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Lien_Geller's Biography:
Sex: Male
Age: 27 to 32
Weight: Average
Height: Tall
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Friends
Status: Single
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes
Fetishes: None
Pets: None
User Number: 1040410
Member Since: December 2, 2008
Last Modified: April 1, 2016
Some words from Lien_Geller:

I have a new email address! So if you want to send me feedback and I judge you not to be insane then you might now actually get a reply from me if you leave your email in the required box. Check out the "Contact" tab further up on this page if you're interested. Just a forewarning though, asking "when's the next chapter of _____ going to be out?" probably won't get a reply. The general answer is "whenever it's ready". Still, if you want to talk about my stuff or ask me general questions about writing then feel free to drop me some feedback and I might respond. Although I'm notoriously absent-minded, so if I don't respond then don't think I'm being rude. I'm probably just being a dumbass. ^_^ Oh, and I'd still much prefer it if you drop me a PM on the Literotica Forums if you can.

- - - - -

Now, for some updates!

The Missing Dragon: Is currently still in the early stages of production but going nicely. I have no idea when it's going to be finally released but scratch out "soon" from those times. I'd say a month at minimum, but probably a few months yet. This is a weird chapter for me to write, because I originally envisioned it as the last chapter in the first part of this story. It has a lot of resolutions, and sets the stage for the next stage. The Missing Dragon has also become a bit of a bigger story than I first thought it would be, so getting to all those resolutions and laying the groundwork is probably going to take a lot more pages than I thought it would. This is partly the reason it's taking so long (although certainly not the only reason). If it gets as long as I think it might, then I'll probably split it into two or three parts BUT I'll be releasing those parts pretty much one after the other. I'd rather do it this way than re-format the story so I can publish smaller parts as I write them. So don't expect anything from this tale soon, but know it's still something I'm enthusiastic about and do want to get finished.

Aphrodisia: This one's pretty much in limbo. It was my first story and I'm a better writer now than I was then. I think if I tried to pick up where I left off it'd be a bit awkward. I'll probably go back to it one day and do a proper re-write, but for now it is what it is. Sorry to anyone who started it and then saw this, but it's not going to be finished any time soon. Given the number of responses I've gotten from it, I think a lot of people still enjoy it so I'm not going to take it down until I finish the re-write.

The Defiled Temple: This one's pretty much finished for the moment, but I might come back to the world one day.

The Warlock: This was a story that I tended to "doodle" with in between writing TMD and some other stuff. I like it, and I like the characters, but it's not a major priority for me just now. Then again, this is also one of those where it could take years or it could take me two weeks to put out another instalment. It just depends on how I'm writing and how much I get the urge to doodle. ^_^

Unleashed: Finished. Might come back to the characters some day if I get a good idea for them and when I have less stuff to do.

Other Stuff: Oh yes, that "other stuff" is still in the works! I occasionally get distracted or try to go in for a contest and something like Christmas Cracker emerges. I've also been working on a huge story and I've usually got a number of other projects on the go depending on what appeals to me. I don't want to talk about these stories just yet until they're published cuz I don't want any dashed hopes on my conscience. I also hate making you guys wait ages before releasing instalments of my stories because I'm so slow. So with new stuff I'm writing I'd prefer to wait until I'm completely finished with the story before publishing anything.

- - - - -

Finally, I want to say thanks to everyone who voted on Christmas Cracker. As you might know, I wrote it for the Winter Holidays contest but couldn't get it finished until mid-January. Once again my shoddy appreciation for self-imposed deadlines shot me in the foot and I was way too late to enter it. However, thanks to many folks voting it up it actually placed first in the January monthly contest and I got just over ?100! Thanks very much for that! I happened to be having a truly terrible day when I got the email saying I'd won, and since I didn't even know I qualified to enter, that day took a pretty immediate shift toward the awesome!

Also, thanks to everyone who's voted and commented on my stuff as well as those who have sent me one-way feedback. 99% of it is extremely positive and it definitely encourages me to get back to the keyboard. A portion of the remaining 1% are angry readers who want to know when the hell I'll be actually finishing the things I've started. In all fairness, it's not like they don't have a point! Still, it's nice to know they like my stuff enough to nag. ^_^

So if you like my stuff and want to see more, then wing me some feedback, drop a comment or message me on the forums. When I talk about my stories I tend to want to go back and write more of them, so if you want more then that's a good way to get my attention! The more detailed, the better! I like talking about writing and getting good criticism. It's not quite as nice as a pay-cheque, but it keeps me going in the mean time!

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