Listed below are the stories entered in the 2010 Summer Lovin Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2010 Summer Lovin Contest Winners *

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
The Nice Bloke

by geronimo_appleby

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
A Journey Home

by sirreadsalot10

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2010 Summer Lovin Submissions
It's WrongSean Renaud
The Dugoutmichchick98
Jimmy Has a Sexy Summertime Fetishandtheend
Summer BreakDG Hear
Sweaty NostalgiaAlwaysHungry
Another Hot Summer NightEllafun
Derek Discovers ExhibitionistsCalDreamer
A Friend in Needcahagan
We of the Desertpaladinoutrider
Kindred of the WoodLesLumens
Under the PerseidsJames Cody
Double Cream on a Hot Summer Nighttheravenfox
I Scream, You Scream, We All Screamandtheend
Summer of '87Bakeboss
Living with the Decisionpetuchi10
Home RunGoodyGoodyTwoShoes
Learning to Live Life as a Lesbianandtheend
Jimmy's Summer of 1974timmywells
Even Gods need a little Balancezouzouni
Hot Summer Dreamalexxxis
The Addictvoluptuary_manque
Summer AffairHarleypoohus
Emma's Summer Babysitting Jobscouries
Sun, Sea and SuccubusDeikin
Queen of the IsleDarkniciad
Give Me the ManAlex De Kok
Roni and the Dick FlasherExporoni
"Poodle Girl" and the RainstormJuanVato
Hot Day at Summer LakeTomcatfive
Ride No MoreLesLumens
Summer Camp Can Change Your LifePaulStevens
Sex on the BeachKat73
Summer Sucks!Tx Tall Tales
The SummerhouseDeja_two
Puppy LoveDG Hear
Summer SpiritLunaEroticaMystica
Yahoo Sexual Correspondence Courseandtheend
London Callingadam applebiter
Roni takes the Boys to the BeachExporoni
How To Have A Happy Summer Vacationandtheend
The Week of Memorial Dayfubar769
Ass Man and Ass Momandtheend
God Bless Middleclass Americansandtheend
Celebrity Tag Team Sexy Summer Boutandtheend
LST3K Ep. 12: U Beach!Darkniciad
The Hooker and the Marineandtheend
"We'll Do Your Mom First," I Saidscouries
Cold War Goes Nuclearandtheend
Beating the HeatTrue North
Dawn JoggersLitEroCat
Belinda Gets Blackgeronimo_appleby
The Third SecretSeaQue
Summertime Cross Dresser Confessionandtheend
Daddy's Sexy Summer With Daughterandtheend
Reggie and Muffy's Anal Role Playandtheend
Spending My Summer Stripping My Momandtheend
Seventh Inning Stretchblue_steel90
Mermaid RevisitedBoxlicker101
Sons and LoversAlex De Kok
The Nice Blokegeronimo_appleby
No Inhibitions Allowedonwardbob
Burnt Gingertiggerlilly
Summer Lovin' Show and Tellandtheend
Roads Less TraveledSelena_Kitt
Fond FarewellFrederick Carol
A Lifeguard's Taledr_mabeuse
His and HersAngelaGH
Summer's First Loveandtheend
Helping HandsRejectReality
One Day at Band CampBoxlicker101
The Thunder Rollsmichchick98
Timmy and Tammy Meet Their CousinsFredBartholomus
The Warm Caress of the Ocean TideLascivo
Blueberry SummerSimonnGooblatz
Two and Then Himirishabastard
Hot Summer Night SecreteSecrets
Sleep, Sex, and SunPerilEyes
Ashley's Big Summer VacationSeduc1ove
Bored Couple Have Sexy Pillow Talkandtheend
Wife Stripped While Husband Watchesandtheend
East Meets Westandtheend
Hot Summer in MexicoSouthernPeaches
The Secret AttractionMaccar
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Just Prayandtheend
Happy Anniversary-First Summer Dayandtheend
Summer RulesWRJames
Summer of Amy's DadJaymal
The GetMore GirlsSunLover1030
WidowAlgonquin Twit
Little Black Bikinial_Ussa
SwanAlex De Kok
Another Thing Cummingtheravenfox
Avoiding the Beer Runstoryteller1023
Collecting Women Summertime Hobbyandtheend
A Journey Homesirreadsalot10
Ginny 555-1324Tio_Narratore
In DeeperAlex De Kok
Pakistani Familyisloobagpipes
Perfect EveningKuvi_Wildwolf

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