Listed below are the stories entered in the 2018 Valentines Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2018 Valentines Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
The Forever Man

by shabbu

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Late Valentine

by Sara2000Z

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Two Tickets to Paradise

by TallMarriedMan

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2018 Valentines Day Submissions
Tiny DancerCorbinC
A Caress of Red SilkJulianDelacourt
Eight SecondsKeithD
V-Day Three-WayKourtneyMarie
Pegged for Lovesilkstockingslover
Slut Lessons For Scott's WifeSimonDoom
Room Service Hotel WindowHeyAll
Deep Look4glory6
Our Secret Valentine RetreatJimyfoxx
My Teddie BareJulianDelacourt
My Dad is my Valentinesecondsamuel
Jeff & Sue Special Valentine's DayMatttster
Valentine's Ink Blot TestPolyacrylate
Natalie Fills InVoboy
Camel ToeChloeTzang
Gaming for Loveauguy86
Hanky PankyChloeTzang
Magic Lampoggbashan
Trini's Valentine Hat-TrickIanSaulWhitcomb
Janelle's GiftSoma99
Be My Substitute ValentineKCWinter
Two Americans in ParisYDB95
Seven Deadly Quimsyowser
The Lover's ChoiceDutchboy51
Ashton Hill Valentinesxelliebabex
Calling Cupidadeleknight
LOVE, SEX, GUNS, and AmmunitionSusanJillParker
Late ValentineSara2000Z
Sex Education with MomHeyAll
Blackout Valentines Day OrgyLushTales
Valentines Day is for VDJennaMonroe
Remembrances DeniedBebop3
Eleanor's Valentine's Day Wishsoppingwetpanties
Gaelic GoddessGlaze72
Just a Few Words of Encouragement.RubenR
The Eve 전야Conquistadora
After Class BreastfeedingHeyAll
Fun Times and Threesomesaussie_101
Two Tickets to ParadiseTallMarriedMan
Valentine Bonus at Workmsgrant67
Beyond the Setting SunkurrginatorX
Three Part Harmonymoreandmore
A Final ValentinePuckIt
Brittany's Do-OverVoboy
Love and HeartsJada59
Antique Store MaidStoryTeller07
Love is Like a Box of ChocolatesPMDlite
Big Black Cock: A Sissy Surprisesilkstockingslover
Country Boys Valentineyukonnights
Fifteen Loveoggbashan
A Valentine Birthday with DaddyDrHalonSanNucci
Hardwired for LoveEmmeline
Unintentional LoveAdder4321
Happy Valentine's Day, Little SisterOG4U
Songs of Seduction - Waterelectricblue66
See the Mountains Kiss High HeavenDragonCobolt
My Wife's Annoying SisterKousakacomplex
Make Me Want ItYouDidWhut
A Modern RelationshipDarknecron
The Forever Manshabbu
Valentines Surpriseyblack5
A Daughter's TaleCarnal_Flower
Vera's Wartime ValentineBray123
Love Down UnderSophiaLux
The Virgin ValentineVaginalpuppetry
A Woman Walked into a BarBenLong
Happy Valentine's, Baby Sisterrescatooor
My Best Friend's V Day Massagestoryteller19
Family Valentine's DayBoxlicker101
Vernon’s ValentinesSpencerfiction
An Usual Valentine’s Day PresentJBEdwards
Trust in the Time of St ValentineTarnishedPenny
By Any Other Nametheravenfox
Star SeedGlaze72
Champagne Pussy and Sodomy DreamsSueDanym
The Valentine’s AffairLust_First
An Evening OutKeithD
Dogging - Flashing, English Styleregularguy13
Al You Make Me Smilebarefootcowgirl
Valentine's Day RitualRiley196730309
Two Couples, One Cabin: A SeductionSolarRay
A Little Bit of Faithwellworn
The Literotica Annual Valentine's Day Contest!Literotica
Her BodyguardNotWise
Vignette - Blue Valentinesalextasy
Comforting Momsilkstockingslover
Best VDay Ever: Mom & Daughtersilkstockingslover
The Puppy and the KoalaAnnasFriend
High School Valentineregularguy13
Beau and Sweetheart of the ShowPuckIt
Yes Ma'am.Alice_Rosaleen
The GiftLadyAdeline
Wicked Gamesalextasy
Fire BrightKCWinter
Screw Your Roses, AssholeChloeTzang

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