Listed below are the stories entered in the 2009 Valentines Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2009 Valentines Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Unfinished Melody

by GB_Marvel

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Nicole's Valentine's Day Surprise

by MrKitty

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):

by KillerRomance

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2009 Valentines Day Submissions
The Portraitdarkseraph
Unexpected ValentineSubmissivePet
Brand New FlameLesLumens
A Valentine's Day Surprisekimbelina
The DanceDenham_Forrest
Hearts and FlowersKarennaC
Valentine Fantasy Contestbaranbrat
My Perfect Valentine's DayYoursSINSerely
Red BraMiddleagepoet
My Valentine Delighttroublesoul69
Dessert Deliverynancyallen
The Unexpected Soulmatecymoril0001
Listening InEesomeBeastie
The Anniversarycarjock50
Cupids Bow: Making Ben Angrycherryontop1973
Dumping Sheila on Valentine's DayPositiveThinker
Nicole's Valentine's Day SurpriseMrKitty
Valentine's Day DateDG Hear
Struck by Lovesargeone
A Valentine's Day to Remembersweetnsassy1
Punching Lessonsflamekitten
The Perfect GiftXoltol
Blessing of the Saintmythtrav16
Valentine's Revengealexxxis
My Kind of Romancenewishsub
The Second Time Aroundslow_n_gentle
The Office Affairmushthecooler
My Loveluvit84
Love, Your Secret Admirermavsgirl
Vow To My PrincessKikori
A Mate For Valentine's DayDirtyGeisha
Memories of Valentine's Touchesodlum
Double your Pleasurebluewaterguy
Valentine's Wish ListRomantic1
Love Letterzeitgeist_the_clown
Valentine's SecretsRomantic1
His Fantasy Girlheartfelt
Emma's Valentine SurpriseSapphos Sister
Temporary RomanceBoxlicker101
An Appealing PropositionRelentlessPerversion
Fisting the FlippersSafe_Bet
Captain Billy's Valentineugelybobs
Fire and IciclesBlueFish11
The Amish WomanDG Hear
Pick up the SpareRejectReality
Master's ValentineKarennaC
Lesson Learnedbronyaur67
Sensory OverloadMidWestPrincess
My Friend, Lover, and Wife, ArlenePositiveThinker
A Box of ChocolatesSean Renaud
New Guy in my LifeYoursSINSerely
A Special Valentine's Presentwife2hotblk
Imaginary ValentineSafe_Bet
The Cure for a Broken HeartKatiecat
A Dude Loves Judeblondeallover_00
Setting Me Straightbleuangele
Beyond Death Do Us Partstorm_wind
A Gift of Love_Lynn_
Valentine Surprisem_storyman_x
Valentines SupriseIniquus
Unfinished MelodyGB_Marvel
Allie T - Valentine Virgin Violatedscouries
Better Than It's Ever BeenJs_Keeper
The First Valentine's DayLawrenceD
Let The Punishment Fit The Crime...lindtchilli
Change in PlansEmerald_Dragon
Pleasure of GivingJack_Samuel
Cupid's Caressbb_peaks
Sweet Valentine SurpriseVoluptuousValkyrie
Princess & Her Friend, Average JoePositiveThinker
The FourteenthHollywoodBelle
A Succubus for Valentine's Daymanyeyedhydra
My Boss, My Valentine?A.W. Root
Two Old Loversamethystsub
Ghost Riderloganforester
Venom and Valentinesal_Ussa
Taking Cupid's ArrowRubyLibertine
Heroes, Villains and a VampireMz_minx
My Missing Valentinehumminbean
Variety BoxQueenOfTheNile
Welcome to the Site of WriteroticaPositiveThinker
Monsier DiPuc's VisitNickyFaulkes
A Valentine Murdericonisclass
Grateful WifeLitEroCat
A Valentine For Onedarktwin
When Life Hands You LemonsRainierWriterII
When Instinct Takes Controlhugsandkisses2300
Karma's ValentineSultry_Sieren
One Lump or Two?TE999

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