Listed below are the stories entered in the 2009 Summer Lovin Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2009 Summer Lovin Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Life is a Carnival

by davidwatts

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
A Summer Dance with a Succubus

by manyeyedhydra

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Ex Libris

by Alex De Kok

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2009 Summer Lovin Submissions
Exposed by Boyfriend at the Beachexhibitionistguy
Broken A/CDahlia15
Lake of Forbidden DesireSikFuk
Summer CottageTE999
Coming of Ageslyc_willie
Life is a Carnivaldavidwatts
Monogamy For SwingersSikFuk
Cousin Julie's Summer VacationCarBuffStuff
Luck of the IrishSkol
New Girl on the BlockAndubious745
Water the FireLawrenceD
A New Summer's CourseJames Cody
Lovin Spoonful = Summer Lovinsambones88
The Panel Truckggroyale
LST3K Ep. 10: Sister SummerDarkniciad
Miami Gothical_Ussa
Summer Seductionmoonlitclover
Hiking the Tamarackurtj7
Bad HeatherTx Tall Tales
Pillow Talk, Not Just Pillow TalkPositiveThinker
Margaritas and MasturbationHelly_Robin
Beach Cottagekurtj7
Educating CassieDirtyGeisha
Summer HoneyMilissaB
Bummer Love-InSikFuk
Island Honeyjack_straw
One Wave at a Timedickjonson69
Early Morning Waterfallsilentblackwater
Clothing Not Requiredflamingofan
Five Free, Fun Summer Ideas for Kidswife2hotblk
All the PerksRejectReality
Bethany's RetreatMistress_Elf
My Summer with the HamiltonsBakeboss
Hooters on Scooterssarahhh
Whale TaleMiddleagepoet
Ex LibrisAlex De Kok
Busty Jessica's Pool PartyBoxlicker101
Party GirlSonoraSnow
Hot Night in BrooklynGarageGirl
River RideLitEroCat
A Bitch of a Scarlet Witchsarahhh
Peach Daiquiriswinging_42
Wet T-Shirt ContestSean Renaud
Morton MagicAlex De Kok
Sultry SunsetLapidoth
Walkie MillieYoursSINSerely
Touring TogetherEesomeBeastie
Thank You. Dr. DeHoffQuietandyet
LeapKev H
Summer Sexplorationfemme_depetite_vertu
Life Isn't Always FairDG Hear
A Beautiful Evening With You and IDragonchill
Going to the FairKami_Raion
Camping in the RainPrincessErin
The Chaperonem_storyman_x
Take Me After The Ol' Ball Gamendbf4ever
All Washed Upphilndezier
Hot and Drysophia jane
A Summer Dance with a Succubusmanyeyedhydra
Praying For HopeWmForrester
The Skylightkitschen
The Perfect Summer WeekendCharnel
Pillow Talk, Just Pillow TalkPositiveThinker
Beach Cabin FeverAutumnfire71
Hot Southern Dazewicked208
August RainThe_Unicorn
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini(s)PositiveThinker
August 22Hooligan21
My Hotel Textpunkyshayton

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