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Gender: Male
Weight: Average
Height: Average
Location: Somewhere under the thumb
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Nothing
Status: Attached
Smoke: No
Drink: Occasionally
Fetishes: None
Pets: None
User Number: 1000811
Member Since: July 22, 2008
Last Modified: December 20, 2014
Some words from mimaster:

Updated 12-20-14: (Spoiler Alert ahead) I've always struggled with the concept of the story categories on Literotica. I know why they exist, and they do help, but sometimes the don't. If I had it all to do over again, perhaps I would have put the Ann series in Novellas, or maybe Romance. But the truth is I didn't really think the story would become what it did, or has... or whatever. I put each chapter in the one I felt made sense, and have kept doing that with each individual chapter. That said, of late, I taken a lot of flack for the story line, with readers questioning the logic and suggesting where it should be placed (i.e. Loving Wives), based on where they THINK the storyline is heading. And I found that quite frustrating; so much so that I actually lashed out at a reader that left a comment. Not my finest moment. I'm truly sorry for that.

Still, that's left me with a distaste for the process. There's too much focus on the category, and not on just reading and enjoying the story on it's own merits. I know I can't change that... so the only thing I'm left with is to offer a rebuttal to those that complain or offer their misguided opinions. Once again, spoiler alert... if you don't want to know where the story line is heading, please stop reading.

First, it should be noted that Ann: The Married Years is much different than the original series. Not only is it written in a different person, it also is much broader as far as time is concerned. It's going to cover them as they grow together, so there will be big gaps. But it will still be chronological. There won't be jumping back and forth. With that said, the purpose is to cover the highlights of their marriage through the years. Their adventures, so to speak. The next chapter (chapter 7) won't cover what Ann did in California, basically because nothing relevant happens. Just because she goes on vacation to visit friends that she had some kind of encounter with doesn't necessarily presume something sexual had to happen again between them. Sorry if that disappoints, but that's the reality of life, as it were.

As for Ann, she is a complex woman. She obviously has many parts to her sexuality. In many ways, she's still learning about herself. She's now exploring who she is a wife, as well as a woman. Neil brings that out in her, encouraging her and supporting her desires in his own quiet, strong, loving way. But Ann is NOT a 'loving wife', as so many in that category are defined. She may come close, doing things with men with Neil's blessing, but she will never fuck another man. That's not in the script. There is single tenant above all others in this story; where it all began, if you will. Neil is and will always be a divorced man whose ex cheated on him. Ann will never forget that. While she searches for who she is sexually, her love for Neil will never allow her to cross that line. She loves that he allows her to play, and she loves how she feels when HE plays for her, but she's always cognizant of his past, unwilling to go that far. There will be no affair. There will be no fucking another man, alone, or as a threesome, or anything like that. She may suck a cock now and then that's not Neil's... after all, she's already done that. They might push things in that area. But they've set a line, and it won't be crossed in this story.

Perhaps I may write a story sometime that does delve into that area. I've got some ideas. They just won't include Ann.

I won't totally spoil the future plotline, but the whole gist of who Ann is and what she discovers about herself is completely in another direction. For those that think that being a cheater or making Neil a cuckold is the natural progression their relationship is heading, well, you're mistaken. I know I cannot control how people think, and that their opinions are valid in their minds. I do, however, take offense when they trash the story simply because they don't care for where it's heading. It makes me wonder why they continue reading it, but it is what it is. All I can do in response is this, and know that my true fans are supportive. It's for those people that I continue to do this.


Updated 10-11-10: Hello to all my faithful readers. I received a disturbing email today from a fellow author, Annanova. (Love her work, by the way!) She informed me that the stories of many authors, including mine, on the Literotica site, (Annanova, PennLady, Firstkiss, DanielKitten, CaraLynn etc.) are being plagiarized and placed on another website by someone calling themselves 'bill tom'. Suffice it to say that Literotica is the only website that I currently post my work on, and mimaster is the only pseudonym that I use. On a personal note, while it angers me to no end that someone would steal the work of such accomplished authors and pass it off as their own, somewhere deep inside, I'm jumping up and down from excitement just to be included with the likes of the authors I've listed above. Never thought I'd see the day that I would be looked at in that category. Anyway...take care, and keep reading Ann...on LITEROTICA!


10-14-09: Greetings to my faithful readers! I'm far from being done with my 'Ann' series...but I needed a quick mental break to recharge. Twixter, thank you for being my muse and inspiration for the story. I needed help to re-energize as I continue with Ann. Getting to write something else for a change was very therapeutic, and a lot of fun! I hope you (all) enjoy it. Stay tuned...there are a lot more Chapters of Ann to come!


2-12-09: Hello All. I wanted to thank the alert reader that sent me an anonymous email to let me know there appeared to be a missing chapter. YOU WERE RIGHT! I've posted chapter 10.5 today to fill in that missing gap. I'm not sure what happened during posting, but I want to apologize to my faithful readers for leaving this one out. Hope you enjoy it.


2-1-09: Just a quick update. First of all, a big thank you to all of you that have been reading and been so supportive. AND, for those of you inquiring 'Who is Ann', patience. Keep reading, your answer will be coming very soon (ie - chapter 9, which will be submitted in the next day or two, and hopefully will be posted by midweek.)

1-31-09 - The first 4 Chapters of Ann are up, 3 more are pending, and I'm hoping to submit 2 more soon. I'm humbled by the response so far.

I want to send a personal thank you to shadowsslave. You're comments have really inspired me! I cannot tell you how much your thoughtful opinion has 'healed MY soul' with respect to my work. If you get time, feel free to respond to the message I sent you through your username. And please continue to let me know what you think about how 'Ann' progresses.


1-28-09: Writing has always been a repressed passion of mine. I've written countless stories over the years for my own entertainment. When I discovered this site, I fell in love with the stories. It also opened my eyes that I had to work harder at the craft of writing. It's taken me a couple of years to work up the courage to actually post something...and I'm still not sure. But there comes a point in life where you have to dip more than just your toe in the water. Splash!

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