ah, The Life of a GeekIrateQuaker
Cross Dresser Flashing for Nude DaySuperHeroRalph
First She Showed MeScaramouche123
Laundry Tales 09: Nude Fiancéjeanne_d_artois
Boat SexPrincessErin
A Month of Summer SundaysBenny024
The Class NudistWatchingCloud
Bind & Strip Me Naked for Nude DaySuperHeroRalph
Renee, Todd, Nude Day, & Lady GagaSuperHeroRalph
King for a Dayphotoman4u2
Our First Nudist Vacationdave110256
Vive La CorseLettersFromTatyana
Vive La Difference!onwardbob
Bare Assed in the BackwoodsUhlBWett
Naked America, a New Day Nude DaySuperHeroRalph
Nude Day. What is Nude Day Really?SuperHeroRalph
Siblings Get Naked for Nude DaySuperHeroRalph
Flaunt ItOld_Blue
Bronze BeautyJDConnor
Surprising Dowdy Dani 2 - AgainLitEroCat
The Tale of Twelve FeetBethyboo
What To Do?DG Hear
Mom Saves Nude Dayfictitious
A Man in TurmoilDG Hear
Shock and Aujuanwildone
Pauletta Celebrates Nude DayBoxlicker101
Nude Day, Every Day Is Nude DaySuperHeroRalph
New GenerationsBenLong
CFNM, Nude Day, and Drunken WomenSuperHeroRalph
Roommate Wantedlazyways
What You See, What You GetSpinneret
Strip Poker, Nude Day & Lesbian SexSuperHeroRalph
Stripping the Bossjennanips
Nude Day Pornographic Family MovieSuperHeroRalph
Lavender and LoveLunaEroticaMystica
Terror Filled Nude Day Naked WalkSuperHeroRalph

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