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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

Adventures in Nemesisland: 21 Part Series
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 01 (3.95)BDSM reinvention of Alice stories-introducing the Red Queen. BDSM 09/06/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 02 (4.14)A BDSM/Fetish reinvention of Alice in Wonderland. BDSM 08/13/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 03 (3.91)Kim is imprisoned in a cell and meets the White Rabbit. BDSM 08/22/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 04 (4.50)Kim submits to The Red Queen.  Hot BDSM 09/01/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 05 (4.60)Kim gets some advice from the Black Cat.  Hot BDSM 09/08/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 06 (4.36)The Fetish Hatter's tea party. BDSM 09/20/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 07 (4.27)Kim is punished by the Headmistress. BDSM 09/27/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 08 (4.78)The Black Cat's Tale - Kim learns about her past. BDSM 10/04/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 09 (4.30)Nurse Sally trains Student Nurse Kim in medical play. BDSM 10/06/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 10 (4.82)Kim submits to the Purple Caterpillar and makes a decision  Hot BDSM 10/12/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 11 (4.36)The Black Butterfly torments Kim with a violet wand. BDSM 10/18/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 12 (4.89)Kim is fucked by the Walrus and the Carpenter. BDSM 10/22/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 13 (4.71)Black Cat's Tale part 2 - Kim finds out more about her past. BDSM 10/26/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 14 (4.86)The black cat is tied to a rack and punished by Kim. BDSM 11/02/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 15 (4.89)Kim teases the Duchess and gives her oral. BDSM 11/05/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 16 (4.42)The Egyptian Goddess puts Kim into clingfilm mummification. BDSM 11/09/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 17 (4.56)Kim learns to take Mistress's strap-on.  Hot BDSM 11/14/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch.18 (4.60)Kim's past and fate are revealed.  Hot BDSM 11/16/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch.19 (4.57)The Red Queen's Fetish Ball. BDSM 11/24/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch.20 (4.86)Kim's tormentor is put to trial by the Red Queen. BDSM 11/28/17
Adventures in Nemesisland Ch.21 (4.62)Epilogue: Kim meets her ancestor. BDSM 11/30/17
An Egyptian Odessey (4.50)A slave follows Goddess Nemesis into the afterlife.  Hot BDSM 09/23/08
BDSM Rituals (4.45)A description of a rite of passage into servitude. Reviews & Essays 04/19/09
Goddess Nemesis (4.67)In Mythology, History and Archaeology. Reviews & Essays 01/25/10
La Contessa: 9 Part Series
La Contessa Ch. 01 (3.95)Roberto services two transvestites in alleys of Venice. BDSM 09/24/18
La Contessa Ch. 02 (4.12)Roberto takes Julia to gondola, is spanked, then fucks her. BDSM 09/29/18
La Contessa Ch. 03 (4.11)Roberto is introduced to La Contessa. BDSM 10/02/18
La Contessa Ch. 04 (3.75)Tour of the Palazzo before going to Julia's room for sex. BDSM 10/07/18
La Contessa Ch. 05 (3.83)La Contessa uses her servant for her guest's entertainment. BDSM 10/11/18
La Contessa Ch. 06 (4.38)Roberto suffers further humiliation at La Contessa's party. BDSM 10/13/18
La Contessa's Game (4.07)Her servant is dressed as a woman and abused. BDSM 01/28/09
La Contessa's Party (3.84)She uses her servant for her guest's entertainment. BDSM 10/16/08
La Contessa's Slave Girl (4.53)She rescues girl and intiaties her as her slave girl.  Hot BDSM 09/20/10
Maman Brigette (3.61)A tale of slave ship torture and voodoo. NonHuman 02/16/10
Mistress of the Air: 40 Part Series
Mistress of the Air Ch. 01 (4.26)Edwardian dominatrix Lady Sally recruits her airship pilot. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/25/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 02 (4.20)Lady Sally punishes Brigadier for not joining her adventure. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/26/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 03 (4.40)The Captain is invited to tea and sees his automaton pilot. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/29/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 04 (4.56)Tour and launch of Lady Sally's airship, The Corseted Domme.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/01/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 05 (4.35)Lady Sally squeezes into her purple latex outfit. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/02/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 06 (4.53)An introduction to Lady Sally's submissive gentlemen.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/03/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 07 (4.75)Lady Sally has an orgasm above the city of London.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/04/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 08 (4.42)Cook dishes up floppy asparagus. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/05/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 09 (4.75)An unfortunate incident with the man from the Ministry.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/06/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 10 (4.00)Electrical sex toys in an electrical storm. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/07/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 11 (4.30)Cook is smothered by Lady Sally's boobs in the storm. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/08/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 12 (4.10)Victoria comes over Princess Maria Labiastein's carpet. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/09/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 13 (3.92)Lady Sally tests her automaton sex doll out on Victoria. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/10/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 14 (4.67)The banker's cock gets stuck in Borghild's rubber vagina. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/12/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 15 (4.50)Archduke von Hardonberg greets Lady Sally. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/14/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 16 (4.17)Daring airship manoeuvres to escape from Prussian Empire. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/16/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 17 (3.50)Lady Sally has an accident with her steam-powered phallus. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/17/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 18 (3.83)Lady Sally arrives in Russian Empire in time for tea. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/18/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 19 (4.14)Lady Sally demonstrates her automatons to Count Clitovsky. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/19/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 20 (4.60)Count Clitovsky takes Lady Sally on a bear hunt. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/20/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 21 (4.67)Lady Sally and her anarchist friends cause an explosion. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/21/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 22 (4.78)Lady Sally has fun with her masturbation device. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/22/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 23 (3.90)Lady Sally and her automaton sex doll engage in anal sex. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/23/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 24 (5.00)Captain Wyndham makes a forced landing in a wheat field. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/24/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 25 (4.17)The Captain discovers The Corseted Domme has been sabotaged. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/25/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 26 (4.14)A dashing escape from the Russian Empire's army. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/26/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 27 (4.30)Lady Sally gets fucked by her automaton sex doll. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/27/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 28 (4.00)Lady Sally lets off steam in the engine room. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/28/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 29 (4.29)Lady Sally goes shopping at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/29/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 30 (3.86)A daring raid on the Sultan's palace. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/31/17
Mistress of the Air Ch. 31 (3.78)Lady Sally gets a shock from her electro-vibrator. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/01/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 32 (4.00)Lady Sally and the Captain hunt down the stowaway. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/03/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 33 (4.18)Lady Sally tortures her stowaway with a surfeit of pleasure. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/04/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 34 (4.17)Lady Sally arrives in Naples and eats pizza on dock-side. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/05/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 35 (4.29)Lady Sally re-enacts the erotic frescoes at Pompeii. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/06/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 36 (4.00)Shoot-out at the Casa di Amori. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/07/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 37 (4.14)Lady Sally's automaton sex doll crosses a line. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/08/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 38 (4.50)The Captain races Monsieur Saunier. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/09/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 39 (4.62)The men watch Lady Sally getting fucked by Monsieur Saunier. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/10/18
Mistress of the Air Ch. 40 (4.89)Men from the Ministry greet Lady Sally on her return home. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/11/18
Pussy in Boots (4.50)Pussy helps Dick become Mayor in BDSM twist on fairy tale.  Hot Humor & Satire 05/07/18
The Awakening of Kim (4.44)Brought back to life by her memories as a slave girl. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/23/09
The Chronicles of Slave Nano: 7 Part Series
The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 01 (3.85)A mission to rescue Goddesses from captivity. Erotic Horror 11/21/08
The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 02 (3.00)A mission to rescue novice Goddess from temple. Erotic Horror 11/25/08
The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 03 (4.20)A mission to rescue Goddess Rhiannon. Erotic Horror 09/01/09
The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 04 (4.67)Failed mission to rescue Goddess Eostra's magical talismans. Erotic Horror 05/13/10
The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 05 (4.17)Successful mission to rescue Goddess Eostra's talismans Erotic Horror 05/14/10
The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 06 (3.75)The Proclamation of Goddess Freya. Erotic Horror 09/12/10
The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 07 (2.40)Worshipping the Snow Goddess. Illustrated 12/27/10
The Erotic Tales of Scherazade No. 01 (4.15)Servant girl is put into a cage and abused. BDSM 05/19/09
A Hymn to The Goddess Nemesis. (4.33) Erotic Poetry 06/15/09
On Five Years of Servitude (4.33) Erotic Poetry 12/02/09
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