Listed below are the stories entered in the 2009 Valentines Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2009 Valentines Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Unfinished Melody

by GB_Marvel

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Nicole's Valentine's Day Surprise

by MrKitty

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):

by KillerRomance

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2009 Valentines Day Submissions
Dessert Deliverynancyallen
Grateful WifeLitEroCat
Variety BoxQueenOfTheNile
Cupids Bow: Making Ben Angrycherryontop1973
When Life Hands You LemonsRainierWriterII
Taking Cupid's ArrowRubyLibertine
The Amish WomanDG Hear
Captain Billy's Valentineugelybobs
The First Valentine's DayLawrenceD
When Instinct Takes Controlhugsandkisses2300
Blessing of the Saintmythtrav16
Valentine Fantasy Contestbaranbrat
The FourteenthHollywoodBelle
An Appealing PropositionRelentlessPerversion
Venom and Valentinesal_Ussa
A Mate For Valentine's DayDirtyGeisha
My Kind of Romancenewishsub
The Cure for a Broken HeartKatiecat
Valentine Surprisem_storyman_x
Valentines SupriseIniquus
New Guy in my LifeYoursSINSerely
A Valentine For Onedarktwin
Fire and IciclesBlueFish11
One Lump or Two?TE999
Double your Pleasurebluewaterguy
The Office Affairmushthecooler
Dumping Sheila on Valentine's DayPositiveThinker
Punching Lessonsflamekitten
A Gift of Love_Lynn_
Cupid's Caressbb_peaks
Nicole's Valentine's Day SurpriseMrKitty
Unfinished MelodyGB_Marvel
Pleasure of GivingJack_Samuel
Temporary RomanceBoxlicker101
Valentine's Revengealexxxis
A Dude Loves Judeblondeallover_00
Pick up the SpareRejectReality
Valentine's SecretsRomantic1
My Valentine Delighttroublesoul69
Memories of Valentine's Touchesodlum
Princess & Her Friend, Average JoePositiveThinker
Monsier DiPuc's VisitNickyFaulkes
A Valentine's Day to Remembersweetnsassy1
Red BraMiddleagepoet
A Valentine's Day Surprisekimbelina
Fisting the FlippersSafe_Bet
A Succubus for Valentine's Daymanyeyedhydra
Hearts and FlowersKarennaC
Better Than It's Ever BeenJs_Keeper
Vow To My PrincessKikori
Lesson Learnedbronyaur67
A Box of ChocolatesSean Renaud
My Boss, My Valentine?A.W. Root
Valentine's Wish ListRomantic1
Heroes, Villains and a VampireMz_minx
Ghost Riderloganforester
A Special Valentine's Presentwife2hotblk
Sweet Valentine SurpriseVoluptuousValkyrie
Master's ValentineKarennaC
The Unexpected Soulmatecymoril0001
Setting Me Straightbleuangele
Beyond Death Do Us Partstorm_wind
Allie T - Valentine Virgin Violatedscouries
The Portraitdarkseraph
His Fantasy Girlheartfelt
My Loveluvit84
Emma's Valentine SurpriseSapphos Sister
A Valentine Murdericonisclass
Welcome to the Site of WriteroticaPositiveThinker
Listening InEesomeBeastie
My Missing Valentinehumminbean
Unexpected ValentineSubmissivePet
Sensory OverloadMidWestPrincess
Let The Punishment Fit The Crime...lindtchilli
My Perfect Valentine's DayYoursSINSerely
Karma's ValentineSultry_Sieren
Imaginary ValentineSafe_Bet
Change in PlansEmerald_Dragon
Brand New FlameLesLumens
Love, Your Secret Admirermavsgirl
The DanceDenham_Forrest
The Perfect GiftXoltol
Two Old Loversamethystsub
My Friend, Lover, and Wife, ArlenePositiveThinker
The Anniversarycarjock50
Love Letterzeitgeist_the_clown
Struck by Lovesargeone
Valentine's Day DateDG Hear

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