Listed below are the stories entered in the 2011 Valentines Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2011 Valentines Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
She Needs a Montage!

by Firebrain

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Valentine's Day Remembered

by DG Hear

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Emily's Valentine

by allusive1

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2011 Valentines Day Submissions
Desperately Seeking Susan-Any SusanSuperHeroRalph
She Needs a Montage!Firebrain
Cool WhipSlickman
Be Mine, ValentinePelaam
Compound 14/02EesomeBeastie
The Relationship BusinessPennLady
My Forever LoveAcal
Bound & Blindfolded for Valentine'sSuperHeroRalph
Angel of Mercy, My Young ValentineSuperHeroRalph
Odipuc & YeshalaniSuite21men
Becky's SeductionLilSheba
Swingers' Erotic Valentine's DanceSuperHeroRalph
Emily's Valentineallusive1
Steamy Lovebuddies
Starship Obama on Valentine's DaySuperHeroRalph
Do You Believe Me?DreamPisces
Mr. LonelyDG Hear
Valentine's Day RememberedDG Hear
Summer Lovin'EmmaM
Lost Virginity on Valentine's DaySuperHeroRalph
Valentine Fortuneteller is a WitchSuperHeroRalph
Dr. Valentine, a Specialist in LoveSuperHeroRalph
Sisters-in-law Valentine's SurpriseSuperHeroRalph
The Reluctant GiftTx Tall Tales
Heavenly Angel My Ghostly ValentineSuperHeroRalph
Alley Whorededimm
A Valentines with a Bang...xBmthAdmirer
The XB-900, My Happy Valentine ToySuperHeroRalph
My Valentines Day Strollloorslady
Rose was Red and Violet, BlueScaramouche123
Valentine Witchglynndah
Slings and Arrowsfeelin_randy
A Very Special Lunch Breakcinnamon_kisses12
Sarah Palin, Sex & Valentine's DaySuperHeroRalph
Heart-Shaped Ass for Valentine's Daypilot63
Benedict's House of ValentineSuperHeroRalph
A Song for AlewynJames Cody
Donna and Kevin's Valentine GiftBoxlicker101
Closing the Librarysillypanda
Smack! A Valentine's Day ProposalBethyboo
Fifteen Cardsoggbashan
Naked Valentine's Day CelebrationSuperHeroRalph
Kayla's Unexpectations 01 - Valentinems_distinctive
Mommy's Favorite Valentine is MeSuperHeroRalph
My Ravished ValentineOralDave
Valentine's Lingerie GiftCheriSM
Girlfriends, Valentines, and LoversSuperHeroRalph
Same Time, Same Place, Next WeekSuperHeroRalph
Valentine's NightWhimsicalEmpress
V is for ValentinoChiara23
Abby's Special ValentineBakeboss
Un-Valentines Party Gamesm_storyman_x
Valentine's Day GameBethyboo
Marisol's Valentine's FantasyJuanVato
Zen Love Everlastingtheravenfox
Lesbian Cyber SexLdy_Sea
Of Valentines, Roses and BlindfoldsBethyboo
A Kiss Between FriendsSecret_Fire
Cupid's Giftsjulybear7
100 Light Years from HomeNoira
Love My Ass, I Hate Valentine's DaySuperHeroRalph
Valentine's Day Shopping Trippilot63
Roses and Ropes, I Love Your FriendSuperHeroRalph
44 Anonymous ValentinesPostScriptor
Casey's ValentineRushette
What She's Looking Forartimisschild
Peta's Valentines Day Weekendclarepanties
A Gentlemen's Valentine for a LadySuperHeroRalph
Last Minute SeductionPerilEyes
Cross Dressing for Valentine's DaySuperHeroRalph
Heart's TempestLunaEroticaMystica
Home Movies with PatsyLitEroCat
Thank GoodnessKaishaku
Apple of My EyeArtForm
Valentine's Day Scroogeveronica_james
Albert and LucindaScaramouche123
Love Potion Number 9badlyfrozen
Draenan's GardenSweetMerry
Queen VivianMendonFishers
Bound by DesireWendyLuce
How to Have Happy Valentine's CheapSuperHeroRalph
Sister Lauren, Father Riley, and MeSuperHeroRalph
Man Behind the MaskEleanaMonteago
The Haircutal_Ussa
Yellow Roses on Valentine's DaySuperHeroRalph
A Public Return to Passionpetuchi10
Carl Be Mine, My Special ValentineSuperHeroRalph
Whatever You Wishkromen
A Lesbian Love Story- of Sortssilkstockingslover
Mother-in-law is My Sexy ValentineSuperHeroRalph
Valentine's Day Memoriesjake60
Sweet Nothingsvalalili
Love and the Sort Of Rock StarDreamPisces
A Handsome Valentine's StrangerRennocC
The DecisionDG Hear
Mary Ann's ValentineBoxlicker101
The Valentine's Day Panties SearchSuperHeroRalph
Making Mommy Minesilkstockingslover
Sue Has a New Boyfrienddcltrueleft
...And Then, I Met Her SisterSuperHeroRalph
Jefferson Jackson's White ValentineSuperHeroRalph
Her First Valentine'sccconwell
A Valentine's Day to RememberLady_Eryka
Jackie the Landlorddawoolef
Valentine's Dilemma Buying OnlineSuperHeroRalph
Home Sweet HomeoOScarletWingsOo
No BoundariesEmeraldKitten

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