Listed below are the stories entered in the 2014 Valentines Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2014 Valentines Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentine

by patientlee

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Playing Power Games

by redzinger

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2014 Valentines Day Submissions
Illegal ArmsTransverse
Photos for my ValentineSaffronandSage
Sweetheart Danceclarkroberts
The Other HalfWholockian34
Cupid's ArrowSean Renaud
Shakespeare's BirthdaySamScribble
Elevator Valentinebad_witch
Wet PantiesAlwaysHungry
The Taboo Foldergeronimo_appleby
The Binding Potion49greg
The Down LowUltimateSwitch
Secret CupidBuckyDuckman
Karen's Massagetrappedinside
Taming the Pastormsgrant67
To My Special Valentine with LoveSusanJillParker
Coffee and CreamZakharov
Jessica's Anal CuriosityHeyAll
Company PolicyRed_Jakal
Very Different Valentine's Daysmikoli5763
That Damn Red Dresslovecraft68
A Family MemoryDG Hear
Fusty Mustyhoo_hoo_boo
The Curse of Saint ValentineTamLin01
A Special ValentineBrettJ
Taken Awayhoo_hoo_boo
Valentine's Day DinnerSnatchALovingwife
A Third ValentineA_Little_Show
Her Workhoo_hoo_boo
Valentine for RealNachtmahr
A Mistress for Valentine's Daytheoncomingstorm
Playing Power Gamesredzinger
Love Songs that are Really Sexualjavawarrior
Taking Care of TillyA_Little_Show
Rose, By Any Other NameScaramouche123
The Dark Side of Chocolatestubborn_dreamer
A Woman's WillA_Little_Show
A Special Treat...Tara_Neale
Evelyn, My SisterHeyAll
Something To Do on Valentine's Daytrappedinside
Grappling with a Challengeedrider73
Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentinepatientlee
A Night of Chocolate and RosesMSTarot
Fourteen Daysxelliebabex
The Valentine's Day Mesmerizingwouldnitbnice
Valentine's Releasesexbrarian
Patrick's Personal CardTimothyM
In Love with LoveAcktion
Chocolates for a ScorpionArmphid
Liz's Valentine's DayForkedBeard
Two MILF’s for Valentine’s Dayguytoearth
Three Sisters: A Crazy Lesbian Orgysilkstockingslover
Man and Womanhoo_hoo_boo
The Craziest Sexy Love Story Eversilkstockingslover
The Sweetheart Removal Agencymanyeyedhydra
Diamond ValentineRejectReality
Dream SirenSeanathon
A Secret AdmirerRjThoughts
Thanks for the Roses!lovecraft68
The Fire Red Arrowswalkerlong

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