Listed below are the stories entered in the 2019 Valentines Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2019 Valentines Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Tales from Old Shanghai 01

by ChloeTzang

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
You Don't Know Me But We Are Lovers

by SolarRay

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Elevator Valentines

by carrteun

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2019 Valentines Day Submissions
Submission! (with a Student?)HeyAll
Mum's Valentine DilemmaLittleBrain
Valentine's Day Stormdarkoverlord6
What a Long, Strange Trip It's BeenkurrginatorX
Late for ChurchScriptoLobo
If and Whenrubysubrosa
The Real Valentine's Day GiftTempest_Wolfsong
Outrageous Good Fortunetrigudis
Falling from Gracesoppingwetpanties
Cum Slut Wife: Hypnotic Awakeningsilkstockingslover
You Don't Know Me But We Are LoversSolarRay
In One Spirit Meet and MingleDragonCobolt
The St. Dynwen's Day FeastJ_beezy
My Father was a Switchmanyukonnights
So I Sing a Song of Love for JuliaBray123
Unexpected RomanceSmuttyandfun
Deepthroat Mother~Wedding HostHeyAll
Invocation of ErosTempest_Wolfsong
I Met a Manshabbu
Babysitter Cupcake: MILF Cuckqueanedsilkstockingslover
Abasiophilia - Wheelchair Sexerectus123
Doctor's Exam with MomHeyAll
Valentine's Day Hauntingtexxman
Sugar's Lucky HoleJulianDelacourt
Sally and Bill, or is it Phil?JBEdwards
Pussy Presentation by MomHeyAll
Wife Special Valentine's Presentmidnight_doctor
What Are The Odds?Rollinbones
Once Upon a Valentine's Dayskywriter2020
Wife Cheating & Leaving on V-day?texxman
Straight Bride Seducedsilkstockingslover
A Valentine's Solution for SpousesSoazoldman
Valentine's Day DateHeartsongs
Valentine's SurpriseTxnPrd
How NOT to Win the Next BetVoboy
The Super Bowl for Womenshptchr
Sunset SaveKeithD
Lucky ValentineSandraMustard
My ValentineLAFLYNN
Hello StrangerMichaelFitzgerald
Uh Oh, Mom? Dad? Ch. 01Soazoldman
Brownies for Twovanmyers86
Zach’s Valentine's Day MasqueradeZachDocEight
My Mom is My Valentinesecondsamuel
Things get Hairy with the NeighborJjonest
Elise Gets Her Mojo Back!Xpoerotica
Regifted Lingerie Surprisesilkstockingslover
Mr. Grinch's Valentinesprinnavea
Hillbilly Hoedownyukonnights
Trapped and Nowhere to RunManAmorous
Valentine's Day is a ChoreExperiencedStoryteller
D-Cup BluesYDB95
Forever LoveRubenR
Saucy Valentinebonalisa
Dirty SoapVoboy
Nice Guys Finish Lastregularguy13
Waiting in the Snowoggbashan
Bed Bath and Beyond My Dreamsmoreandmore
A Very Happy V-DayVJWild
A Valentine's Day Cuckoldsecondsamuel
Rainy Day in TokyoKeithD
A Drink, A Dance, A KisskurrginatorX
Mother's IntuitionTornConflict
Lisa, Vern and Meflashgordon562006
Broken Dreams Valentine's DayCrazyDaveTrucker60
The Last Cardoggbashan
Sext Me! Won't You Be Mine?ManAmorous
One Friday in FebruaryBobbyBrandt
Gaijin Kagema: Male CourtesanKeithD
Lonely Hearts ClubLibrarian887
Ann's Valentine's DecisionMostodd07
Valentine Hook UpSmuttyandfun
Double ValentineCrazyDaveTrucker60
Be My Key Holder, Valentine?Tigger_Lilly
The Fifth Wheelsecretsxywriter
Phoenix Risingsecretsxywriter
Tales from Old Shanghai 01ChloeTzang
Elevator Valentinescarrteun

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